Author Topic: All too familiar  (Read 5878 times)


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All too familiar
« on: April 20, 2019, 05:15:23 PM »
Nevara sighed "How long has it been since yesterday? 10, no 13 years? At least the Empire is still here. Is anyone I know still here? Martyn himself slumbered.. I wonder where he slumbers" he said to himself more so than to the second one riding besides him through the forest. It would take at least seven days before he would be where he needed to be, well a bit longer still after that. He took a map in hand while his horse trots along "In truth, the map has both changed significantly and very little. Hawks has certainly made progress from the looks of it as has Ascalon." he laughs a little as a thought that pops into his head 'Perhaps we're not that far from where we were When I became a lord under Martyn.'

Suddenly his facial expression froze for a moment before he ordered the train to halt "We're taking a ten minute rest" he said to the small group of men behind him. he took out paper, ink and quil and started to write a letter. Send it off with a lendan stone. 'Might be worth a try.. Or it might not' He thought. He looked around, most of the men had reassembled as almost 10 minutes had passed, he mounted his horse and went off again. As they departed the image of a woman with large blue eyes and auburn hair wearing riding clothes pops into his mind invoking a small smile 'I wonder if she is still alive and free from slumber'. He looked forward along the dirt road, wondering where this path would lead him. A flower of hope and fear both blossoming alongside each-other.