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Helpline / Re-founding old realms
« on: January 27, 2018, 08:40:06 PM »
Noticed a few old realms pop back into existence recently. How do we bring back old realms? I don't see the option anywhere. I assume you have to have been a ruler of said realm at some point? If so, I'd love to bring back some of the realms I've ruled.

Sadly, some genius renamed Arrakesh and wiped out its data, but there are plenty of others that could use a come-back.

Realms Chat / Suddenly, I inherit half a continent
« on: December 07, 2016, 09:54:58 PM »
Apparently my religious figurehead inherited 59 estates, 2 realms, and a war. Who the hell quit, how many of them, and what do I do now?

Rage Zone / 2 Years of Hunting
« on: November 30, 2016, 10:29:57 PM »
After the last 2 years hunting the bastard, I finally fulfilled the oath I made upon joining Might & Fealty.

Asran II DeadKing has fallen to my blade.


Feast in hell, ye cunt.

Conduct & Design Discussion / Player-Run Tutorial-style Experience
« on: November 29, 2016, 01:13:21 PM »
Would any of y'all be interested in a sort of tutorial academy realm to ease many of these troubles?

A few players and I are hashing a concept for such a thing. A small realm that tutors, trains, and educates new players, teaches them the general history of realms, helps them find their place in the world, run simulated battles with a throwaway char or two, how to enjoy dungeons, how to access a settlement and how to run it efficiently, etc.

All the while running simultaneous RPs on both superficial levels for the inexperienced, and deeper for the intensive-RP type of players.

Once training is complete, Initiates become Alumni and "graduate":

From here you are given a choice of realms to join, based on information garnered from the game itself. History, current events, wars, politics, play styles, themes - giving players a more educated and rounded means to find their place in the world.

Realms can petition the Institute/Collegium/Whatever for new recruits, and even set "orders" for particular types. Like, if Hawks wants a highly-active char that fits into a certain behavioral profile, EI wants malleable RPers, someone else wants the city-builder type who likes being a steward, or you're looking for a particular set of traits/personalities, or someone wants recruits to start up a new realm concept, we test new characters for those traits and help set things up.

The headmaster will be given the lendan stones of, effectively, every single player in the game, or if lendan towers work, we can get a set-up to allow for proper communication and RP between the tutorial school and the outside world.

Recruits come in totally useless and are shipped off as Alumni with troops, knowledge, experience, and a goal in mind: facilitating their start-up in the game and taking a load off the shoulders of those who don't like, don't want, are too inexperienced, or too busy worry about such things.

Fact is, not everyone is cut out to be a teacher - and frankly, if I may say so from experience, its a pain in the ass. If you're not totally committed, you damage a future hardcore player in multiple ways. By the time they learn through trial and error they've sat or been shuffled around semi-aimlessly, gotten bored or confused plenty of times, and had to wait for your instruction to tell their left ass cheek from the sharp end of a broadsword-wielding chain-cavalry mid-charge. (something they've often only heard of, and Gods forbid they actually know how combat works other than "take the militia from x, leave some there of course, move to y and initiate combat.")

In exchange for these services, Suitors (realms soliciting our instructional services) can strike a host of agreements in exchange for: diplomatic support, in-house combat instructors, historical data, troop shipments, resources, and the like.

This goes both ways, of course.

As such: the college serves as a tutorial for new players, a roleplay environment, a source of mercenaries, a trade hub, ambassadors-for-hire, and whatever else we can possibly think of.

It will reside upon an island, me and the ones creating it with personally stock it with a standing garrison and continuously recruit throwaway characters for training battles and simulated takeovers, all of which will take place on the island, we will use throwaway characters as fodder for newbies to interact with, while the baseline instructors remain as personality archetypes echoing different playstyles - which we can log into and interact from that particular perspective, offering a more in-depth and personal experience for new characters to enjoy.

Hell, down the road, we could branch out and create Orders/branches, with their own archetypes/RPs/histories/instructors, small neutral and static of course, and have some fun RP fodder as people find out they graduated from the same school/order/class as their commander, queen, rival, or some such.

Its something games like this sorely need, and rarely gets around to happening. Honestly, it really doesn't take much to do, either.

Check out the southwestern island off the Kenos/Arrakesh coast. That little island could house the entire starting program, hands down.

