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Bug Reports / Re: can not swear oath
« on: April 18, 2017, 02:08:07 PM »
I seem to have the same problem. Liege died right after creation a character and now I can't find the option to swear to someone within range.

Essentially, no options in politics/relations for Filly to swear to Helle the Mercenary. I don't recall seeing the option near anyone she's been in range with either. I might be overlooking it somewhere else, though.

Or we could just set it so that if the other side has slumbering nobles that you just don't get experience. Exploit fixed. Wouldn't need to add anything to the battle report either, which means no major overhaul, and it'd just exist solely in the battlerunner itself and the manual.

You want a training battle? Go fight someone. And hope you don't die.

Training battles... hm. Something for later. I suppose we could add training weapons to the equipment list and then have the BattleRunner check for training weaponry and cap experience at like 20 or some equally small number. That'd give a bonus of 6 points, which is minuscule. Hm.

I like the idea of no xp for mugging people in bed. Having a "Train" button seems about as dull and gamey, though.

I'd rather see the fairgrounds being able to host 'melees' for training. A battle with no kills, x number of people choosing whoever the f they want to support/attack with reduced xp. Make it a player interaction (or at least characters), and expand on what is in place. Troops will have battle reports of potentially interesting training records...and you can weed out the men from the boys with a 'trained this way' history marker. Tweak it xp wise with what you want from people just foffing about with wood sticks. Training isnt just npc xp then, its a chance for commanders to test battle mechanics without massive risk.

Is it feasible, development wise?

[PS: I'd also like to see xp be spread more randomly. Let npc's distinguish themselves by xp hogging or something. Like, you may have trained a bunch of regular folk in broadsword/plate/horse and they do fine....but damned if Baptiste over there in axeleathers isn't a born warrior who needs retraining ASAP.]

Realms Chat / Re: Something That Probably Shouldn't Happen: The Realm
« on: April 16, 2017, 04:18:40 PM »
Ok. So the realm name is a bust. Subtlety a plus. gotcha

Those are humorous and ironic, but the humor makes sense in character - political doublespeak and self-aggrandizing fools are a real phenomena. That's really the crux. Can the characters take it seriously in universe?

I'm not sure about how serious the characters are going to take Willy in general. Comedy is kind of built for not taking serious, but there are some tricks I guess. The PIXAR-esque style of sneaking in adult humor or Discworld-style wordsmithing. I went for low-brow jester type, but the character is a serious attempt. Alot of what we create is from history or pop-culture. Some people want to create a Sun-Tzu and Tacitus. Maybe I want Aristophanes and fart jokes. How often did a phallic object elicit a giggle before the printing press, you think? Comedy taste is relative, though, so I'll try not to ply something that isn't wanted.

Granted, Aristophanes I aint.

It would also be an insult to the current Tors, as a joke subrealm would permanently appear as being equal in the hierarchy to serious ones, that players have spent years cultivating.

Hadn't really thought of that. I would rather avoid being that guy...whizzing on other people's creations. I meant to make it an area clearly marked for "fun", while still keeping within the nearby culture of Tors that I think are neat.

An actually clever name, better range of comedy material, and some subtlety in the administration of it...I can probably do that. I'll keep dabbling with the character and see where it goes. Them border's aren't happening anytime soon. Willy's just starting out and probably can't extend beyond the Iara-Miticer supply towns....a lady liege holds him by his "Ronds" and I doubt she's interested in letting go anytime soon.

Sure, any fucker can artificially train troops, but to what purpose? You get better stats on your troops, and in exchange your soldier logs aren't history, they're a reminder that you're trying to Min/Max Might and fucking Fealty of all games. I'm not opposed to trying to do well, but the entire game revolves around sentiment. Wars are fun for some people some of the time, but it isn't worth spoiling the nice parts of the game to claw yourself an advantage because the other person is playing the game as intended. If you care that much about minor stat increases, then you're playing the wrong bloody game.

It is quite a stain on their record to see that 'heroic victory'. If nothing else, the history aspect of the game let's us pinpoint when/where someone is cheaping it and boo at them. I don't mind it if others do it. It adds it's own flavor. Armies of cheese help make an army of blood and glory more special. Hell, I might try it with a brutish character. Take away the min/maxing and add rp flavor of some asshole's quest to hit people a catalog of sleeping nobles with sortie reports. Do detailed battle reports ever disappear?

Probably the best way to stamp out mock battles is to create a "field training" action for knights, that doesn't count as a battle, but has some fairly low XP cap of e.g. 30 XP like I said. Then people could log in and do that to keep them interested in daily logins, it wouldn't be overpowering, and it wouldn't create the combat logs you mentioned.

If people are going to take the safest way to amass elite troops, it would be better if it was done through better player interaction. Let people pick on sleepers for tiny xp build, let others gather and have non-lethal melees for a bit better xp farm (but maybe keep injuries, lol). The big xp rewards in great battles with significant risk. You should be able to build elites safely, at the cost of time. You should also come back from a 5k battle with some proper heroes even if they went in fresh (some of them distinguishing themselves through natural talent or raw killscore). There are probably tons of playstyles that could be attempted, even more with new features/development.

