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General Discussion / Why M&F peaked so young
« on: September 02, 2017, 04:30:34 AM »
1. TBH we were too eager to expand the map, every time we reached a slight lull we shouted out "more land! More kingdoms!" Even though in the long run more land rarely brought in more players in the long term think about the hordes of bay12ers who came in during the northwest expansion, within two months that dwarf kingdom was on life support.
Tom always said that the game was meant for a larger player base, I agree. This game at its full map would of been better for 1000 or so players instead of the 500 or so we had at our peak. With 1000 players even the smallest, most unimportant realms would of booming, for knights with little to do roleplay would of been fantastic instead of forced, and instead one person realms rising day and night we would of seen many more diverse realms.
I have always felt that with our smaller group of players we should move to a smaller map but I understand that isn't the goals of Tom. So all in all I'll try to condense my point.
We rushed to expand the map without the player base to keep it active which leads into my next point

2. Knight gameplay is bad and is even worse with less players. Knights have nothing to do in peacetime other then roleplay and maybe find a dungeon. So we expanded the map to give them something to do instead of thinking of  interesting new features to help them out. Either we would need to increase the frequency of dungeons to keep them occupy or in my opinion a small fast moving NPC army of goblins or whatever, they could be weak but move quickly and loot small amounts of food and gold.
What would this do?
Give knights something to chase and beat up while their liege deals with real threats, honestly small packs of goblins no larger then ten that drop very small amounts of gold, equipment, food would allow for more standard adventurer types.
(Equipment and food lets them resupply their army and gold might let them get cheap mercenaries)
As well letting followers such as priest and camp followers being buy able with gold would be nice. It gives gold more uses and lets knights feel useful as they build their own armies.
Lastly I would suggest making a really basic duel system easy to code because I'm well aware that the goblin stuff would take a lot of effort (have it be rock-paper-scissors with a D20 IE Paper over rock means you get +1 to your roll)
Let knights peacefully challenge each other and make gold even more useful by letting themselves and maybe others place bets on the fights.
Those are my ideas for make being a knight less boring, because right now your stuck trying to roleplay with maybe two other players and stuck in one city chilling till they trust you enough to take some slumberblighted scrubland.

3. We need a harsh penalty for fast expansion. During the Middle Ages who had three dudes who were able to conquer huge amounts of land and without abandoning their old lands in the process. Ghengis Khan who led the exception of exceptions and even then the mongols only really lasted at full strength for 40 or so years before becoming a bunch of feuding tribal states that ended sharing more in common with the local cultures then Mongolia. Charlemagne who's empire also fell into pieces the second he died and William the Conqueror a man with a pope mandated invasion in England. One in the 770's, one in 1066 and one in the 1200's
500 freaking years apart, three of the most brilliant generals to ever breath on this earth pulled off this feat in might and fealty any half competent dude with a few hundred troops could pull this off and that's a huge problem.
It's too easy to completely conquer a realm, remove all its vassal and replace it with your rulers in this game and has happened to many times to count. Hawks, Ragther and even Arrakesh all did this just by having a sizable army.
This is probably the source of most rage quitters in this game, so let's fixed it by making things a little more challenging for those who feel like their ghengis reborn.
If you take a city it must suffer from severe penalties like everything loses production by 10% for like a month minimum I mean they just got besieged by a foreign power after all, now instead of just conquering people making people vassals seems much more attractive
Troops get tired man, after taking a city or winning(or losing) a battle they move slower, siege slower and fight worse let them take a break.
Lastly if troops have been out marching for a long time add even more penalties, dudes who haven't gone home, and done nothing but kill randoms for a year aren't going to be too hyped to keep on fighting, maybe at a certain point have them just desert the forces.
While this is more a bandage then a solution it would be a nice way to slow down super-armies instead of being a steamroll they would actually lose some of that steam after a while. Maybe they'll settle for something less then absolute domination since losing forces will be able to recover and fight back as they slow down.

So yeah those are my three half complaints half suggestions on how to make the game better.

Also if someone could show me how to code on GitHub I would be delighted to work on this.

Realms Chat / The Kenos Republic
« on: October 23, 2016, 07:26:56 PM »
A recently formed nation that elects a new king every year (three months in game) hopefully I'll get to witness a good amount of backstabbing once I step down.

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