A stronghold with all the facilities to recruit troops and the necessary entourage (the "College" itself);

And test estates for new players to learn how to start, cancel, support, refute, and execute takeovers; how to trade efficiently; how to recruit, train, assign, disband, re-train, and mobilize troops; what types of troops do what, which weapons/armor/gear fulfill what role, requirement, or cost advantage; how population grows, shrinks, and stagnates; the effect of thralls on productivity and population trends; how to loot, what looting accomplishes, the potential gains of looting, the risks involved; how to perform, break, or evade blockades; the ins-and-outs of sea travel; the creation, dissolution, and absorption of (sub-)realms; how to swear and break oaths; how to obtain and refute vassals; how to designate and design one's realm; the responsibilities and privileges of various titles and positions; hashing out potential concepts for new players to enjoy, rather than throwing them out into the cold dark world with little idea of what potential they hold in store; and everything else in between.

We're going to take it for a test run if the idea catches on - though I'd really love to make this a canonical mainstay if we ever do a global soft reset.

Thoughts? If anyone likes it, I'll make a thread for it.

(Been wanting this since I started playing, honestly. Games like this need someone to break you in, and we don't have the population density of the old days where there were plenty of people both able and willing to do this in each major realm. And what of those who didn't want to join a major realm, or founded their own? They were screwed. I myself learned most lessons the hard way... Hell, I'm sure we all did.

If we can help new players learn the ropes in a friendly, orderly fashion; generating RP and mutual interest along the way, it'll be a point in the community's favor.)

Realms Chat / Arkhonos Initiative
« on: November 22, 2016, 05:53:53 AM »    

The Arkhonos Initiative (Story Lore)

Founded by Azharod Aurea-Tarzath Varakhul-Vendaran, Vanguard of the Tempest Isle - on the 5th Day, of the 50th Week, of the 11th Year of the Common Age of Man.   

--- ~(Introduction: )~ ---   

"The Arkhonos was a blind Prophet who united the Arkh Imperium. A thousand years of peace reigned as the Imperium enveloped culture and faith alike - each respected and allowed to flourish beneath the laws of Vox Stellarum.   

City-states rose across the continents as tribes were elevated by the welcoming wisdom of Arkhonos.   

Centuries came and went without war, as First Ones flourished beside their brothers of Second Creed. Slavery became a thing of the past as xenophobia and prejudice bled away. 

Countless faiths ascended - side by side - as the Arkhonos embraced each culture as beloved Children. So long as they respected its ancient laws, they would co-exist as all and one."

-Excerpt from the Fable of Heaven's Gate

   --- (Dictum: ) ---   

"That which is thus imparted, in retrospect returneth.
He who dishonors another shall face his crimes upon the self:
The weight of insult carried upon one's shoulder; the mark of harm borne upon one's flesh.
The letting of blood, thus flowing, so shall in retribution.
The theft of one's labors - paid in pacts of flesh and gold.
Whosoever dares impose ideology by force, shall be stripped of their right to practice.
All Creeds remain equal - afforded opportunity and respect, so long as they reciprocate in truth.
Slander shall be met by duel of blades or wisdom: as chosen by the slandered.
He who wars against another shall do so under clear pretext:
demands and complaints set forth in stone, lest they face just retaliation."

-Excerpt from the Code of Nam-Ur   

--- ~( Golden Age of Enlightenment: )~ ---   

Without inhibitions, trade routes sprung up to facilitate the spread of knowledge from the Great Library of Kye'raeon - the city of Heaven's Gate. Grand pilgrimage ran from every corner of the known world, as a Golden Age of Enlightenment foundered on.

Rich silks and bolts of cloth colored the once ashen lands with a splendor of vivid color.   

Exotic flora spread across the lands, carefully cultivated to coexist with native life. A cornucopia of splendor seeded every forest and field, until the very lands shone with all the flavors of life resplendent.   

Countless fauna were introduced to new lands, bringing horses, cattle, pigs, chickens, turkey, elephants, tigers, and even more exotic organisms to once-isolated tribes.   

Precious ores and metallurgy elevated stone-age tribes to grand city-states replete with sprawling architecture of bronze and steel.   

Disease was quashed by the newly-founded Imperial Medicus Scholae, extending the life-span of once fleeting Second Ones who grew wise beside First One creed.   

From the holy city of Kye'raeon, to the steaming jungles of Akh-Va'ar, to the towering mountains of Khär Vëga, to the slumbering archipelagoes of Akrön: civilization sprung from what once lay fallow, as Mankind spread to the very ends of the Earth.   

--- ~( Shadows From Within: )~ ---

...Until the barbarous Akh-Va'ari - so accustomed to warlike mannerisms, forced servitude, and xenophobic isolationism - scoffed in the face of unity. For countless generations, their sons and daughters called the Imperium home: and yet, many held no respect nor adherence to the laws of Vox Stellarum.   

