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Helpline / Travel speed
« on: May 16, 2017, 08:52:43 PM »
How is it possible that a noble with 94 soldiers and 11 entourage outpaces a noble with 33 sodliers and 30 entourage (scouts) when they're both using the same level of road?

Stories to tell / Feast in Calmarnock
« on: May 15, 2017, 10:32:08 PM »
This feast happened some time ago and it makes for a fine read. Just wanted to store it somewhere.

by Ailwin Banneth on 13-13-2 (March 19, 2017 11:10)

The sun broke out above the bell towers of Calmarnock as the touches of morning dew slowly started to disappear from the lush grass that surrounded the town. The beginning of spring came very fast this year, whch was a surprise, for the vicious winds of the mountain tops northeast of the town suddenly stopped howling and blowing, giving the opportunity for the nature to once again rejuvenate itself in the never ending circle of life and death. It was as if this small corner of the world was touched by Gods grace this year, offering its denizens mild weather and bountiful harvests.
It was a region located on the outskirts of the Forest of Shadows, where once the great Tarquinian dynasty ruled, and on the good, south side of Snowbourne. The economy was driven by agriculture and animal husbandry as well as the myriad of tributes coming from the surrounding burgs, villages and towns. The many open spaces, now bathed in sunny rays coming from above the mountain tops, were shinning like the fields of gold where the finest destriers, chargers, palfries and shire horses were bred.
The town itself stood like a massive construction of stone amongst the fairy-like landscape of the shire. Its tall stone walls were a testimony of progress and growth of the town and threatened the passengers that these walls could weather the longest of sieges. Upon the towers, where long and narrow dark green banners were freely falling down towards the ground, one could see a host of longbowmen overlooking the area. Their massive bows were difficult and heavy to wield, yet their range and accuracy was unquestionable. The walls were completely surrounded by a deep and muddy moat which enhanced the defenses of the town. Heavy, reinforced gates were the only entrance inside and at this time of the day they were open. A small number of guards controlled those that were getting in; these were predominantly farmers bring their wagons to the fair and merchants trying to seel the wares from their caravans. Inside, the town was bustling with life and commotion. As a political and economic center of the region Calmarnock attracted a great number of nobles and commoners alike. On a day like this when a grand feast was being held their numbers have a least doubled.
As you were passing through the streets you noticed that the common folk was quickly making space for you and your retainers. A noble was easy to spot in this place, especially the one that was summoned for the feast of the Duke. Arriving closer to the Duke's stone castle you could now see more guards and fewer common folk running around doing their daily business. Copper-green flags decorated the castle and a large banner of a sable unicorn on white background was sprung above the castle gates. This was the place where the Lords of House Banneth reigned from, and a home to the first Duke of Dweinnor. A polite and well versed castellan invited you inside and lead you into the spacious oval hall which was made entirely out of stone. The banner of each of the serving House of Dweinnor was displayed on the walls and in the middle of the room a massive round table was constructed. Duke Ailwin waited there for his guests to arrive and announce themselves, the members of his House sitting around him. As the first attenders arrived Ailwin stood up and said: „Welcome, dear guests, to Calmarnock. Allow me to present to you my household. My brother Karron, Count of Monmouthshire, my son Llewelyn, Lord High Constable of Dweinnor and my other son Blythe, the Champion of Dweinnor. We have gathered here to feast and celebrate a great many of things. The creation of the Duchy of Dweinnor, the formation of its Counties and Baronies and the bonding and fostering of good relations of Dweinnor with other Duchies of Eldamar and our neighbors from Emperor's Largess. This round table where we shall sit symbolizes equality and friendship. Food, wine and dance await us this night.“ As Ailwin clapped, a group of troubadours gently started to fiddle with their instruments, forming a very pleasing background music.

by Karron Banneth on 13-13-3 (March 19, 2017 13:20)

