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Bug Reports / Error The optimistic lock on an entity failed.
« on: August 06, 2017, 05:44:27 PM »
I tried to start a new conversation, brief description, brief contacts, sent to 2 people. I got this error message.

Error The optimistic lock on an entity failed.

Conduct & Design Discussion / Error: Breaking Oath Event
« on: June 15, 2017, 12:46:40 AM »
On the character history, if someone breaks an oath to someone else to join another character, the text which says"(character 1) has visited you and sworn an oath of fealty, breaking his old oath to (character 2) and becoming your vassal." is not correctly set up for genders, and will say "breaking his old oath" regardless of whether they are male or female.

Conduct & Design Discussion / Javelins
« on: June 10, 2017, 12:47:55 PM »
Javelins are broken and stupidly OP, this is a well known fact. So, here's a discussion thread for how to fix them and make them work properly.

The obvious move is to make them unusable with bows. If you've seen the numbers, it's completely ridiculous. If this can be fixed, that'd be a damned good start.

Right now, javelins are a 1-shot cannon which if used in any force will add an enormous amount of power to it at the cost of being a single use item which is resupplied at a blacksmith, making it an absurdly powerful weapon which requires a lot of micro to resupply. My thoughts are quite simply that in M&F people can often prepare for years for conflict. If people knew how stupidly strong javelins were, I'm sure that a lot more people would use them. If this happens, we'll end up with a warfare cliff. One half of players (more experienced ones, most likely) use javelins and can resupply them to varying degrees of effectiveness, the other half don't. If they meet in battle, the side with javs will, in proportion, annihilate the enemy. Warfare is already a bit daunting, but this would make even smaller scale fights really unrewarding for players. Imagine 2 armies meet in the field, fighting over a village. One knows, one doesn't, the latter gets spanked by his neighbour. I always refer to M&F's battle system as a battle resolver, as it gives a fair outcome if you consider both armies that reached the battle in isolation. This single switch of say, a shield to a javelin, can massively change the outcome of a battle.

What could be done instead, is make javelins into a cheaper skirmishing weapon. Whatever is done, I think that its role should shift from a superweapon to a ranged option in the third slot. I can think of a lot of examples where this would work effectively and remain a viable option whilst losing a lot of its incredible power. I'd also be in favour of changing javelins from a break on use item to an item with simply a much higher break rate. People might need to bring spare javelins, but it'd remove a lot of the jav vs no jav effectiveness swing.

Whatever we do, I think that the problem needs to be addressed within the game's existing code. In the future there are plans to change the combat system, but I think that changes to them in the current system would be very useful. I have some ideas of my own, but some others also had some ideas which were likely more complex, so I'll hold back for now.

After a recent encounter one of my distant characters, this bug became apparent.

If a prisoner kills themselves manually, they are still marked as a prisoner, and can be executed and handled as such.

It reminded me of this bug, so upon request I've posted this report on the forums for the record.

A good example would be [size=78%][/size] Who is, as you can see, dead yet still imprisoned.

General Discussion / Goldens' Character Cards
« on: May 13, 2017, 05:33:22 PM »
After speaking with Goldens for a bit, he told me that he was working on a project a while back and used some characters from M&F as inspiration. As he's no longer working on his project, he uploaded a set of character cards that he made to the M&F Community Discord. They only cover a few characters from a few realms, but they're just a bit of fun. Anyway, I'm allowed to upload these to the forums, so I will do so. Enjoy!

Alright, prepare yourselves for the long haul.