They demanded protection of Arkhonos against so-called "erosion of the Akh-Va'ari way of life", for theirs was a culture of violence, prejudice, and isolation. And so, His Reverence listened: he declared Akh-Va'ar off-limits to the peoples of the Imperium - and stripped Akh-Va'ari Second Ones of Imperial protection. And yet... The Akh-Va'ar were not satisfied.   

They spat in the face of reciprocation, as some viewed their laws to be unjust and banned their presence outright. The Tribes of Akh-Va'ar demanded the right to inhabit other lands, and be afforded equal right by Akh-Va'ar law - and so, the Arkhonos listened. Other cultures were forbidden from disallowing entrance of Akh-Va'ari, nor freeing their slaves, and yet no Imperial citizen could so much as walk the fabled jungles of Akh-Va'ar.   Humble empathy, in the face of inflexible co-existence, seeded the Imperium with a great disdain of foreign culture.   

In time, xenophobia gave root to conflict. When the last tear was shed, the last shred of compassion forsaken, and the last humor faded, many Akh-Va'ari citizens of Imperium proved turncoat. From Senators, to merchants, to members of the Royal Vanguard, Akh-Va'ari rebelled in unison - breeding chaos across countless nations.   

Most infamous of these, Vanguard traitor Mikhën Öbheron - leader of the Black Order of Akh-Va'ar - beheaded the Arkhonos and set flame to the holy city of Kye'raeon - once known as "Heaven's Gate".   

Without a humble voice of guiding light, decadence and rivalry sundered the might of Imperium as tyrant after tyrant sought to claim its bounty. One day, the Gods could face no more.   

--- ~( Divine Retribution: )~ ---   

The sea is said to have boiled with wroth as towering waves crashed upon the sparkling walls of Kye'raeon - dragging countless to their death as the waves retreated in unison.   

The sun blazed in righteous fury, burning the bountiful fields of Khemëreth and Khär Vëga as the Imperium starved. 

Pestilence arose in the face of starvation, culling the once-sprawling cities of Arkh, until cobbled streets lay stained by the blood of dead and dying.   
Akrön, the Rim of the World, housed the Auru'in creed. They were the last to fall, for geography allowed an air of isolation from Imperium proper. Yet, their relative comfort could not last.   

With the Imperium dead, trade ground to a halt. Rich silks and bolts of cloth ceased production. Exotic fruits and diverse fauna grew extinct. Vital ores and alloys ceased production as industry decayed. Disease raged rampant as the last Imperial Medicus died of plague - First Creed thus forced to labor without the aid of Second Ones.   

Without recourse, the great city-states of Akrön faded from history: devolving into tiny First Ones tribes clinging to the surface of a broken world.   

--- ~( Memoriam: )~ --- 

Today, Arkh is but the shadow of a memory - a testament to what Man can achieve in the name of empathy, humility, and mutual respect.   

A thousand years later, the Auru'in dynasty seeks to return to the Old Ways, casting aside the barbarity of Thorbrandr clans who descend from surviving Akh-Va'ari - in favor of an all-encompassing union of faiths and cultures beneath a universal banner of brotherhood.   

The Arkhonos Initiative was born from the ashes of Arrakesh and Sarantium - the culmination of a great disconnect from the cultures who birthed their dynasties. For too long, the south lay slumbered. Shattered in the midst of decadence, cities grown quiet as field after field lay fallow. Pitiful Second Ones grown complacent in abandonment of the First Creed.   

A rich tapestry of culture - dethroned by the infinite cascade of Time immemorial. Merciless, spirited away by the inevitable loss of everything once held dear.   Kings and Emperors, warriors and clergymen, fallen to the blight of slumber evermore.   

...Slain in their bedchambers, feasting halls, and the fallow fields. Cut down without a word - so great a dishonor to our sacred bloodlines.   

Such dishonor shall not stand. No more shall honored First Ones be slain unawares, unable to face trial for their crimes or compassion for their illness.   

"those who forsake the past are doomed to repeat its crimes."   

Like a slumbering Phoenix, the Arkhonos shall rise from the ashes of what was before - for glorious were the days of empire.

Arise, Sons and Daughters of the Creed: take back your thrones, and sow wide the seeds of IMPERIUM!

