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Rage Zone / Re: The Kingdom of Ascalon
« on: November 28, 2018, 06:33:09 PM »
Since I've been banned from discord for some time now, I'd just like to let everyone know that this game is dying and soon we'll be gone. Don't worry. The shittiness of this game and its community is catching up to it, and so is its lack of moderation or direction. Hawks'll get everyone else to quit too sooner or later. I'm interested in the seeing the wargame between Hawks after we all quit. So have fun I guess. You won't have to deal with the piece of shit Ascalon people anymore. Wargame to your heart's content.

Stories to tell / Argylle One-Eye
« on: October 25, 2017, 01:34:01 AM »
Chains shook and men screamed, the maelstrom of battle was almost a formality at this point. Halfhaven banners flapped proudly amongst the ranks. Ascalonian light cavalry had harried the brigands from Ryegard to Nadeston which had worked perfectly in Lord Halfhaven's favor.

The House held a war council the previous night to clarify the order of battle. Knights and scribes surrounded the war table where Lord Halfhaven had already visualized the military situation. He looked to his sons, first calling his youngest son Ancel forward. He had recently been made Lord of his father's northern estates, Nadeston particularly. "Ride hard for Rindletown and raise the levy there. Move west here and then head north there to cut off this 'Argylle's' avenue of retreat." Feanor pulled Ancel to him softly, "This is a chance to prove yourself Ancel. Do not fail our House again. You should take a journeyman of the hunter's guild with you so your company doesn't get lost." The young man nodded, red of hair and dressed in a tarnished suit of Wakesworth plate, and bid his father farewell without joy or grace. He knew the men of Rindletown and knew they were men of the fyrd, equipped with their work clothing, spears, and not much else. It wasn't like he hadn't been expecting such treatment since the return of their "beloved" Dorian. Ancel caught eyes with Dorian before his departure with a look of envy concealed only by the warmth of kinship. His steps echoed fiercely as he left the keep, hand on his broadsword and followed by his retainers.

"Dorian come here!" The Lord and his son were almost twins, now both past their youthful days. Dorian stood nearly the same height as his father, with long braided black hair covering his armored shoulders. Feanor wore proudly the indicative fur cloak of Northmen Lords which was set against his silvery black hair. The two embraced with smiles and exchanged familial chatter making for a much lighter scene. "You'll be entrusted with some three hundred gold to recruit some sellword company to our ranks. The Band of the Swan should be arriving within the day. Seek them out." Going over the organization of the battle he spoke, "I shall lead the center, some two hundred spears and axemen. Dorian you shall lead the right with your sellswords. Ancel should take the enemy unaware from the rear."

Shattered shields and at least fifty dead and dying men were scattered about the grassy melee. Lord Feanor had withstood the brunt of the starving brigand's assault taking substantial losses while Dorian's men made headway chewing through the enemy's left flank. The battle had lasted for some three hours with no sign of Ancel's force. Halfhaven banners stood as strong as the men carrying them however and kept the troops in good morale. At the penultimate moment of the battle the bandit leader, a towering Northman by the name of Argylle broke through a section of the Halfhaven shieldwall with his bodyguards. A chaotic fracas ensued with Argylle cleaving a bloody path through atleast a dozen Halfhaven soldiers. He killed men with a single blow of his battleaxe, lifting full grown men off of their feet. After receiving a message of his men's plight, Lord Halfhaven rode hard for that part of the line. Dismounted and with his visor lowered, the Lord of Starfall engaged the Bandit known as Argylle with cold steel. Men around them ceased fighting for a moment as they watched the 6'9 giant battle the Lord of Starfall, encased in a suit of light blue plate with a fluttering blue cloak emblazoned with the sigil of his House. Battleaxe was parried by longsword again and again, leaving white chips in the blade. The clamor of steel gives a man a rush unlike any other and this was no exception.

The duel seemed to have lasted almost thirty minutes when the unfurled banners of Ancel Halfhaven arrived at the rear of the bandit host and within minutes had begun to scatter what remained of the outlaws. As for Argylle, he continued fighting as his men fled all around him. Only his bodyguards continued to fight to the death, two of them single handedly slain by Dorian Halfhaven. Only after a swift riposte from Lord Halfhaven exploiting a wide sweep sliced his left eye open did he surrender, and all his men were either dead, captured, or routed. The giant was bound in chains and made ready for the slow march back to Starfall.

This is the story of how Argylle One-Eye became sworn to House Halfhaven.

Rage Zone / Joining battles at 99% especially siege ones.
« on: May 28, 2017, 05:05:56 PM »
Literally was about to win a siege when 600+ men join in at the last second to win the day. Im fine with them winning but the fact that literally no damage is done to the enemy at all and then they can somehow force there way through the siege lines and get the benefits of stone defenses is enraging. It was literally at 99% but they can still save the day. Thats just not right it seems to me, it doesnt make sense.

