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URL where error occured: Email sent from Game (Gmail Webapp)
Criticality:Low, Annoyance
What is the Bug? The host name when sending links via email/M&F Notification Service is 'localhost', e.g. http://localhost/en/character/view/9732
How to Reproduce: Turn notification services on and receive an email.
Additional Comments: Should be a relatively easy fix, even if not especially important. It's definitely a nice to have in some circumstances

Recently, my primary character was promoted as Count of a new County, and he previously (and currently) is Baron of his original Barony. However, he cannot assign his Barony as part of his County, which seems as though it should be possible since he is ruler of both, and I do not think it is unheard for for an individual to hold multiple titles, even in the same hierarchy of realms. (Definitely not in Crusader Kings 2; when you start as Count Guy of Macon and manage to take control of the Duchy of Burgundy or Kingdom of Burgundy! But I know that's also just another game...)

The idea isn't to abolish the realm and remove the title or anything of the sort, and in fact once I get things as stable as I'd like, I'd very much like to spread some of the love and hope to have more folks playing and interested in the game. However, in the short term, especially with some soon planned actions, this would have been one of the best courses of action for me.

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