Conduct & Design Discussion / Character Screen Actions
« on: December 14, 2015, 11:09:20 PM »
Would it be possible to add "looting" and "takeover" to the actions displayed on the character screen? With 25 characters, it gets really confusing figuring out whose doing what. :) "traveling" and "in battle" are great! Helps a ton. looting and takeover would be great, too.

Conduct & Design Discussion / New Player Estate Limit
« on: December 10, 2015, 12:44:27 AM »
I feel there is a bit of confusion and irritation over the 3-estate free account limit. I feel 3 is way too little, honestly. Perhaps, upon reaching your 3rd, have a message generated informing them of the limit, and tell them they should... Hmm, let me just copy what I said in IRC.

5 would be more reasonable. Or at least let them hit 4, and upon takeover action have a screen that says "You have reached your free account estate limit - please consider granting an estate to a vassal to continue taking new estates. If you would like to support the game, please click here. Our prices are reasonable, and your contribution keeps the game alive. Thank you.

Conduct & Design Discussion / Traversible Lakes & Rivers
« on: November 24, 2015, 01:22:32 PM »
For thousands of years have the ancestors of man built simple rafts, canoes, and eventually tugs with which they traversed the span of lengthy rivers and great lakes of mother Earth! If possible to code, it would offer incredible changes to gameplay, realm borders, and conflict by allowing nobles to cross bodies of water in seeking trade and conquest. Long before the first ships sailed along the coasts of our oceans, we were plunging into the depths of our swollen rivers and humble tributaries, even sending goods'-laden rafts downstream to our allies and expeditions! Natives of my country, to this day, use humble and easily-carved hide canoes to crisscross the waters of the Amazon rain-forest! The historical precedent is certainly there - the issue is truly whether it is possible within the code.

Some feature concepts regarding traversible lakes & rivers:


  • Docks can be built upon lakes and used to sail down the length of a river.
  • Some river treks - or certain sections thereof - can be a one-way trip: dangerous waterfalls, cascades, and obstructions could mean a down-ward journey from which you'd have to march back by foot with all yer loot!
  • Demolishing a bridge may temporarily block the river junction where it used to rest, halting river travel. Complex coding obviously required, so that's unlikely, but still fun to suggest!
  • Perhaps even a randomized "risk" of losing a troop here and there, due to the dangers of river travel!
  • Maybe a bonus to camp followers, since you can literally just fish while you sit on yer arse floating down-stream :) If seasons are ever implemented like in BM, the seasonal trout/salmon runs would provide a metric fc-ton of free food this way. And river freezing for winter! Droughts for summer... The opportunities are endless!


  • Much like rivers, they can have all sorts of fun random events and obstructions! A fell southwesterly wind blows your ship off-course, sending you a half-day/day-and-a-half south of where you had hoped to land! Uh oh, that's not friendly territory... Sh*t.
  • Obstructions: waterfalls that run the risk of heavy damage & cascades with minor damage both of which may be one-way trips, meaning you have to circumvent them to return
  • Lakes can freeze over, making them un-navigable by ship... But perhaps on foot? May be dangerous, of course!
  • - could this, or a whirlpool, halt your ship travel altogether?
  • Eventually, lake biomes. Saltwater lakes, acidic lakes, all sorts of fun!
  • Mangrove trees! A bit of extra wood production for select regions bounded by a mangal.
  • Etc, Etc, etc.

Speaking of, could someone inform me what sort of coding the game is run on? I'd like to try my hand at learning it and hopefully, down the line, contributing to the game. :)

Stories to tell / The Sundering of Var Darhul
« on: November 20, 2015, 09:38:24 AM »
Not sure if anyone's going to like it, and I might just trash it and start over, but I wrote a little thing that I feel might be a fitting end to the Archonian Dominate's "Beneath Mt. Vedahorn" RP where we discover Arraro's Void corruption, he kidnaps two magistrates, attempts to sacrifice them, is killed, we RP'd fighting a massive swarm of Var Darhulian guardsmen very epically, and then - my little addition - discovering that he summoned a Voidwalker, which between Flaochad and Magnus, we managed to expel back to the nether region of bleak godlessness, nearly killing us both in the process. Enjoy.

Magnus marched wordlessly into the chamber, his twin blades never dropping to his sides in calmness. The pounding in his cranium only worsened as he came closer to his companions, gathered around a strange structure. Beside it lay the body of Arraro - rightfully slain for his inhuman crimes. As Flaochad begins to vomit and the pool of blood becomes visible, electricity dances upon Magnus' spine as his every hair stands as straight as daggers raised.