Karron was calmly waiting for his brother to finish up the introduction speech. He was most interested in drinking and dancing later on, however, protocols were meant to be followed. He was watching Ailwin from the side and saw his white-grey hair and the wrinkled and aged skin on his hands. "How he aged..." he thought to himself. "The burdens of our forebears are difficult ones to undertake", he murmured to his beard.
Of the two Karron was the older one, yet one blessed with beauty and vigor. His ginger, frizzy hair was neatly coiffured and revealed a strong, lively face and heavy brown eyes which were beautifully complimented by a lush beard. Karron was always a handsome man, envied at Court for his beauty and envied in combat for his skills. It was as if the Goddess of Youth had a special place in her heart for him.
Noticing that his Barons arrived, Karron bowed and introduced them: "My Lord Ailwin, I am humbled to announce the arrival of my Barons. Lord Robert of Thornwick and Lord Hampul of Wintervale. They are both newly appointed, yet their services have been proven and their titles earned. Baron Thornwick guards the western border of Monmouthshire, whilst Baron Wintervale defends the eastern shores and the river Panema we're blessed to have settled upon. Monmouthshire's finest are here today."

by Robert Hayard on 13-13-4 (March 19, 2017 22:30)

"My liege..." Robert bowed in humbleness. "An honor to be here on behalf of Thornwick. May our hearts ring true together and may our swords break even the hardest of armor." The Baron of Thornwick palmed his right fist with his left hand and crossed his hands with Karron; a sign of loyalty and friendship.
Not wanting to let his tongue flap around aimlessly, Robert Hayard took a seat next to Lady Hongyang Huo. His House was once great, but has fallen to ashes. Robert's time was about to come and ruling over Thornwick was a first step to reimburse himself with power and fame. "How do you like your wine, Lady Hongyang..." He mentioned in a clumsy attempt to blend in.

by William Hastwyck on 13-13-3 (March 19, 2017 13:42)

William arrived to Calmarnock. He was never in the capital before and could not help it but to be slightly awe-struck by the grandeur of the town. The feast appeared to be well organized and the night was very promising. William was hoping to eventually find a proper bride too, and he was no stranger to the rumors that one Lady of the prominent House Steele of Steelreach was about to be groomed for marriage.
Before the herald announced his entry, William straightened himself up and prepared to enter the halls. The doors opened and the herald began. "Your Highnesses, Lord Admiral has arrived. Sir William of Kainairow, Dwyrd and Caernarfon, only known member of House Hastwyck and Captain of the Northern Fleet, is hereby presented to the Duke and his family members." William entered and couldn't help but notice that many looked at him with adoration, for he was a young man, tall and slim, very promising and ambitious. He wore a long azure cape for this ocassion and white-blue robes. On his chest was the sigil of the Hastwyck's: a crimson stallion that was a terror for all pirates that dared to enter the high waters of his admiralty.
"Hail, Lord Ailwinm and all the gathered nobles!" William exclaimed after bowing courteously. "May this feast bring us joy and merriment!"

by Hongyang Huo on 13-13-3 (March 19, 2017 15:23)

Huo Hongyang had been up late last night, endlessly fretting about the festivities that were to follow. She had lay there for hours, twiddling thumbs and biting nails until she eventually succumbed to sleep.
She was awoken by a light rapping on her door, to which she responded with a series of grunts as the foggy mist of sleep gradually lifted from her head. Her handmaiden entered, her eyebrows furrowed with worry as she announced that the feast was to start in but half an hour. Hongyang leapt to her feet, grabbed the handmaiden by the shoulders and said through gritted teeth, “Why didn’t you wake me up sooner?!”, to which the handmaiden stuttered through a meek response explaining that she was told never to disturb her Lady, unless it was an absolute emergency. Hongyang let out a low growl of frustration and began to grab some clothes from the floor…
By some miracle she arrived on time, but as she caught her reflection in a piece of silverware hanging on the wall she realised that she looked an absolute state. Running through town had left her with a layer of sweat on her forehead, which had in turn left her hair limp, and her makeup slightly smudged. Yet there was no turning back now, for she was already being escorted towards the doors of the Great Hall. As she heard the herald spewing a long list of titles to announce the coming of some noble or another she began to dread her own announcement, and how embarrassingly short it would be… and soon enough the words Lady Huo Hongyang, vassal of Ailwin Banneth rang empty around the hall, and her bedraggled self was practically pushed into the hall. She proceeded to do an awkward curtsey-bow hybrid, muttered her respects whilst hearing muffled laughter buzz around the hall.
After being shown to a seat at the far end of the table, she grabbed the nearest drink and drank the glass dry.

