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Title: The Awakening
Post by: Alumaani on December 23, 2016, 08:26:58 PM
Title: Re: The Awakening
Post by: Dystopian on December 30, 2016, 10:31:37 PM
Glad to have another member old member back, especially since things get slow around the holidays :)
Title: Re: The Awakening
Post by: Alumaani on December 28, 2017, 04:35:25 PM
As he slept,  he dreamed.

Not peaceful dreams of a comfortable slumber but dreams of terror, of violent storms and reeling ships, the loss of his father on their fateful voyage to the new world and the clash of steel, the rivers of blood and flames of conquest that forged a kingdom in that new land.

He re-lived the days of Rathgar, their march south into the lands of the Empire, their glorious crusade to stifle the encroaching masses of the southern gentiles.  A united Rathgar, a glorious ripple in the eternal life he had lived which filled his chest with the warmth of pride and brought tears to his eyes as slept.  They had conquered.

He dreamed of betrayal, Rathgar devoured from within, lives stolen from his line and his humans slaughtered in their hundreds.  He stood once again on the mountain of the bear, watching as his villages burned.  The spirit of the bear appearing to him and his allies, urging them forward, the clans of Sky, Stonedman and the Alumaani, the saviours of Rathgar.

He stood once again on the fields of battle, a cataclysmic conflict that shook the bowels of the earth and saw the northmen die in their thousands.  Entire generations of humans wiped from the world and First Ones falling in their dozens, thousands of years of knowledge blinked out in a mere moment of time.  Unspeakable tortures, oaths broken and his nemesis Tan De Serra laughing over the bodies of his Kin.

His spear trailed blood and flame as it tore through the lines of never ending foe, he carried the Luin Letchar, the spear of the sun and it burned as it passed through the bodies of his enemies.  A madness overcoming him, a rage boiling up once more, revenge was close, victory assured, his body tensed as his mind wandered in this dream of remembrance and he drew closer to the standard of their king.  He would have the revenge that had evaded him in life, here now, in this dream.  He would behead the snake, leave his body to the worms and then turn his attention to his generals.

Then the picture shifted and the banners of his foe flew away from him, his enemy from his reach, just as they had retreated from him in life, they now moved beyond his grasp and his revenge was yet again un fulfilled.

He stood alone in the darkness of his mind.

Not alone…”wake up” the voice whispered in his ear.  “It is time for you to rise again”.

Belemont Alumaani opened an eye, slowly, persistently, as the fluids of decades had sealed tight his lids and the light of the future blinded his retina, the skin slowly parted.

His memories flooded into his brain along with the long lost light of the sun.  War.

His enemies had been crushed but in victory he faced the loss of his consciousness, his ability to protect his own.  His family were all dead now, he felt their loss like a chasm in his heart, he had not been there to protect them.

A new age dawned...new plans and a new purpose.