I mean you can just keep joining the "battle" which apparently only happens in the last .5% of the battle to keep extending the time to keep joining it with more characters and getting more and more men to get stone defenses its pretty ridiculous. I understand why the battles dont happen until the end in theory but you have to admit its still unrealistic. "Maneuvering" isnt 99.5% of a battle, casualties will start from the scouting phase. Being untouched the whole battle when you are outnumbered by a lot and then being able to enter that same town that is being attacked and use its defenses with other troops that werent present at the beginning just sucks honestly.

Just for reference. We attacked with more or less 500 men against about 120 and this was for 99% of the battle. Now that 600+ men have joined they have 400 archers and 120 heavy infantry compared to the 20 and 5 that were present before. And the battle is now at 96%. So more men will be joining. And they will not take any casualties at all.

Realms Chat / Major Cultures of the Game
« on: May 25, 2017, 10:27:46 AM »
I was just thinking about making another character and started going through the cultures of the game in my mind. The amount that have been created by the players is enormous and I believe that was one of the objectives of Tom's game. Anyhow a few I can think of off the top of my head are:








-I don't know much of the Imperium even having served in it briefly so Imperial(?)

-Asrian (Extinct :D )

-Men of the Fading Isles (?) Perhaps it breaks into Mercian, Iungard etc.


-Many more...

I just found it interesting and sought to share. When I think of Magvel I think of fat Lords sitting in beautiful coastal villas gorging themselves of grapes and dark wines.

Stories to tell / An Ashamed Imperator
« on: May 12, 2017, 12:13:44 AM »
He awoke on the shore of Laelia in Suaralis surrounded by no one he recognized, no one at all. His armor, once shining in its prestige and vanity was now rusted by the seasalt breeze. His once purple, imperial cape now long singed a sleezy brown by the musted sands.

"How long have I been gone?" Decius buried his face in his hands. Checking his stones he realized even those were now long forgotten, with no connection to former friends and colleagues. A cold shame engulfed his body as he stared across the ocean to the Isles he had dedicated himself to. Of promises broken and dreams that would never be fulfilled. Tears broke upon his cheeks as the waves broke upon the rocks. A pitiful scene for a First One.

Decius picked himself up and made his way to Laelia in his "Imperatorial regalia" to find supplies to journey east. In town he acquired a horse and a suit of the finest plate mail left over from the occupation he had lead not so long ago. The ironic fact that the gold in his coin purse could not rust at least gave him hope, that the Gods still smiled on him. Not least he had his old longsword repaired, still engraved with the symbol of the Imperator. Now not nearly as reminiscent of his former self, he hooded himself.

After staying in the local tavern for a few hours he overheard some hunters complaining...

"I lost all my furs from the last fortnight because of that bitch!"

"Hey you know Johanna gave good warning what would happen if you didnt pay her tax."

Decius approached the men to gain information of this so called Johanna and her brigand activity. And so it was that Decius went from a former Imperator to an adventurer and hedge knight, and became set for a course even he could not have imagined.

Stories to tell / A Matter of Fealty
« on: August 01, 2016, 09:00:37 PM »
I thought I would share as this section of the forum seems to have been neglected. This conversation was between Feanor Halfhaven and Lena af Kennercrach.

Lena arrived to see Havengate in the distance. She stopped to watch it for a moment before starting forward once again, to meet with her new Lord.

She had sent a herald ahead to announce her arrival, so the gates could be opened and any other preparations dealt with in a timely fashion.

A messenger arrives with a missive reading:
Greeting Lady Kennercrach,
I've looked forward to your arrival. I'm assuming Sir Alberich was polite enough with you? In any case I shall send word to the guards to allow your entry. We can discuss the terms of your fealty in short order. Welcome to Havengate my Lady.
Count Feanor Halfhaven of Havengate

Conduct & Design Discussion / Abdondoning Buildings
« on: June 27, 2016, 06:10:52 PM »
Can you abandon obsolete buildings that you don't care about, for example the tailor.

Realms Chat / Idraei
« on: June 22, 2016, 09:26:44 PM »
So I'm the King of Idraei now, not really sure if Ceres is gonna come back or not. If anyone wants to join up theres plenty of vacancy, and I'm trying to get a good feudal political roleplay feel going on so if thats for you then come on by. :D

A new player made a guy in Ascalon and a guy in Rathgar and is proceeding to use both of them to harass my lands constantly, this kind of shit is annoying as hell. He doesn't respond to messages, and won't die. I'm sure if he does he'll just make more as he did when I killed the first guy.

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