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Conduct & Design Discussion / Re: Current Ideas - give me your feedback
« on: February 03, 2016, 12:18:56 PM »
I think a good idea for sieging would be to cut off supply or continuously tie up workers that could work the field.

One of the many ideas I would have implemented in my own war fighting was, if looting took from production instead of storage, we could simulate disurpting supply lines. And the other idea could be starting a 'walls repair' building, that needs to be finished or the walls get damaged.

General Discussion / Re: A Call to Fair Play
« on: February 01, 2016, 12:52:46 PM »
I've been thinking about the Gods as an in-game justification myself. But I really do not want any GM intervention in the game. I think abusing the game is an OOC move and should have OOC consequences. That is why account lock is IMHO the proper response.

But it is a move for an IC benefit, and a consequence that actually hurts, is IC ruin. You can slap a player on the wrist a hundred times, but what does it matter, if his kingdom becomes an Empire? I would be scared to death of IC punishment.

Yes, we should always qualify BEHAVIOUR as toxic, not people.

I should add I enjoyed the whole rivalry and war and stuff until about the point it became this pseudo-religious nonsense and the turning point was when the silly character names appeared. Names which clearly break the rules outlined on the character creation page. But when I saw them I was already involved (again) in the war and didn't want to stomp down on it for fear it would lead to IC / OOC mixing.

But before that, Weaver was the best opponent my characters had in this game, and the main reason I hunted him down so much was exactly that. If all the shit hadn't happened, I had a plan that if he ever gets captured, Parvulus will demand him on threat of going to war with whoever has him.

You have a vassal called Renegade Putin, there was a family with the last name Skies, whose first character was Endless Cloudless Skies, or something like that. There was a realm called Poland. There is IC justification behind why the House of Order has titles instead of names. On top of that, we all had actual names, we all knew amongst each other. Weaver was Aelwyn, Serpent was Sinha, Mae was Dragon, Harbinger was Mana... etc. The whole lore of the Naming Ceremony is on the wiki. Anyone with interest can take 3 minutes to read it and understand that we're not making MMORPG names up here. I dare say, we have more culture than any other realm in the game.

But when it concerns me, Tom, you should never ever withhold your judgement because you are involved in something of mine. I would have much rather preferred that than to the weird conclusion we had. Names are easy to change, and if Parvulus threatened to go to war with whoever captured Weaver, that would have been amazing story-telling. And that's why I, and a majority of players play this game. Story-telling. I firmly believe that nothing should stand between it.

Conduct & Design Discussion / Re: Joining Battles from Inside Settlements
« on: January 31, 2016, 11:01:07 PM »
Yeah, that's what I figured. That and access to inn.

As for engaging 1 outside and 10 inside, I believe after battle, those inside are moved back inside. But could maybe be attackable from the outside?

Stories to tell / Re: House of Order - Third Assault on Whisperreap
« on: January 31, 2016, 06:59:17 PM »
Please do let me know if my writing style is too over-the-top, as recounted from the narrator, not the perspective of the characters-- that one I try to keep as worshipful as I can. But if as a narrator I do not seem impartial, do let me know, and I'll fix it.

Other than that, disclaimer, I am not a poet. Feel free to laugh at my pathetic attempt. I am re-reading and blushing as I write.

Conduct & Design Discussion / Joining Battles from Inside Settlements
« on: January 31, 2016, 06:54:02 PM »
When sallying out, and initiating battle from a settlement on someone outside, the result as expected puts the character outside the settlement. However, and I have not currently tested this, but know this occurs, joining battles from inside settlements does NOT place characters outside of settlements, allowing the full use of facilities inside the settlement.

Stories to tell / Re: House of Order - Third Assault on Whisperreap
« on: January 31, 2016, 06:24:57 PM »

"What happened here?" "The enemy attacked us at Whisperreap, Lord Lieutenant." "And?" "They were defeated, Lord Lieutenant." "I can see that..."

The field before him was covered in bodies. Broken, twisted, bodies. Like flaming fragments from a burning world, their bodies still suffused the ground with blood, not even touched by carrion.

"I can feel Xia. It was here." The masked figure reaches out with his hand, grasping at the empty air. "All around me. Under my fingers. Present. Yet not." "It is the Blade That Is Not, after all, Lord Lieutenant." His mask turned towards the captain of Whisperreap's garrison. ".. But we did not see Xia, My Lord Lieutenant. This was the doing of the House of Order."

His violet-red eyes became tiny slits in the mask as he regarded the captain. Was his memory somehow altered by evil witchcraft, or does he speak the truth?

"Then what happened, Captain of the Garrison?"

