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Stories to tell / Re: The Greenwardens
« on: May 18, 2017, 09:13:05 PM »

I'll write something to amuse myself later, but for now, update:

Fort Lostsoul is now the first site of Warden Home, a politically-neutral public-service realm; one dedicated (at least right now) to teaching new First Ones. If I had to sum up where I'm going with it, it's like a mix between GRR Martin's Nightwatch (politically) and Terry Pratchett's Watchmen (aesthetically). Wrap it all up in a way that I think might work as a 'mentor' guild. Something to give new knights a good experience (hopefully) and sends them on their own individual way (after giving them a kind of tutorial thingy).

The neutral-ground WardenHome has started dialogue between Grand Fates and Western Confederation, so a proper goodie start. Currently the Fort will be offering knight offerings 1 at a time. Giving knights the option to join Wardens or Confederation or Fates (after Murphy shows newbies the ropes). I'll hopefully get a 'newbie guide' publication built eventually, might make things quicker. Once things get crowded at the Fort get an expedition to setup a new fort in another realm-boundary region (Lowlands/Ascalon maybe). End game is hopefully it can dot the land with semi-autonomous wardens/helper Forts.

I love the idea of culture packs opening a building or two. Don't care if it's tied into real life or if everythings worked to fantasy cultures. Maybe one can build a combo armor/bladesmith building, and another gets +5% food.

Restrictions on stone walls/fort/towers make sense in marshes, needing pasture for horses, it all seems legit. Gentle nudges into regions being distinctively different. I'd like to see more carrot (and less stick). Like little bonuses for archers trained in forests or cavalry trained in a town with a fairground.

General Discussion / Re: A Not So Quick Question
« on: May 18, 2017, 07:31:50 AM »
I wouldn't mind seeing more fantasy elements in the game. It's always been described as 'low fantasy', but in reality it's more of an alternate history world than a fantasy one. We don't need dragons, elves, and the like. But we could have some sort of fantasy creatures as alternative mounts to horses; some sort of fantasy beasts as alternate forms of weapon (think some kind of flying creature as an alternate ranged weapon used by its handler). Basically, stuff that adds flavour and colour to the world.

I like the kind of mythical demi-god figures First One's are. It's like you dropped all the super-heros of ancient peoples and dropped them into medieval europe. I wouldn't mind more fantasy elements, but I do prefer it low-key or rare/special.

General Discussion / Re: A Not So Quick Question
« on: May 17, 2017, 05:32:09 PM »
SI picture essentially the first Medieval: Total War's planning phase (an old timey map on a tabletop). Our flags are now pretty gamepieces we move around. Every player has their own 'turn/season', basically they set a (lets say a week's worth) of moves and every week can adjust planning to the world.Penned parchment maps, character profiles with a bit of artwork, little luck events that happen for characters. The flair of something pretty, scenic. Maybe the dots of towns are now actual sketches of towns, the color scheme of the map is toned down. All mostly cosmetic stuff that helps immersion. I've seen other strategy games use the aesthetic, but I think of the first Medieval: TW specifically. Mechanically, everything seems on the right track as it is, so this is all just bloom I'm talking about.

[Moderated to correct the weirdly small text so it was readable]

General Discussion / Re: A Not So Quick Question
« on: May 17, 2017, 04:31:20 PM »
I'd like to see a high-density island. Something kinda like Battlemaster's War Islands, with a set war/realms and tighter focus. I wonder how this game might change if there were 10 First One's for every estate available, if there were excess knights constantly engaged in war.

Oh, and I mentioned it somewhere else...but I'm looking at Might and Fealty like I want it to be a RP tabletop meets Total War franchise game. Game just needs more lore like D&D and more flair like Medieval: Total War.

For a senechal I'd say 2 or 3 (estates or stewards). Family trust circles and whatnot, maybe having the king as a default member or something quirky. You probably can ignore little estates, but 2 or 3 cities as a hub-connection between tight allies. Stuff like a permission list of "Liege, family, folk I trust not to stab me in the back" seems to work ok, though. More of an aesthetic thing.

