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Conduct & Design Discussion / Monsters, Dungeons, and Brigands
« on: August 02, 2017, 03:09:27 PM »
So it was kicked around in IRC, but I think it's a gold idea. Combine brigands/dungeons, convert dungeons to a brigand estate, and shackle the brigand character to the the nearby regions of the dungon. The brigand has an estate with a bit of defense, a production site, and the dungeon has a reason to be cleared. Then turn the brigand and troops into monsters.

Ideally, piggybacking off some of the monster dungeon thread, make brigands into fantasy creatures and such. Brigands would have different 'classes', the class and location would still be a 1-slot-per-account random draw. Necromancers, beastmen, and dragons....popping up among the demi-gods as they try to rule over humanity...their lairs and crypts needing to be dealt with or they become lords of their domain. It can go Hesoid, Tolkien, or any lore you want to draw from.

Might change the game dynamic a bit much, but it would be more robust.

Conduct & Design Discussion / Medic/Wounded-Care Entourage
« on: May 04, 2017, 07:06:26 AM »
I figured an Academy or School would be good to produce medics that help keep wounded from dying. Field surgeons and such.

Camp Follower or Priest might work too. Extra people just washing wounds and linens would make a difference on infections/fevers/etc an army in the field succumbed to.

Helpline / Messaging System Questions
« on: April 28, 2017, 04:38:18 PM »
So I might have made a booboo. During my testing of stuff I didn't find on forum/manual, I left a foreign conversation and the contact vanished around the same time. I took it as "you need an introduction to get them in your contacts, then an active conversation to keep them there". Apparently, that contact died around that my science was ruined. I was trying to create a contact network for middlemen giving introductions, something to link distant lands and foff around with. I sorted through and made a conversation with most every character who was awake I had access to before checking the dead character. Now I'm not sure if a few foreigners are stuck with an extra 20 contacts. Ctrl-f works for me, I still have to hunt with 50 contacts and the character is in a backwater, but they seem tiffed.

Can I get clarification on adding/removing contacts? Is there a better way to build a contact network? Should I just limit myself to 1v1 convos to avoid landon stone shortage?

Stories to tell / The Greenwardens
« on: April 22, 2017, 08:31:35 AM »
He was an eccentric old man, covered with dented and sea-rusted weapons. Equally covered in scars. Tended to be jovial, barking a laugh at odd times. Murphy grew up a marauder, with his marauder parents, pillaging with rowdy lowlanders. Until, that is, he met an old scribe for the Order of Greenwardens as a young man. The scribe put him on a mission for god(s).

The Ancient and Honorable Greenwardens were a cult and brotherhood of sorts. Through "mystic" computation, using the ratio of the circumference of any circle to the diameter of that same circle, they are said to be able to mathematically prove the gods. Through further calculation, they are said to know the only undeniable missive from the gods... to protect. Many hope that a mathmetician's valhalla exists for those who follow the ancient mathmatica, but all accept the "bond of the three rings" as holy mission.

The band of dedicated bodyguard-knights forsake family name, marriage, and most titles for their semi-religious group and personal oath. Once initiated, they roam the world looking for someone to choose. Swearing only to protect and follow their chosen, one they see as worthy. Any may join so long as they can maintain the honor of their singular oath, but the path of the oath in itself requires goodness.

The Mad Murphy, uncouth though he was, took to the holy scripture. An uncanny facet for numbers, he became the Keeper of the Lore in time. A man capable of ordering and citing the scripture in his head...trillions of decimals away from a common man. He keeps the scripture written on every available inch of a cellar in Syndomton, sorted by chapter^verse.

[Rolled a KK bloodtype (double keeper of knowledge trait), and it sparked the idea for a socially inept barbarian mentalist/priest. Leader of a group of Pythagorian-cult meets crusaders-for-good, guildy type thing. I'll get a few knight offers opened in Syndmonton and Hymarick, if anyone is interested. Good-Aligned characters only, plz. Is it ok to recruit a guildy thing here?]

Realms Chat / Something That Probably Shouldn't Happen: The Realm
« on: April 15, 2017, 08:52:12 AM »
I didn't give much thought to where I placed my light hearted character Willy Givens. Stuff just sort of organically happened, got control of a handful of towns around Alost and might soon take control of the scrublands Jokulvikra-Mitecir from a friendly with too many settlements. Neato, didn't give much it thought.

Then I saw this in my head:

I'm tempted to do it. Build a realm for-and-of anatomy jokes and bad puns.

General Discussion / A good new player experience.
« on: April 14, 2017, 10:40:28 AM »
So I was into Battlemaster about the time Might and Fealty was launched. I didn't really get into the demo, don't recall why, but I thought the concept was neat as hell. I recently returned to Battlemaster and gave Might and Fealty a try too.

The experience was mostly good. One character got a ton of help from their liege, one character popped into a small city while it was under a two-realm despute and somehow ended up taking it over with 2 soldiers (I created a villain before placing them, was too opportune to pass up. Plan to return it, fyi).

I did have one character's liege kill herself right after spawning, but I figured I'd take that character and explore. Alot of slumberblight, so I'm still not sure how dense active characters are but realms seem active when you consider the pace of the game. Honestly, though, its a game that all you need are maybe 3 or 4 people and it can be fun. I've probably met 5-10 people (maybe a dozen characters) in a few months. Some of the mechanics took some time to figure out, but the wiki/manual covers things well.

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