"They came in the morning. They laid their camps before Whisperreap, and shortly after, Idima Tarquinian joined them, bringing more soldiers. During evening, we were celebrating our coming engagement. And--" "Celebrating?" "Yes, My Lord Lieutenant. We were thankful for the opportunity to crush their spirit and chase away the color from their face." "Hmph." He grunted, though the sound was betraying his approval. "Then what?" "Then they came. It was Glory of the Forsaken's idea to keep the archer volley to below the pinnacle of maximum performance, so that she and Lord Final Harvest of Dust can dismember them personally in the melee, and rout them." "Is this what happened?" "Yes, Lord Lieutenant. It happened right there." The captain pointed his gauntlet-plated finger to the top of the wall, and beneath it, where bodies lay, torsos and limbs separated from the rest. A truly powerful force mowed down the mortals trying to climb the walls. "I see." "The rest of the army followed the Champions, and we cut them down in such magnitude, that we had trouble advancing further, because the bodies were obstructing us. But the enemy broke at the sight and fled."

A heavy sigh escapes the masked figure. He was not pleased. "There was no sign of Xia, Lord Lieutenant. The Imperator... he is gone. So is Xia. It all disappeared when he fell into the Void upon his death."

The masked figure grasped the air once more, as if trying to find what his senses were telling him- but he could not see into the Tapestry. If it was truly there, he could not know. No one alive could.

"And no unusual happenings or incidents?"

"The morning dew was frozen. But that is it."

"Very well. I shall return to Westhold then."

"Er... come to think of it. There was one strange event. When we sent Celamel, the quartermaster, to bring more ale, he reported seeing a black flame from a lantern. But it turned out to be ash piled on the glass panels. However, he was drunk, and could not specify if the flame itself was black, or the light."

The Lieutenant grunted once more, "Put it out of your mind. The burden of death plagues this place and the Tapestry is weakened. That could explain this ominous sensation in the air. Report if you find any evidence of Heaven's Arsenal."

"Yes, My Lord Lieutenant. May dawn forever be upon you."

Manet Rasar, Captain of the Whisperreap Garrison, to unknown member of the House of Order

Stories to tell / House of Order - Third Assault on Whisperreap
« on: January 31, 2016, 06:23:18 PM »
Arm and sally out: Come wrath, come scorn
It is not our departure that the walls will mourn
Under the iron mien of battle we cowed
Their courage and mettle, and left it terror-bound
Sung the song of the Reaping Whisper
Demons did with tongues forked and sinister
Of righteous creatures with swords of gold
And deathly masks and eyes most cold
So fly the few remaining braves through crimsoning fields
Still their forsaken life to our cold steel it yields
Converged upon them did endless clouds of wrack
And die they did with harness on their back
- Whisperreap Battle-ballad

In a fit of fury, the clouds obstruct the afternoon sun- the shadows stretch and meld with the darkness, until a brilliant channel splits the sky; the silence, it shatters. My hands are cold, and the rain loosens the grip on my sword, my shield feels like it is slipping. We are outnumbered, two to one. Is this truly happening? Another flash briefly blinds me. Two to one. My hand, it trembles.

In the rank and file of the battle formation, three ranks in front, I see my commander, Lord Final Harvest of Dust. His visage is righteous and otherworldly. He defends Whisperreap for a second time. The first time, he was outnumbered only three to one.

A crack of laughter silences the rumbling thunder, and the whole rank breaks into giggles. They aren't getting reinforcements? It is two to one?

"Hooah!" The battle commander shouts and the laughing ends and is replaced by chants that echo. "Kill! Kill! Kill!" Even the fury of the sky was stunned by the sound- even the storms fled in terror, and the clouds parted. The torrent of rain became a drizzle, too afraid to even touch my skin. It avoided me, like I bore plague and disease. But it was a different malady I truly carried and spread.


When they climbed upon the walls and lay eyes on us, they did not see cowed and intimidated peasants. They laid eyes upon the Glory of the Forsaken, and the Final Harvest of Dust, and the death merchants that stood behind them, all grinning from ear to ear, their maws as if lined by a thousand fangs. The volley of arrows on their approach was purposefully kept low, so that they may advance upon our walls, and be embraced by our warm welcome. And once my sword found purchase, hot blood warmed my hands indeed.

I threw before me my aegis of war, and advanced, as the enemy lay on it with blows, and then their lifeless bodies. So piled they became, and slippery with blood, that finding my footing became a dangerous game upon the tall walls, but one I enjoyed to play. Before I knew it, I stood next to the masked tormentor herself, the Glory of the Forsaken, and watched in amazement how she separated mortals from their life and limbs; She cut them down like a scythe harvests the fields, and the mortals scattered, like wheat carried off in a storm. Even Death herself would not dare present herself to harvest the fallen, for surely, even she would fall.

The few to survive and command their courage valiantly rush to the defense of the enemy commanders. But they too fall as the Final Harvest of Dust scatters them; the field blooms with red. What is a mortal army to the stuff of legends? Creatures ripped out from the tales of the cataclysmic wars stand against them. But for the 1 in 100 mortal that survives an encounter with them, it is more and less than legend. There is no magic, or world ending strike that cleaves hundreds of soldiers and warps the body in unspeakable ways. They are men. And they are not. They are as if possessed by thousands of years of martial power. Potentates of warfare, each and every one of them. They bleed. They die. But not easily. No. Not easily at all.

The final words our lord commander spoke was: "I accept thy Geas of Surrender. Welcome to Whisperreap."

