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Conduct & Design Discussion / Slumbering by not playing characters.
« on: November 11, 2016, 10:42:29 AM »
Currently your Character slumbers when you don't play them, So you may have characters that are slumbered and may have ones that are active and not slumbered, it is somehow annoying, people may have chars that they don't use frequently, or just wait for some event to happen then play their characters.

I suggest changing it from character based Slumber to Account Based Slumber and making it by not logging in, so if you don't log into your account for a while all of your chars get slumbered.

Conduct & Design Discussion / Bandits Isle
« on: October 26, 2016, 12:36:16 PM »

Bandits Isle is a separate inaccessible Island from the mainland of Game that only Bandits (Or characters like Bandits) are present in it, The Island's purpose is to give players a more fast paced and more battle oriented version of Might and Fealty something like a Minigame, There are no settlements (Not Normal Ones) in this Isle, there are just Inns (Or Hideouts) where the Bandit can spend his Gold to hire more soldiers (The Mercenary System) and to get the Gold he needs to do Questing, Dungeon Crawling, Bounty (Killing other Bandits).

So Basically it's Questing (To get Gold), Hiring Soldiers from Inns (Mercenaries) and Fighting other bandits, but more things can be added later in Game like concepts that are currently being discussed in forum, Forts, Seats of Power, Occupation Temporary Camps, Some sort of Nomad Realm that Bandits can gather to form and elect a Bandit King, Entourage of Thralls (Because Nomads and Bandits don't have settlements so they can take their population or slaves everywhere with them, something like a Entourage)  and ... so it can act as a Test Server for New Features too.

But for now, I tried to keep the concept as simple as possible, and use already in-game mechanics that are currently not much useful like Bandits and Quests, So what are your thoughts and Suggestions?

General Discussion / The Guild
« on: November 30, 2015, 02:08:49 PM »
The Guild is where you can hire people to do nearly anything for you, Maybe you are looking for someone to scout and find out a settlement's Garrison or Maybe Looking for someone who should just deliver a message for you, or you have other works that need to get completed, then contact the Guild and Sign Contract with them, If Guild has the right person for your Job then they directly give it to him, if not, they offer your contract on the Board and Anyone can pick it of course you can request for your Indenfity to be Hidden, The Guild does that for you.
Most usual Services of the Guild are Messengers, Mercenary Commanders and small jobs like Scouting or etc, Messengers as come from its name deliver Messages for you nearly to anyone in anywhere as long as their location is known or they have a Realm, Mercenary Commanders Lead your Armies into the Battle or do raiding for you, you can assign soldiers to them or have them hire Mercenaries present in your Estate, their Service is very Expensive.
Leaders of The Guild are Called GuildMasters, They appear in the court of Sovereign Realms and Offer their service there, Every Sovereign Realm can only have one GuildMaster Unless The Guild do otherwise, GuildMaster of each Realm act indepently, they of course are in Contact with Each Other to Exchange Contracts, We Encourage all of the Sovereign Realms to take a GuildMaster into their Service, The Least Thing they provide is Free Messaging, So if you want to contact a Ruler or Realm they can do it for you for free, even if target Ruler doesn't belong to any Realm as long as they have a Estate or their Location is Known you can contact them.
The GuildMasters swear fealty to the realm that they join and their position and where they reside is usually defined in the Realm Page of the Realm they join.
If your Realm doesn't have a GuildMaster go to the nearest realm to you that have one, they are usually in the capital or in the court of the Ruler of the realm, their whereabouts is usually defined in the Realm Page, also you can ask locals to contact the GuildMaster for you.
To Request a GuildMaster for your Realm you should contact one of other realms GuildMaster and Request one from them.
What the Guild takes as Payment entirely depends on the person, but it's usually Gold or Men.
The Guild is Neutral in Realm conflicts and Everyone can hire the Services as they are hiring the person, not the Entire Guild but the person who accepted the contract is obligated to do the job regardless of their side.

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