"Get Flaochad away from that pool IMMEDIATELY! Damn you, Arraro! What have you done!"

In the span of a moment, the torches that light Arraro's dungeon and daemon altar flicker and die all at once - a deep rumble shuddering through Var Darhul as if some ancient God had awakened. And truly, one had.

From the pool of blood rose of the silhouette of a man - void of flesh, hair, or features, it was a spiteful mockery of the shape of a First One - summoned from dark planes beyond the realm of sleep. As it rose ever slowly, blood gave way to inky blackness, deeper than the darkest night, entrancing of its own regard - a shimmering nightmare figure whose mere image renders strong-gutted First Ones into a mess of vomitous bile-streaking madmen. Suddenly, the pool of blood begins to drip *backwards - * floating up toward the dungeon ceiling as the ebon figure spreads its arms like the wings of a soaring hawk - before trailing down the walls as if warning of what was to come.

"Kneeeeel, Sssson of Vessseryan...!!"

And with that, Flaochad's knees snapped forward with the weight of crushing boulders, screaming in pain with a voice so deeply unlike his own. The longer he screamed, the deeper it became, until naught but a grating baritone screech echoed through the hall. His eyes began to pour black ooze as he violently spasmed, the same ooze which seemed to comprise the corporeal pseudo-human husk of nightmarish sight.

"I have come for what He promisssed... The Sssouls of hiss Ssseed!"

Weakened by the being's grasp, Flaochad tried and failed to struggle against its awesome power - bellowing a single word before suffering his final fate.


Flaochad crumpled as wave after wave of unbridled power pulsed forth from crimson font, spiraling threads of hovering blood thus splattered across the face of every man and wall. It struck with such a force as to blast the wind from every lung, cloaks and loose objects fluttering in the aerternal zephyr of chaos triumphant.

Magnus had witnessed such a thing once before - thought to be mere hallucination of Malaria-touched febrile minds in combat against a sudden mass of Voidspawn - yet he knew better. He had always known. What he slew that day was a Voidwalker, the true manifestations of the Void's might - corrupt spawn of Tymetras' black seed when he dared mingle with mortal, First One, and animal alike.

With every word, a stronger echo cut deep the terrifying images of sundered flesh, Tartarian rivers of blood, at the "feet" of reviling tentacled, many-eyed monstrous demigods born of a vile experiment gone horribly wrong - as if Magnus could hear the specter's every thought and sense the very essence of soulless Void within the malformation of its daemon husk.

Blood and black sludge poured too from his eyes and open mouth as he screamed with the raging might of divine force, mouthing ancient incantations passed down through the eons - his very flesh aglow with arcane sigils carved unto flesh when he was but a young boy: a mystic cage forged of the amalgam of immortal flesh and ancient Varang'yr spirit that marked him as a true Vanguard.

"Exorcizamus te, omnis immun- spiritus, omni Tymetria potestas, omnis incursio vacuefacio adversarii!"

(We cast you out, every unclean spirit, every Tymetrian power, every onslaught of the Voidic adversary!)

And he, too, began to pulsate with unknown power - its mighty cadence instead pulling the tainted blood back from every surface, every bit of flesh, every unseen crevice of that torturous chasm of heathen madness.

"Omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta Tymetria, in nomini et virtute Domini nostri Dei, eradicare et effugare a Dei Ecclesia,"

(Every legion, every Tymetrian group and sect, in the name and by the power of our Lord God,)

The ebon sludge, which marked the taint of Void malign, joined too the effervescent sphere of divine materia which now obscured the Voidwalker's host from the eyes of those gathered - its wicked surface glistening with blood from the sacrificial pool, drained from every wound, flowing up from deepest cavern where the Death Charge of Var Darhul took place, upon which slithered the serpent tendrils of black ooze cast forth in frenzy from the dying bodies of Magnus and Flaochad alike.

"...Ab animabus ad imaginem Dei conditis ac pretioso divini Gnavigium sanguini redemptis!!!"

(We command you, begone and fly far from the Realm of God, from the souls made by God in His image and redeemed by the precious blood of the divine Vessel!!!)

Crimson became white as the coalescent sphere of immortal blood, spilled in the name of good and evil alike, collapsed upon itself - every black serpent tentril of the vile essence of Tymetras piercing the pseudo-"flesh" of His abomination as would the apex of a thousand sharpened spears wielded righteously in the name of holiest divinity, its banshee death-cry far-eclipsed by the maelstrom in its wake. The very walls of the stronghold of Var Darhul buckled with such incredible force, its many turrets and bastions crumbling from the onslaught of Godlike ebbing and flowing - the pouring forth of divine immaterial essence from untold realms beyond the living realm as collapsing Black Star did shatter... Naught but dust and sundered stone left still within its wretched halls - not a pinprick of blood left bearing witness to the carnage of the Massacre of Var Darhul, as some would come to call this day.