Eliel Maserin
Sergeant of the Third Whisperreap Medium Legion

General Discussion / Re: A Call to Fair Play
« on: January 31, 2016, 05:01:31 PM »
Tom is also a talented coder. A person on Day 1 would never find the bugs and possible exploits. Not even by accident. The reason why so many exploits exist is because people with experience get an understanding of what works and how it works, and possible methods to circumvent them. There should be no fear of newbies on day 1 finding abuses, unless being shown them.

As for my Gods suggestion, I'd like to withhold further comment on it, until Tom makes his feelings known on the matter. But 'Lightning Bolt' would be the equivalent of a GM intervention. No, I mean, a legal IG faction, played by players, who have the power to, with in-game resources, remedy and punish abuse with threat or actual overpowering force. 'Gods' is just a convenient way of explaining this overpowering force.

General Discussion / Re: A Call to Fair Play
« on: January 31, 2016, 04:33:31 PM »
There is no similarity in feature and unintended feature, I have to ague this point right off the bat. Windows calls bugs features. We don't. At least I hope so.

Tom has stated very clearly at the beginning of this thread, which we defaced with pointless argument, that if an action feels like abuse, circumvents established standard or does not make sense logically, it IS abuse. The only grey area in current mechanics is in my mind 'sending gold over walls'. With the way Lendan Stones work and the event claiming 'a messenger brings you gold' I can see why it is a grey area.

What we could do to police the game is limited to policing it IN GAME. Since this is a sandbox, and Tom has already proved that GM intervention is the last possible resort, there is no other way around it. Bring back the Gods. Add a prayer action. Give the Gods supreme troops. When a player witnesses abuse of mechanics, he prays, the Gods answer, and bring the hurt down. Misusing Gods will be a banable offense on first strike.

That is how I would handle it. The lore could also support it.

Either way, I plan to make HoO into it's own police force, mechanics for it or not. This problem was allowed to exist since it did not bring down the wrath of the entire community for it. The worst one could get out with is a flimsy reputation.

General Discussion / Re: A Call to Fair Play
« on: January 31, 2016, 02:05:48 PM »
I believe I am due 2 moderator strikes.

You refused to say it was an exploit when it was first brought up. In the other threads that were linked, I believe somewhere you said that it was legal, but stupid. I know which exploits you are angry about, and _we did not use those_ when the Glories were bringing us troops.

Yes, I want to set things straight. I want to help you make this community fair and sportsman-like. This is just a game to me. I do not take it as seriously as you might think. I singled you out cause I do not see any other connection. I always respected you, and I claimed this several times in our messages, in game, and on the forum. Here is the list of exploits we _used_.

Assigning troops to battles in progress

Surrendering for super movement (once, by accident, action list would not clear with states 'finishing' forever, we used the surrender to clear the action list; it turned out surrendering did not burden the one carrying the prisoner)

Surrendering to go over walls (Did not know it was possible, used to jump walls at the siege of Datubana and we did not capitalize on this. As soon as Kommagene showed proof he played fairly the entire time, I suicided 700 soldiers on Datubana)

Block Area triggers before regroup is finished (no excuses here)

Nothing else. Note the timeline of those exploits and when they became possible. Other than the shitty 'I engage you with 1 Noble with 1 soldier, to lock you down for 8 hours', we did not use ANY exploits until the war became a farce.

I digress, I want to make amends. I want to help you make the community better. I share your vision for the community. You apologized, so I apologize as well. I was a dick. I deserve all the strikes I got, and I am surprised I am not banned. I did it with a clear mind however. I was not burdened by frustration. I was angry, but not out of control angry. Not temporarily mad angry. I will always owe up to the mistakes I make. I cannot stress that enough. I am not always right. I will no longer assume who is behind a character, and I will treat them all like they are separate players, even if they share the last name. And that's really how it all should work.

And like I said, I am willing to work with you on this one- disseminate through the data of this war, point out where we all made mistakes and took it too far, and find ways to fix it.

EDIT: Expanding for exploits we did not use

Recalling troops: This happened once. At day change. I was not even aware that recalled troops could be used while they were in the recalling stage. The troops recalled were a 40 or 50 soldiers, possibly less- the main method to combat the enemy was using mercs I knew were there, and I had a ton of money. The recalling troops thing was more like an afterthought of 'Hey, it's 30 minutes until day change, and I could add a tiny bit more troops I can actually set down as militia'

Setting troops as militia during regroup: Once again, I never knew this was possible while troops are regrouping. I don't know for anyone else, but on Mozilla, when regrouping, I do not get any options with my troops to set them as militia. And if the issue is assigning troops to someone while my character is regrouping, I do not see why that is an issue, when what I can do is just put them on the permission list and have them take the troops themselves. There were bugs a couple of times when we couldn't mobilize groups of militia, which we solved by assigning them. Sometimes time was of the essence, and I used assign to give equal numbers of troops to characters, with decent compositions.

The gold bug: I almost immediately reported the gold bug, and killed every character who had extra gold.

I do not know, or cannot remember, any other exploitable bugs. If I missed some, and was suspected of using them, let me know. Perhaps I did but cannot remember. But I am 99% sure I didn't, that I would remember.

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