by Cleopatra Kommagene-Geddy on 13-13-3 (March 19, 2017 15:24)

The Queen arrived at Calmarnock in her beautiful, long, white carriage that is pulled by eight stallions. She is accompanied by her 40 people entourage as well has her 40 soldier security detail. As she rode through the garden gates, the peasant people, whom she consider "regular people," stopped what they were doing and stared at the carriage as it passed them. Not many people get to see royalty every day, certainly not the regulars.
Queen Elizabeth was taken back as she seen how beautiful the city looked. It was as if she was in the capital of Eldamar, except smaller. The fields, the mountains, the plains, they were all so beautiful. No doubt she was planning to take the land for herself, but she would never disrespect the wonderful Duke Ailwin, whom this feast was about.
With the feast, moments away from beginning, she took a detour to finish scouting the city. Never before has this been done, not even when she was in Arescod 8 years ago. The buildings were her favorite part for she had a weakness for such fine architect.
As she arrived at the palace, her arrival was known by the trumpet men who played her arrival "theme song." All the regular people stood and bowed as she exited her carriage and walked into the castle. She was a sight to see. She wore a dress as long as the steps were. It was golden with cut-edge designs that would figuratively cut you if you look at it. Her cape, marron colored, followed her as she walked into the dining hall with at least 10 personnel on each side from her security detail. As a sign of respect, all the guest stood and gave the Queen a bow as she took a seat. Her security detail stood outside, except for two who stood behind her chair5 feet away.
She turned to Duke Ailwin and said, "What a beautiful town my lord. You have been doing fabulous work and I applaud you for turning such an ugly town into something beautiful. I have never in my life seen a city in this Kingdom look as good as mine." Everyone laughed "Anyways, thank you for inviting me to such a lovely feast. I bet your food taste better than your buildings look." Laughs again

by Cleopatra Kommagene-Geddy on 13-13-3 (March 19, 2017 15:24)
(OOC: That was supposed to be said by Elizabeth, not Cleopatra. Totally forgot to change.)

by Blythe Banneth on 13-13-3 (March 19, 2017 17:17)

Blythe was nervously looking around the room, often caressing his clumsy hair in a sign of boredom and anxiety. Not being particularly used to all these fancy protocols and noblesse oblige, he couldn't wait for the wine to start flowing and maidens rushing out. He was a warrior first and foremost after all, fighting almost a hundred battles and living to tell about it.
Hearing the commotion arising from outside the stone halls Blythe spoke in a low voice to Ailwin, Karron and Llewelyn. "Looks like someone important is coming. I bet it is the Dowager Queen. I guess Her Royal Pain is blowing smoke as usual." At this point the trumpets sounded off and the herald announced the arrival of the Queen of Eldamar. "Aye, I am right..." Blythe received a stern look from his father, while his brother and uncle burst into a heavy laughter.
"Do you know, my dear father, that her lackeys go around the Kingdom convincing the commoners that she truly is the Queen? It is what the mortals have started to call her, actually...My sources tell me that she is the one actually running the throne. I wonder what the King has to say about all of this, because...." At this point the Dowager Queen entered the room and Blythe was quickly shushed by his father.

by Ailwin Banneth on 13-13-3 (March 19, 2017 17:19)

"Welcome, Your Majesty." Ailwin slowly gestured with his open hands, with one eye looking at his knight Lady Hongyang who just took a seat. "Calmarnock and Dweinnor are honored by your graceful attendance." After everyone took a seat, Ailwin continued. "It was indeed merely a small village when I first came here. Sarwyck, they called it, and I renamed it to the ancient name where my forebears once reigned - Calmarnock. From a small village this settlement grew into a large town from where the Duchy of Dweinnor gathers its power." Ailwin took a sip of wine that a servant boy just delivered. "It was a boon for me to have ruled your city once when you were slumbering, Your Grace, for during my rule in Newscatle I have clearly found an inspiration from which to build Calmarnock up, brick by brick, stone by stone." Ailwin raised his cup. "A toast to the victory of Eldamar's Lords! May our names live forever like the stone walls of our cities!"