Had a slumberblight with no family or realm relations. With no relations, estates, or anyone to love him...he seemed ideal to experiment on. No plans to farm afk's or anything. I'm not really sure about capture/kill rates for First Ones and wouldn't want to snuff out a potentially returning player.

Realms Chat / Re: Something That Probably Shouldn't Happen: The Realm
« on: April 15, 2017, 02:26:14 PM »
The name could use some work, sure. What I see in my head usually isn't subtle....but I can see other wanting a few layers of etiquette and less low-brow humor. 

That would be highly inapropriate and unnecessary.

Are you against a light-humor realm in general, or just wiener jokes? I thought Tom had a fondness for some of the tongue in cheek Outer Tilog stuff, but I wouldn't push something no one wants. Wouldn't happen anytime soon, even if I did follow the whim.

Realms Chat / Something That Probably Shouldn't Happen: The Realm
« on: April 15, 2017, 08:52:12 AM »
I didn't give much thought to where I placed my light hearted character Willy Givens. Stuff just sort of organically happened, got control of a handful of towns around Alost and might soon take control of the scrublands Jokulvikra-Mitecir from a friendly with too many settlements. Neato, didn't give much it thought.

Then I saw this in my head:

I'm tempted to do it. Build a realm for-and-of anatomy jokes and bad puns.

Rage Zone / Re: Yay bandits
« on: April 15, 2017, 07:45:29 AM »
I guess I've had a different experience with the bandits I created. I got two killed within a week of raiding. One spawned and immediately went for a undefended village. Somehow ended up meeting someone passing through and got wasted. Dont even remember the report, I was new so I might have missed 100 man host sitting in a 500 pop town. The next one attacked a tiny palisade town with no noble (40 militia). Had 30 cavalry archers and 10 broadsword/scale. Infantry got shredded in ranged phase and the extended ranged fight went equally bad. Suppose those longbow cavalry could have done better in an open field.

I recall seeing it, but I'd like bandits to build off gold/food raiding. They scavenge for food to feed the men they hire with gold raided. If they could hire mercenaries anywhere, you could build a proper bandit king with time and luck. If that is too much power for a exploitable bandit then just extend the time it takes build gold per recruit. Loot a small town for 50 gold, that'll get 1 greedy bastard abandoning his home and Firstonelord, can you still pay the rest who did the same? Just something to give a bandit a solo-goal. The carrot doesn't have to be real close, just as long as it's somewhere in front of the horse.

For now it just seems like bandits are scout/harrass-mules; trying to keep from starving. I appreciate the goal "keep from starving" and dont get caught, but nobody appreciates the stick.


I like to think of First Ones as epic Heros. Sons of an orgy of the greek pantheon...just being Hercules and Achilles all wrapped into one and ruling the scrubs of the world. Like, let me put it this way:

Willy Givens to his men: "Ok, it's one slumbering First One....there's fifty medium infantry of you, what could go wrong?".
Men's Reply: "I heard that even their snores can kill!"
"Just go do it"

Melee Phase 1
51 soldiers fighting, 1 enemy routed
1 soldier fighting, 1 enemy killed

Willy: "What happened to Barris?
That same guy: "Well, we burst into the bedroom and the First one yawned...Barris' heart gave out...but we stabbed the First'un good but he got away"
Willy looks exacerbated: "A sleeping man got away?"
Guy: "We stabbed him, then he started to roll over. We counted it a win and left"

General Discussion / Re: A good new player experience.
« on: April 15, 2017, 03:56:17 AM »
Nah, I've got Willy and Filly Givens near Tor Kortaur....a couple more RP oriented characters spread between the west and east.

General Discussion / Re: A good new player experience.
« on: April 15, 2017, 03:05:49 AM »
I love the flavor of the Lowlands and the various Tors, but it seems a bit spread out and disjointed. I'm just about to get to know the Western Confederation and still not really sure wtf is going on around Dubh Dun and Nairalo. That about covers my characters. Haven't had a chance to check into Ascalon, Grand Fate, and the Hawks but they seem worth a visit.

General Discussion / A good new player experience.
« on: April 14, 2017, 10:40:28 AM »
So I was into Battlemaster about the time Might and Fealty was launched. I didn't really get into the demo, don't recall why, but I thought the concept was neat as hell. I recently returned to Battlemaster and gave Might and Fealty a try too.

The experience was mostly good. One character got a ton of help from their liege, one character popped into a small city while it was under a two-realm despute and somehow ended up taking it over with 2 soldiers (I created a villain before placing them, was too opportune to pass up. Plan to return it, fyi).

I did have one character's liege kill herself right after spawning, but I figured I'd take that character and explore. Alot of slumberblight, so I'm still not sure how dense active characters are but realms seem active when you consider the pace of the game. Honestly, though, its a game that all you need are maybe 3 or 4 people and it can be fun. I've probably met 5-10 people (maybe a dozen characters) in a few months. Some of the mechanics took some time to figure out, but the wiki/manual covers things well.

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