So, as an introduction. I joined M&F about a year ago. I was on holiday in Menorca, and this game was pitched to me at nighttime on my laptop, and I had a while to consider whether I'd be willing to delve into the "Browser Games" side of the internet whilst I was out doing holiday things. Roran, as a friend of ours was returning to the game and wanted some people to come and join him. Anden/Ankhtify/The Vintroth/whatever you may/may not know him as started a couple of weeks before me and was bored shitless. He thankfully stuck around, and I joined amidst a small swarm of people we knew. We had a bit of fun, Magvel had just killed itself and we approached the region with some conservative orders and a couple of hundred men between the few of us. Even though the remaining players were pulling out of the region, they had retained all of the fortresses, and there were several large parties with vast numbers of troops moving about the region. We approached things very carefully, with my and Anden's characters becoming the most prominent amongst the group, and being unofficially in charge. Albeit, we could have charged in like lunatics and still had the desired outcome, but the process of being careful, well organised, having to negotiate between players and sending reports back to our liege was a good one, and in hindsight the steps we took would have been impactful had the locals planned on staying.

After the campaign, we did a land reform. There were conflicts between liege loyalty, various small IC friendships, our identity as a group and no-one technically being in charge, external elements and self interest. It took loads of talking and negotiating to get to a "good" deal for land in the future, and it involved a lot of interaction. It was a platform; lines formed within the community, and it was a shining example of how M&F can work. There were interesting things, for example there was a pretty Magvellian lady who had the support of much of the County, and had managed to get quite a good deal out of the Prince. My character was the only one to stand up to her, despite being the one neighbouring her. He made an enemy by challenging her hegemony, but it was worth it because it set a precedent for things to come. Despite the situation being conducive to a cult or purely team based mentality, the nature of M&F made it so that making an enemy of the lady that everyone likes was, in hindsight a really good move (if unpopular at the time). I'd explain more, but this is an introduction, not a thread about the story of Wakesworth.

Things happened after that of course, many of which weren't nice. However, I feel that we had a pretty damned good start to M&F. Sure, in the end too many players were invited, causing some overcrowding, the neglect of some players, the introduction of some unsuitable players and it all in the end meant that only 2 of us play regularly, and a couple more have stuck around with us but won't RP. I reckon that some of the good RPers that were brought in and given a poor example could/would have stayed if introduced under the right circumstances and possibly with a more advanced version of M&F.

The way I see it, M&F outshines all other games of its type at its core. If you could pump an infinite number of man hours into every game, M&F would be the best.

Of course, this premise falls flat on its face at the first hurdle. How many players get the experience we had? So those among them who are suitable see what can happen, and are willing to invest their time and often their money into something where, quite simply, they can get a better service elsewhere. There's been a lot of criticism and mud-slinging at Tom, and whilst it is true that if he didn't have a job and could have committed 100% to M&F, he might have been able to work on the game non-stop for years and ride the impetus of the game into something visibly great, that didn't happen, and was probably never going to happen. That point is moot. What we have now is, accounting for the cyclical nature of things a more or less stagnant playerbase numerically. In my mind, this is both shocking and amazing. The fact that M&F in its current state isn't dead is frankly remarkable.

Everything about M&F right now is a superb platform. Unless nothing happens for aeons longer, the game won't decline any further. Andrew and De-Legro have been consuming their free time working through prospective updates and the hopes for an eventual (possibly in the near future, circumstances permitting) server change.

The things that people fail to consider when theyíre making their suggestions on the forums are that A: Youíre not the one that actually has to make the updates. B: That making suggestions about the wrong things at the wrong time isnít helpful, and will be added to the pile of dusty old ideas buried under thousands of other forum posts. And C: How players viewing the game perceive updates. Weíre all aware that M&F operates through critical mass; the more players there are, the more likely you can get enough people in one spot to make things happen. A lot is still going on in the M&F world, but itís rarely ever a matter of going down the road for 2 settlements and talking to your neighbour. More is more, and activity breeds activity. If M&F can get more players under it, itíll make it more enjoyable for players and hence more will come.

Breaking it down slightly, I see a few categories. Convenience stuff, that being stuff comparable to Cipheronís troop script, the server move which will end the input variables limit, and other minor things that make M&F less of a pain to play. The next is in-depth ground work, which is the prerogative of Andrew and De-Legro, that sort of stuff involves large investments of time for something that is more of a platform for future updates than anything else. The next, is features and fluff. M&F fails to compete with other games, because thereís not much to do for early players. Aside from the concept, very little is enticing. If they spawn a character, their liege might be in a different timezone to them, and just went to work. Theyíll wait for hours with no response, go to bed and get up the next day to find that finally after almost an entire day of waiting, they received a message. There is very little to do if the people around you arenít immediately available, and itís really damaging.