by Hongyang Huo on 13-13-4 (March 19, 2017 18:55)

Hongyang was uncomfortably aware of her liege’s eye upon her and internally grimaced, she had probably brought shame to him with both her unkempt appearance and anything-but-graceful entrance. She had also forgotten to reply to a letter he had sent her some while ago now, perhaps this was why he looked at her so… or perhaps it was a mixture of both… or perhaps he was simply just acknowledging her presence and his look held no significant meaning at all… but then again…
Hongyang came to from her internal monologue, and turned her head to see who it was that had sat down next to her. “The wine is actually rather splendid, thank you Sir…”, the last word drew to a silence as she realised that she didn’t have the foggiest idea what his name was., “… I am so sorry good Sir, it appears that I failed to catch your name.”

by Robert Hayard on 13-13-4 (March 19, 2017 22:30)

"Ah, apologies, m'lady. I am Robert Hayard, a Baron of Thornwick. I was under impression a Baron would be a bit more known in the Court of the Duke. But then again, I am but a newly appointed one, and you appear to be a newcomer to the realm as well. Besides the wine, how do you fancy your new home?" Robert took some grapes from the table and afterwards tasted some wine as well. He took a moment to observe Lady Hongyang and noticed the exotic facial feauters. "You clearly come from afar, m'lady. Pray tell, where do you come from?"

by Hongyang Huo on 13-13-5 (March 20, 2017 00:20)

Hongyang felt the blood rush to her cheeks and her tongue loosen as she took another sip of wine. “Baron Robert Hayard, I must apologise, as you have already observed I am rather new around these parts. Even many of the most famous of names fall deaf on my ears. I hail from lands far from here called ‘the middle kingdom’ in your language, but those lands were more a... prison than a home, so this is my home now, and it is a rather beautiful one, no?” She suddenly caught herself, realising that she had rambled on for some while, gave a genuinely warm smile and asked, “So what is your story noble Sir?”

Helpline / Slumbered Notifications
« on: March 27, 2016, 08:48:06 PM »
If I send a letter to a slumbered noble do they get the email notification if they allowed mail notifications in the first place?

Helpline / Merchants
« on: March 21, 2016, 03:25:35 PM »
While travelling with a prospector and a merchant in entourage I am able to see the exact Total Balance of resources of a settlement that is not mine. Do merchants reveal this?

Conduct & Design Discussion / Stuck at the river
« on: March 15, 2016, 08:44:00 PM »
The title says it all. If it wasn't so funny it would probably be put in the rage zone. I set the travel near the destroyed bridge but must have misclicked or something so I am directly on top it, and in the water. I can't go back. I can go forward but I don't want to cause it'd be an exploit and there are some enemy troops there that I don't want to fight on my own.

Conduct & Design Discussion / Subscribe to realm
« on: February 11, 2016, 12:26:23 PM »
There are many interesting things happening in the world of Might and Fealty but unless you have a character there you don't really know anything about it. I am wondering whether the option to subscribe to a certain realm might be considered a good idea? This way we'd be able to receive some major news from these realms like border changes, war declarations etc.

Helpline / Negative Storage
« on: February 02, 2016, 08:58:15 PM »
Got a negative food storage in settlement 3300. Is this intended?

Helpline / Battle Glory
« on: January 21, 2016, 09:23:37 AM »
I've seen this appear in the character summary. Don't remember reading about it. What is it about?

Stories to tell / Archono-Tetsuyaman War
« on: January 15, 2016, 09:35:32 PM »
The event on the beginning of the war between Archonian Dominate and Tetsuyama. Which could be called a second war, since those of Sarantine culture - which is pretty much half of the Archonian Dominate - has warred Tetsuyama in the past as well.

Brenyrion enters a balcony of the stone tower of an ancient fortress. Sharp northern wind made his golden hair flatter in the wind, wild and untamed. On the horizon he saw no army; not from the south, and not from the north. He decides to hide from this horrid weather and find shelter inside the tower. He lights a candle, sits down and starts to write.