The public access towns is something I'd like to see developed. The permission restrictions should make that possible. It would just be neat to have a checkmark under 'newbies', 'thralls', and then 'letting strangers into town under terms where they can't really f' you.".

I know a certain Willy who would like this feature, however.

You ever know a Willy who didn't like to get into things?

I'm all for stewards and trust circles and trade towns. Permissions system works, just a bit wonky. I'd like an option to let anyone with less than 20 men inside, too. Is there a way to keep someone from getting mercenaries if they get inside?

A crazy idea I just had: what if you could deny people from exiting your city?

I like it, make kind of a way to set traps. As long as a person could fight their way out, I'm all for.

General Discussion / Re: Wanted: Your Top Ten Changes
« on: May 10, 2017, 03:19:13 PM »
One thing I wanna add to my list: Estimated arrival dates for travel times. Unless maths is like a travel mini-game...then I get it... kinda.

Conduct & Design Discussion / Re: Medic/Wounded-Care Entourage
« on: May 05, 2017, 11:19:00 AM »
The more I think about it, the more I'd be willing to give for a chance to heal specific soldiers than I would for blanket healing. I'm not sure how much 1 camp follower adds to your feed/travel cost, but I'd keep a dozen followers with 1 held bandage each for a chance to save a handful of my best troops. Even a 10-20% better chance would seem worth it. You could even overachieve with both. "Bandages" to boost heal-chance on individuals with resupply; 'healers' for a general +5-10% chance for everyone to heal.

General Discussion / Re: Wanted: Your Top Ten Changes
« on: May 05, 2017, 06:52:36 AM »

1. Player density. Not much you can code for more people...but maybe make being apart of King-Duke-Lord-Knight hierarchy more important/beneficial. This might be related to #7, kinda.

2. Messaging, publications, and guilds. I'd like publications to spread like gossip would (miles over time and linked to taverns). Messaging really just needs more tools to add/remove to and organize conversations. Guilds just are neat, I guess. I get that things are localized, but it needs something to make it feel like there is "a world' outside a dozen settlements.

3. Options for friendly combat. Tournaments, sparing, and melees. Tournaments would be a good place to make gold useful, maybe tie it in a bit with artifacts. A way for commanders (players) to test their ideas and low-risk method for troops to gain a little experience.

4. Bigger effects for combat experience.I'm not certain if these things already happen, but essentially: I want a mild experience advantage to be able to decide a battle (everything else even). I want a legendary naked axeman to be able to cut through a greenhorn sword/plate. This leads into:

5. Hard caps for experience depending on circumstances. Say, up to 20xp for training/tournaments, up to 50xp for brigand fighting and such. 100xp+ only attainable fighting in great battles of thousands. Separate the men from the boys more. Seems more realistic and more in line with "zero sum".

6. Army Engagements/Strategy. Would be neat if how an army engages partially determine how the battle ends. Attacking a traveling army, +10 points. Attacking a stationary army under a scouttower, -50 points. Maybe a "sneaky raid" option to burn an armies food/gear rather than just attacking them.

7. Capitals/emphasize consolidation. I don't wanna see a King/Duke without a proper castle. I also wanna see a cities become more interesting and important. Most towns don't need much flavor text, but maybe 'monuments' in capitals that work kinda like artifacts.

8. "Monuments" Yeah, I wanna see that. Something (for a god-awful amount of gold) to place a little history in an estate. Maybe just build it like a artifact attached to a town, or hide a text blurb somewhere in the history of the estate.

9. World Events. Would be nice to see something that makes everyone in the game react a little bit. A threat, or just a curiosity, that connects characters somehow.

10. Maybe artwork? If you could throw a "King of Dragon Pass" type backdrop on this entire game, I'd be impressed. Could also let me train a dinosaur as a war-mount.

Conduct & Design Discussion / Re: Medic/Wounded-Care Entourage
« on: May 04, 2017, 01:03:34 PM »

It would be neat to have mercenary entourage. If you don't want to tweak the entire engine of the game to make wounds hurt harder, maybe just make healers tougher to get/keep. A weekly pay entourage member that pops up like a mercenary seems like it would work. Make them more scarce and expensive to balance the effect you want them to have. It's a feature that could be mostly useless and still add a bit to the game. Something that would really help would be if you could get healers to treat specific people.