Flaochad and Magnus lay collapsed in deathly hollow, barely a breath forcing its way from battered lungs - coughing and sputtering vile darkness no more - as if every trace of Void-taint had been siphoned from their bodies and consumed by the daemon influence of that blasted ephemeral death-sphere. Of the Voidwalker there could be found no slightest trace, but the black scorch marks of the incredible heat and force generated from its sundering. The bodies of those infected among the Var Dahrulian guard lay rotting, as if countless days and festering maggot-cycles had passed in the timespan of that caecophonic battle of Gods, the conjoined and corrupted spirits of Arraro and Veseryan given host to an ancient terror the very fabric of Man's design has known to fear. And what of Arraro? His corpse was nowhere to be found! Had he somehow risen and crawled away during the unbelievable nightmare those gathered had survived? Or was his body consumed by the beast who rose in his wake, feeding from the blood of his slaughter, and our slaughter - from the taint of Tymetrian influence and all the rage and fear so many had known that day?

The Dominate would never know what truly befell Arraro and Var Darhul that terrible night, whence stars did fail to shine as if divine light sputtered mercilessly in the wake of such transcendental outpouring of evil putrefact. His body would never again be seen by mortal eyes, perhaps the eternal plaything of some daemon sadist in the realms beyond thought and matter, but to any who asked - it was burned to ash, as the Legio Furvus and the Dominate forces did bring its nightmarish Atlantean vistas come crashing aground.

Conduct & Design Discussion / Mass-Recall of Assigned Troops
« on: November 13, 2015, 12:58:56 PM »
For the love of all that's right in the world, please improve the troop recall system.

I think I've clicked a good 600 checkboxes today trying to recall my troops on various characters. My damn wrists hurt.

After issuing your orders, 30 of your soldiers return (they have been assigned to group c). 98 soldiers decided not to come back.

So I was thinking...

Don't you hate it when your new, promising character - the one you poured your heart into making a heartfelt name and accompanying backstory for - is born with not one, but TWO useless RP traits? No offense but I don't need any more fantastic fucking dancers, thank you very much. As such, I propose a series of potential modifications to the current system.

First off, the number and breadth of traits. We can obviously continue having two traits, but why not four? In Particular, two stat-boosts, two RP. This will maximize RP capability while still fairly granting all characters the feel-good of measurable bonuses to some random activity, which so often shapes the destiny of that character - and how they are perceived and delegated duties by other players. If your traits allow you to recruit faster, I'm more likely to give you estates. If you're a skilled warrior or defender, I'm pushing for you to lead troops above all. If your trait allows you to peer further into historical journals, then I'm sorry but I'm sending you to do so - as you'll do it better than anyone else. Hell, in my perfect little videogame world we'd have two Rp traits and two stat traits, including a negative factor to make things even more dynamic. Hell, why not six friggin' traits - with two being strictly negative - one stat one RP? Naaah... That's going *way* too far, even I'll admit.

Obviously this can be taken with a grain of salt. Two stats, one RP also works. Three's the magic number, folks. Eeeverybody does two. Fuck it, why not three? Or four, of course. That would be preferable, and probably take minimal extra effort and computing, I hope and guess. I'm obviously grasping at strings here, but bear with me.

Second, I'd like to propose a series of traits. Forgive me if some of these already exist in some form, I'm going to figuratively pull these out of my metaphorical ass at the top of my head and will most likely throw in some existing ones. I'd also like to suggest some traits also contain a negative to oppose their positive bonus, and make things more interesting, though this is obviously at the admins' discretion. Also, thematic bonuses. Some special traits should give very slight bonuses to multiple skillsets, but not just give a general slight bonus to *Everything*, that way it still somewhat drives a bit of RP in the process. For example, a Carpenter may get a small bonus to producing wood-based gear like shields, a tiny bonus to spears, perhaps even to constructing watchtowers and signs. This falls into a theme, the application of the wood resource. Whereas the Engineer trait may allow you to construct all buildings slightly faster, perhaps even provide a tiny bonus to bridges, watchtowers, signs, and even roads. Again, following a certain theme that allows for a more dynamic experience and varied skillset than the current skills. If y'all like the idea I'd be happy to propose a few examples and themes. Also, if you like any of the proposed traits, I can write up more fluffy descriptions and more interesting names to give them a proper Rp feel. I haven't slept in 2 days so apologies if I'm a bit stupid. Effectively, I think more and limited traits are better than fewer, far-reaching traits. Perhaps even have a simple trait and a thematic trait, to balance things out. Otherwise the trait distribution is skewered and some characters receive vastly superior bonuses while others are effectively useless.