Dear Uncle,

Many days have passed since we departed in Valereach. I have successfully lead the vanguard of Legio Maximus across the Appala Mountains and entered the domain of the Southern Shores. You were right. The capital of this province was poorly guided and lorded by some slumbering Lord, and thus a smile crossed my face when I saw the walls of Eastwood defended by only a handful of men. The charge was a success. Trivial casualties on our part, and the victorious entrance of the armies of the Vale. I have immediately ordered a takeover and the rebels are thus far controled and put to minimum. We are almost completely in control and it is only a matter of hours before I order my men to break out the banner of the Vale and the Dominate, and officially claim it for the Realm. This city is ancient and built well. Massive stone walls circle around it while a stone castle for the Lord's chambers is almost finished. With a proper garrison this city can last against any siege. The census I received counts 2.500 mortals, one fifth of that being the slaves. The productive potential is outstanding, and with proper metal shipments this city can become an important military hub.
However, my eyes are constantly set on the north. I've sent out scouting parties and found little power in these lands that could challenge our vanguard. There is a garrison of 90 in the Crossing, and another garrison of 50 in Goldilion. Still, I get a nervous feeling every time a scout reports in. I have a feeling that the valleys around me won't be so silent and dormant once the enemy arrives. Randomly, the ground starts to vibrate here. It could be an earthquake, or it could be the thundering hooves of Tetsuyaman Lords. Thus, I must ask. When will the reinforcements arrive?

Brenyrion Valgerys, Paladin of the Vale

He then summons the lendan stones and deliver the message to Lucaerion of the Vale, Centurion of Legio Maximus.

Helpline / Troops Management
« on: November 27, 2015, 10:02:34 PM »
Something's off with the army managenent. I can't sort them by type or detail nor can I order them any action at all. I just mobilized them. Was it introduced that you can't set them back as militia as soon as you mobilize the troops?

Helpline / Swearing the oath
« on: November 24, 2015, 09:30:59 PM »
I am having trouble swearing the oath to another Lord. We're both inside the settlement, the Lord is 100 yards away and my interaction is around 400 yards. Any ideas why I can't swear the oath?

Helpline / Repairing the features
« on: November 15, 2015, 07:44:59 AM »
How can I repair damaged features?

Conduct & Design Discussion / Siege Engines
« on: October 29, 2015, 09:01:25 AM »
I am really encouraged with the amount of work Tom has done in the last few weeks to improve the game. We probably don't say this too much and often just criticize and hope it will be a constructive criticism (which sometimes it probably isn't). So good work Tom! And keep it up!

Weapon rebalance is nice. It makes swords more exclusive which is logical considering their worth and in-game description. However, I am wondering whether we can expect the siege engines and other ball-wrecking thingies to be implemented in the foreseeable future? As of know, I think that many have realized how powerful fortifications are, and that an extremely well guarded settlement with serious fortifications is probably almost impossible to break, I am wondering whether it is time to bring the big guns in.

Realms Chat / Archonian Dominate
« on: October 25, 2015, 10:49:04 PM »
Despite many bumps in the road this realm has finally been founded and follows on the course it has been agreed upon. Those of us who play in the south have agreed to try and capture the essence of a PvP game like this and try to build a realm that will generate more interaction between players and make those new ones that join us stick around. The goal was to create a critical mass of players that will allow for internal struggles and politicking, united under a somewhat loose ruler and loose general goals. The best part we tried to do about it was to do it entirely IC, without letting anyone know about anything. So the things in Malham Moor happened like they happened, and we lost Arrakesh in the process. Nevertheless, it was a good trip.

Archonian Alliance now stands and the first ruler is elected to get the things going. I am excited to see how things will fare and am interested about what others think about it. So I have created this topic where you're free to share everything besides IC knowledge.

Conduct & Design Discussion / List Style
« on: October 25, 2015, 12:03:33 PM »
A minor request really, but I would like to have the List Style for actions remain toggled when I click on it, not that I have to toggle it every time I reload the page.

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