What might work too is something like 'bandages' camp followers resupply with. Would be neat if I could treat my elite swordsman and let the fodder bleed. How many bandages a follower can hold and how useful they are could balance it's effect, but the aim is to give people hope that bad-ass Mgee will pull through his wounding.

Conduct & Design Discussion / Medic/Wounded-Care Entourage
« on: May 04, 2017, 07:06:26 AM »
I figured an Academy or School would be good to produce medics that help keep wounded from dying. Field surgeons and such.

Camp Follower or Priest might work too. Extra people just washing wounds and linens would make a difference on infections/fevers/etc an army in the field succumbed to.

Rage Zone / Re: Yay bandits
« on: April 30, 2017, 12:14:32 PM »
I would rather that people set up their own First One brigands, would mean they can still have all the features. And player mercenaries would be better as anonymous attackers and extra troops.

I kind of like that. Maybe not unlock all the options, though. I'd rather see different tools for certain things. Like, a brigand can take the town for himself (or enter it with permission) and can even buy entourage and force a tradepact...but you can't train/mobilize honorable troops. You have to buy mercenaries for more troops (or have troops assigned by a noble even). Brigands can still do their thing, but now they can also be hired guns that drain gold. Since getting entourage would keep a bandit from starving, maybe even make their lives gold-dependent? "Pay 10 gold a week or your men kill you" kind of thing. I'd like bandits to be a 'fight or die' struggle, or at least a respectable drain on resources if a noble is using them as a mule.

Helpline / Re: Messaging System Questions
« on: April 30, 2017, 11:28:36 AM »

The idea? Good. The contacts list system? Not quite. If you reassess what you're trying to achieve, you might find that approaching it from a different angle might be quite helpful. Reach out and talk to people, find stuff out, but just sticking everyone in contact isn't beneficial, whether they know it or not. As I said before, being a relations broker between the northern sub-realms might be a good idea. There's pockets of players scattered about that don't adhere to strict hierarchies, and making who you want to talk do so with others that you want them to talk to could make things quite interesting.

I'll keep toying with the idea, see if it can be improved. Everyone's criticism has been helpful, for the most part, but I need an alternative that makes a network more resistant to falling apart (needs to be less messy than micromanaging small conversations to keep foreign contacts). Just keep in mind my masochism has limitations. It took me 4 separate conversations (3 people involved) to get in touch with 1 neighboring Queen. Was fun, kind of a game of telephone, but multiply that by 20 or 30 and you can see my hesitation to take "the hard route". Maybe there is a mix/balance I'll find between 'mass stone-mail', manual data/character mining, and getting a network where other people can help other people and it isn't solely 1 character's burden.

Honestly, I still haven't figured out how to add recipients to a conversation. I could probably work this backwards from my original plan. It would still amount to spamming people with offers to "join the network", though. Character would go build an "approved list" of interested characters (rather than a do-not-call/omit list from the message-all thread), then add people to a master "request-spam-thread".

A thread dedicated only to people posting "can someone introduce me to knight/lord/bandit so-and-so?" is a bit limited, after some thought. Expanding the "public lobby thread" for help requests, misinformation/propaganda, and/or 'gossip' might be worth a try. I was avoiding it initially for most of the same reasons I think other's disliked my general idea. Oh, and as to 'beneficial': There are about 10 people I haven't had a chance to get in a conversation with. 10 contacts lost when that character (likely) leaves the Lowlands. If nothing else, it's a way to keep interested barbarians in touch with that character until I have a chance to proposition them.

Might help to mention that the character for this is essentially my 'flex' character. Someone who sits defending a fort/city and I just message people with schemes if I have spare time. See if I can impact the world with a "charasmatic defender" who never leaves the tavern. Hell, after a brigand attack he has more glory than any neighboring Duke/King. He's already doing something right.

Brigand baiting is a hoot, btw.

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