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Conduct & Design Discussion / Might And Fealty - Greasemonkey Script
« on: January 31, 2017, 02:34:30 PM »
Might And Fealty - Streamlining the interface with Greasemonkey

Hey people, I've made something that I think would be very useful to y'all. Basically it's a Javascript plug-in that adds some functionality to the soldier selection screen. It simplifies troop selection to the degree I think everyone should be using it, and it could in fact later be integrated into the core game itself.

Greasemonkey / Tampermonkey

Before installing these types of extensions, you need to have installed GreaseMonkey (FireFox) or TamperMonkey (Chrome) in your browser.


Once you have a working 'Monkey installation, You browse to this link to install it:

Instructions (Updated 12th March 2017)

What this script does is install an extra toolbar below the menu bar while on a soldier selection screen. There are two sections, the selection box (left) and the orders box (right).

In the selection box you can select an "action", and number of "filters". When you click "Appl,y" then the chosen action will be applied to all troops which match the filter.

- Actions include select/deselect (toggles the tick boxes), as well as all the regular options that can be applied to troops.

- "up to" X = how many troops to select. Default is 90 at a time, so that it avoids the "PHP bug" for going 100+

- "From" <group> - you can restrict the filter to apply only to letter-groups. Default is "any", and "none" is for troops with no group.

- at least/less than "X" XP = XP-based filter. Default is "at least 0 XP"

- hunger: can by "---" (matches anything), not hungry, hungry, starving or "any hunger" (matches hungry or starving). Default is "---"

- weapon/armor/equipment - self explanatory. Default is "any X" for each

- "Apply" button: sets the chosen task on the soldiers defined in the filter


"Issue Orders" button. This sends the batch of orders to the server (finalize your orders this way).

The easy way to use this is to pick an action from the drop-down menu, click Apply then click go. You can batch simple orders for 90 troops at once this way.



- better styling for panel which matches the game
- fixed a bug that occured with the new group system when you had freshly assigned troops
- default choice is "mobilize" when viewing settlement troops

- added the group selection feature
- merged action choice into the selection box

Conduct & Design Discussion / More info on character screen
« on: December 12, 2016, 06:46:22 AM »
This is a small suggestion, but would reduce the number of page loads, and thus server load. And streamline playing a bit.

Sometimes I have to click on a character to see if a thing they're doing is completed, e.g. a takeover attempt, grant control, or regrouping troops. This is inconvenient and requires unnecessary page loads, especially for paid accounts with 10+ characters.

On the character's page the current "task" is listed, and that's limited to "travel" or "battle". This field could be used for many more things. For a start, any task that blocks travel could possibly be listed here. Then, i could tell at a glance which character is doing what rather than having to click play on each of them to find out:

- "regroup" on character's list would let me know not to bother clicking on a character until they're ready to go after a battle
- "take control": similarly, i'd only need to click on the character once after they've actually taken control
- "grant control": could possibly appear on both giving and receiving character's list.

There are probably a few others that could be useful information on the character's list page, but those are the main ones that would streamline the game. basically, having to do a page load for each of your characters to see if they're done yet with action-blocking stuff is the opposite of fun.

Bug Reports / bug in metals production?
« on: November 09, 2016, 07:33:50 PM »
hey i have two hill towns with metals down south. both had basically identical specs yet one said 35% efficiency on scale armor production, the other only 15%. The town with only 15% actually has a huge metals surplus while the more "efficient" town is negative on metals (exporting to my liege). So that was pretty odd.

I eventually found a difference. The town with 15% only has a mine and is also exporting metals to my liege. Even though this town has a 300+ metals surplus, at the bottom of the screen it says "experiencing a dramatic shortage of metals". So what it looks like is the building that makes the scale armor isn't taking into account the extra mine production at all.

Now that I have a good hunch why this is happening, i can fix it by daisy-chaining trade route so that the game registers the supply properly. But players with only one mine wouldn't have that luxury.

I think the message system needs 1-2 fixes. The main one is to "mark as read" group messages for all characters, the same way events work. It gets time consuming and requires more page requests, when each character in a realm needs to sort through the same broadcast messages.

Bug Reports / Bug in lists system
« on: October 17, 2016, 08:57:01 AM »
There's a bug in the politics->list system's JavaScript. Sometimes when selecting the name of a character, or realm from the auto-complete, the game populates every slot in the list with the same name, overwriting the existing list. Refreshing the page doesn't seem to change the behavior, although it only triggers on some occasions, and works normally on others.

Helpline / Rulership elections
« on: October 16, 2016, 12:18:10 PM »
I have characters in an otherwise slumbering realm. There is no ruler and I can't do a whole lot with what there is. Can someone fill me in on the minimum requirements to get leadership elections happening?

Helpline / Do skills stack?
« on: October 14, 2016, 11:17:47 AM »
I rolled a new character who has Recruiter trait, and Recruiter trait. Does this stack or is he only as good a recruiter as someone with one skill level?

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