  • Shrewd Negotiator  - bonus to trade (lessen trade loss percentage)
  • Charming / Charismatic / Silvertongue - bonus to takeover speed / strength
  • Aggressive / Berserker - bonus to combat in large battles (since we already have a bonus in small battles trait in-game)
  • Lumberjack - bonus to wood production
  • Miner / Prospector - bonus to metal production
  • Craftsman / Crafter - bonus to goods production
  • Merchant - bonus to wealth production
  • Marksman / Sniper - bonus to ranged combat
  • Blacksmith - bonus to (metal-based?) weapon production and / or construction with metal
  • Carpenter - bonus to (wood-based) construction (and shield production?)
  • Armourer - bonus to armor production
  • Engineer - bonus to bridge / tower / sign / and/or road construction, possibly buildings
  • Botanist / Farmer / Herbalist - bonus to food production
  • Annihilator / Destroyer / Razer - bonus to building damage / destruction when looting / fighting
  • Industrious / Diligent - far smaller bonus to all resource production, or some such
  • Bountyhunter - bonus to capture in combat
  • Slayer - bonus to killing in combat (over-powered, possibly make this an extremely tiny bonus)
  • Commanding Presence - bonus to reclaiming assigned troops
Actually, is this a bug? I took some troops from an independent town to attack a guy also claiming the same town and he just reclaimed them right back from me. :| Can we just do a reclaim war back and forth until one of us finally doesn't log on in time, or there some sort of mechanic behind this?


  • Covetous / Greedy - bonus to gold looting
  • Slaver - bonus to thrall looting
  • Sprinter - faster movement speed in plains, grasslands
  • Robust / Stalwart - less likely to be wounded in combat
  • Helmsman / Navigator - faster naval movement
  • Raider / Skirmisher / Strategist - combat bonus to attacking fortifications (since we have a fortified defense bonus trait)
  • Impenetrable - bonus to blocking action
  • Quartermaster - bonus to supply (since supply apparently uses supply cost rather than physical resources, this may be possible)
  • Cartographer - bonus to "region familiarity"
Alright I have to run to the dealership to see if they've finally fixed my car, I'll add more later. Cheers :)

Conduct & Design Discussion / Dynasties
« on: November 11, 2015, 02:05:53 PM »
Judging from the many, many discussion we've had regarding our unfortunately chaotic family trees, I'm sure I'm not the only person who realized far-too-late that we can't retroactively modify our bloodlines.

If even possible, the ability to issue a one-time dynastry re-shuffle would be great. Right now I have a good 20 or so independent trunks that are actually supposed to be organized into 4-5 branches of the same common family tree. Unfortunately, this is impossible and I literally have to scroll 3-4 pages worth to the right to see my newest characters.

Please consider the possibility of allowing us a one-use dynasty modification, perhaps a month into account creation or some such, so we can fix things once we've gained, lost, killed, and had a few kids to muddle our family tree a bit. :) Thank you!

Realms Chat / Order of the Dark Star Ascendant
« on: November 09, 2015, 03:25:32 AM »
Ello folks! Gregory J. Struck, player of the Aurea, Thorbrandr, Gault(-Moore), Azharod, Blackmoore, Pestilence dynasties here.

I've finally joined the forums and hope to use the recent opening of the northwest to truly found the Black Order, among other concepts. If you have any questions regarding my Void and Order lores, please feel free to post your inquiries. :) Cheers!

Realms Chat / The Founding of The Dwarven Kingdom: Children of Armok
« on: November 09, 2015, 02:31:42 AM »
Edit: So I've scrapped my 3 kingdoms idea for now, and have focused all my efforts on the Bay12-themed Kingdom, Children of Armok. The name is designed to symbolize our origin, and will change as we grow. Armok's Chosen is a likely culprit, though its all in the air for now, and I'd like to hear what others suggest.

We've claimed the shoreline around, leading to the grassland shore directly northwest of, and the forest area east of the Broken Lake, which we've dubbed "Armok's Tear."