The question really is what do prospective players actually want? M&F is mostly zero-sum, and I wouldnít want to impede that for the sake of appeasing the naÔve, but I donít think it would take that much to fluff things up a bit so that people can see past the boring, seemingly barebones start and have an atmosphere where they can have enough good experiences to tolerate the game being something where you canít click more frequently to get benefits.
ďOh, we could do thisĒ isnít what is needed. A fair few things have been outlined where in the future, a new system would work really well in M&F. Resources arenít infinite, and I think itís better if we properly discuss the ideas with the most potential. If peopleís ears started pricking up when they heard of the server move, a couple of well-placed updates would do a world of good.

Conduct & Design Discussion / Exploit: Thralls During a Siege
« on: April 18, 2017, 07:01:28 PM »
Standard stuff, we've managed to cut off a lot of the food being supplied to Valeria and have been besieging it for some time now with a lot of our troops. It's suffering from severe starvation, and the food being supplied there is nowhere near enough to feed both the besiegers and the besieged, the food stocks have run out and the city is close to breaking.

There's a catch, however. Someone, who is obviously really clever had the amazing idea to start shipping thralls into the settlement, rather than food. Instead of the settlement breaking down and collapsing under the enormous supply weight, the walls remain fully intact thanks to a constant stream of thralls that we can't touch.

Not sure how this can be fixed without other updates, but it's exceptionally annoying. Supplying a besieged fortress to prolong a siege is one thing, but through M&F population mechanics it's at a minute cost to the ones sending thralls, and can presumably be used to prolong a siege indefinately.

General Discussion / Being Cancerous.
« on: March 07, 2017, 08:09:45 PM »
M&F's a quiet game, particularly now, we all get that.

*Spawns in character, takes over settlement, opens up knight offers to form a new realm*

When you're told by a character that arrives within an RL day that there's lots of opportunities, just not here, that indicates that the region will at least have some activity in the future, I honestly thought that the remaining players would think "Ok, I'll try somewhere else then". Seems not. Despite being told explicitly, some little bugger seems adamant to make their own little realm sandwiched into a corner, even though they know damn well it would never last.

Now I have to draft in lots of people to kill them, which isn't enjoyable for anyone, just a massive pain in the arse. I honestly thought we were past this point. Do people still really think that pulling stunts like that will serve any other purpose than to royally piss off the players still around that are trying to be helpful?

Bug Reports / Form Bug with large numbers of entourage
« on: February 27, 2017, 01:02:01 AM »
So, I've been handing out troops to some returning players and some of my new characters. To make things easier I thought it'd be nice if I would recruit some extra entourage in advance of their arrival, so that they will have fully stocked camp followers as soon as they walk through the door.

As a result, I ended up with 120 entourage on my character. When they arrived, I tried to hand off some of my entourage and every time was met with the error saying that there are too many input variables (like when you try to give orders to too many men). I've tried it with multiple combinations, and all entourage types even when selected individually caused the same issue.

I can only assume that when the form is sent to the server, it sends the info on every member of the entourage and not just the ones that are receiving orders.

Bug Reports / Entourage Recruitment Text
« on: February 26, 2017, 03:50:31 PM »
Whilst being a bit lazy, I tried to recruit too many members to my character's entourage at once.

Rather than quoting the number, it simply said %max%. Not sure whether this normally works or not, but I'll try over-recruiting on some other characters to see if it can be reproduced.

Bug Reports / Armoured Archers
« on: February 21, 2017, 02:34:57 PM »
Armoured Archers don't have a plural. With 1, you have 1 Armoured Archer, and with many it still says (Number) Armoured Archer.

May aswell stick it in the list of things for archiving.

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