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General Discussion / First Challenge of 2018: The World in Words
« Last post by Andrew on May 03, 2018, 11:41:09 PM »
Alright everybody, I'm here to challenge you all to use that fancy new description system we have on all those places you've only been able to describe in roleplays before this--that's right, I want you to describe those settlements!

This will be purely determined by which descriptions I like best, but I will reward 500 credits to whomever does the best "Single Estate Description", 300 credits to the runner up, and 200 credits to the third best.

I am also toying with a categories based on realm-wide consistency/cohesiveness. Consider that a hint.

This challenge will end on May 18th @ 23:59 game time.
General Discussion / Re: A Discussion On The Value Of Characters
« Last post by WVH on May 02, 2018, 01:05:44 AM »
Maybe having more achievements would help?  I wish I knew how many times Wilson had ruled a realm or held titles, how many nobles were killed by him (or his army) in battle.  All of this and more.  It is almost like a tomb stone...or a way to see the pedigree of a character by looking up her dead relatives.

Rest in Peace... Wilson Van Valen...

1-5-3 Has appeared at Stoneham.17-39-1 Died in battle. Achievements battle glory 41mortal soldiers slain 43nobles captured 9battles fought 86
General Discussion / Re: A Discussion On The Value Of Characters
« Last post by De-Legro on April 23, 2018, 01:59:21 AM »
One character per player only: Thats the way to go in my opinion. People would identify with and value their characters much more.

I would get so bored, then again I do value my characters. The last one I lost was only new but it completely destroyed a planned RP arc.
General Discussion / Re: A Discussion On The Value Of Characters
« Last post by Humbaz on April 20, 2018, 03:10:43 PM »
One character per player only: Thats the way to go in my opinion. People would identify with and value their characters much more.
Bug Reports / Re: Error The optimistic lock on an entity failed.
« Last post by De-Legro on April 12, 2018, 02:33:21 AM »
Its not a new error, it has plagued the game since it was released, just it is very sporadic.
Bug Reports / Error The optimistic lock on an entity failed
« Last post by VetalEl on April 10, 2018, 03:53:47 AM »
I wrote this message also in another topic...sory for duplication but 'cause it's a new error I put here too...
Conduct & Design Discussion / Re: M&F Changelog
« Last post by Andrew on April 09, 2018, 04:15:15 PM »
Removing old roads shouldn't be a hard add, but I'd have to look at it.

Towers and docks might be converted to full fledged places. I was toying with it at one point, certainly. Technically speaking, the game already understands that Places can have soldiers garrison them. It'll probably be a bit before I come back to places though.

That said, I have udpated the TODO post with a bunch of stuff about sieges.
Conduct & Design Discussion / Re: M&F Changelog
« Last post by Cipheron on April 08, 2018, 03:29:11 PM »
If there are going to be "places" could you also include improved means of managing existing structures? e.g. removing unwanted roads and features would be a nice thing to have if the role of places external to the cities is going to be increased.

Also, i'd suggest that the updates should be generalized, e.g. towers and docks should become garrisonable / buildable locations that can have troops stationed there.
Announcements / M&F 1.1 Update
« Last post by Andrew on April 08, 2018, 07:47:42 AM »
So, after realizing that trying to do a big massive update was a bad idea, I stripped out all the unfinished bits, finished all the easily finishable bits, and packaged it all up for release.

Might & Fealty is now on version, which includes a number of new features for realms, characters, settlements, and more:
  • Characters
    --Characters are no longer restricted to heterosexual relationships. This is a setting that must be enabled, in the characters setting menu though, as this game is loosely based off medieval society.
    --Validation of character suicide form is now performed server side as well as client side. -- Finishing one of Tom's TODOs.
    --Character suicide screen now lets you edit the death message, and redirects you to view the character page of the fallen upon submit. -- Finishing one of Tom's TODOs.
    --It is now possible to retire a character. In other words, you can remove them from play without killing them.
    --Retired characters get to have a retirement background field, explaining why they retired or what they're doing in their retirement.
    --It is also possible to un-retire characters, bringing them back into regular play, after a bit.
    --Prisoners now properly and fully affect travel speeds. They also slow down travel overall, as transporting prisoners is not routine travel.
    --Account character list now sorts unplaced characters first and retired characters just before the dead characters.
  • Conversations
    --Realm conversations will now identify themselves as a realm conversation when read.
    --Character & message summary unread conversation listing will now identify which realm a conversation is part of, if any.
  • Description Manager (Back-end Service)
    --Added the Description Manager for tracking historical descriptions, linking them to who made them, when, and for what thing.
    --So simple and useful, I convinced the BM'ers they should use it too.
  • Realms
    --Realms can now designate a capital.
    --Realm Positions will now sort between active and retired on the position management page, letting you see at a glance which ones are currently in use.
    --Realms can now be abolished. If sovereign, all sub-realms/estates become independent. If not, all subrealms/estates move up a level.
    --Realm descriptions are now handled by the Description Manager.
    --Realms can now be abolished. Handle with care.
  • Settlements
    --New buildings: Apothecary, Arena, Dockyard, Moats, Guild District, Guild Square, Quarry, Race Track, Royal Seat, Warehouse, Regional Seat, Local Seat, Imperial Seat.
    --New permissions: "Create Place Inside" and "Create Place Outside"
    --Settlements now display their realm when select on the map, and their top-level realm if that is different.
    --The game will now inform you of existing militia and recruits when trying to train more.
    --Settlements now have user-editable descriptions, handled by the Description Manager.
  • User Experience
    --New players are no longer able to place new characters directly on the map. Knight offers are now more important.
    --Invalid credentials on login attempt will no longer dump database info.
    --(Shorter) Announcements will now display on login page/box.
If you find any bugs, please let us know!
General Discussion / Re: A Discussion On The Value Of Characters
« Last post by silvershot on April 06, 2018, 03:16:34 PM »
I am concerned that an inability to escape would simply give more power to the players who do not care about the stories of the world that other players have created. When your characters means nothing, and their character(s) means a lot... Only one person really has anything to lose.

It may be better to revisit how one should be able to escape; what risks might be involved. Additionally, killing yourself why captured might eventually be a viable option, but it's unlikely if it's a character you care about (unless it fits within their personality assuming you role play).

If you cannot escape, and you cannot under any circumstances kill your character while they are captured, then I find it highly likely that someone will just hold prisoners, blocking that character slot from being used, and then just simply execute them after getting what they want afterwards.

Perhaps the latter point makes sense under some circumstances in story, but there's definitely room for power-gamey abuse.

To put it in a more succinct manner... A meaningful character captured by a meaningless (e.g. drone or what have you) character will just be killed or be held (until likely killed) by a player who does not care about creating a story nor the IC consequences of their actions. Basically, if you don't play the game to develop stories, then everyone else's stories are probably irrelevant and IC feelings about you and your characters will basically never matter to them.
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