People are flooding in, though many have yet to meet up with Urist, First Son of Armok to swear fealty yet. A bunch of 1-rabble fealty offers are up for those who want to join our rabid brotherhood. You need not have the slightest clue about Armok of Bay12 to apply. :) We welcome all foreigners, especially foreigners, as they will be the hammer and anvil that will reforge our evolving identity.

For now, I'll be cutting off expansion south of the lake to allow for border realms, and have contacted a few Rathgardians and offered our friendship and told them we will do our best to not expand east of Kaikilar, which I will eventually rename.

For now, don't rename your estates. We'll do that once we've consolidated. Leaving the original names makes it easier to coordinate until we've gained our bearings. Urist is currently in Wanainaxa, but don't worry about that just yet. You can swear fealty later, just put (Bay12, Armok) or some other related thing in the beginning of your character description so we know you're friendly. If you bump into one of the nation's vassals, or are a vassal and find an independent, you should contact them and RP/IC offer fealty. You can swear fealty to that player if you wish to, or find someone else in the realm you feel like swearing to, and officially join the realm.

Be sure to send a friendly message to all nobles you encounter! Not only does this ensure you have communication bonds with these characters, but it'll help cement the establishment of the realm and good relations (for now?) with our neighbors. Please try to keep your estate-taking to the north, though you're free to wander around and claim land elsewhere. Just be aware that such action may result in all sorts of fun, Fun, and especially !!FUN!!, for those who know what that means.

Two of my other characters are taking land directly to the south of the lake, on the river's shoreline, where that bridge-in-progress is currently being constructed. One will be working with the Ascalonians on a satellite realm that will eventually gain independence, and the other will be joining Magvel. Lysandra Gault-Moore of the Black Order is also in the area to claim a new capitol city for the Black Order, and Pestilence of the Void is headed to the farthest west to claim some random Scrubland region as a final bastion of the Void, as we turn it into a Voidspawn-worshipping evil cult as the Void steadily dies out. This will ensure the Void RP is less annoying, makes more sense in-character, follows the rules more closely, but an actual bastion of "EEEEEVIIIIIIIIIL!" exists in stasis in the west, sort of a "Don't go there, where dark gods and spirits of the dead wander! Please don't kill Pestilence. She's literally going to take the most worthless, unwanted region I can find, and not bother anyone - unless you contact me and we make an agreement to have the Void attack your particular realm for the sake of RP and combat training for all. Think of the Void as anti-mercenaries - you don't pay us to work for you, you request us when you need an excuse to train new characters, get your troop's exp up, and get some rp going when things are stale.

I will be posting the names of all affiliated characters when I'm running at proper mental capacity. 4 days no sleep now, and I'm losing my mind. Time to vanquish insomnia once and for all, lest I too become an avatar of Tymetras. Cheers, and a good night / morning to all. :)

Conduct & Design Discussion / Influencing Settlement Takeover
« on: October 22, 2015, 01:03:18 PM »
Upon roleplaying the following, an idea dawned upon me:

"I have coerced the local tribesmen into joining me, and initiated takeover procedure in the name of Tetsuyama. With the local tribesmen at my side, it should be a simple matter of convincing the locals that my banner is better than no banner at all. Considering the fear and awe mere mortals hold in the presence of a First One, it should be an easy matter. If you are not otherwise occupied, I would appreciate your support."

Utilizing the new independent settlement mechanics, I "convinced" the local tribesmen to join my small army. While typing my roleplay, I realized something that should be possible, and makes things a little more interesting. The higher your rank, the more of a slight bonus you should gain for the purpose of speeding up / strengthening takeovers. Its common sense that a landless knight should be far less convincing than a baron, and a king or emperor's presence should be far more enticing to the local populace. Going further in depth, perhaps we could have Battlemaster-like morale, production, and other mechanics that can thus be influenced upon takeover. If such mechanics / statistics come to exist, I could imagine morale and production might increase (or reduce, if they hate you!) significantly if the King or Emperor personally backs a takeover attempt. It makes sense IC, and reflects a basic truth about mortal men - they are easily swayed by fancy titles, gilded crowns, and fancy garb - much like the foolish peasants and wayward knights of the Medieval era. A French noble marches into your city and people scoff. The French King marches in, trumpeters piping feverish and mad, grand banners with the Fleur-de-lis flowing in the wind, and folks take it far more seriously - for better or worse! Now when the Emperor of the Holy Roman Emperor rides into town... Shit gets interesting. Unless of course he's pickled in a barrel of vinegar because he forgot to remove his chainmail before going for a morning swim, but still...

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