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Troops V2.0 Upkeep
« on: November 24, 2017, 06:07:19 AM »
For a long time we have needed to change how upkeep on troops work. As it stands there are only two costs, one continuous which is the supply of of food, and one periodic which is the supply of equipment. As the game stands now there is no reason to not simply recruit the best possible equipment for your troops. The periodic supply of equipment (assuming you have recruited your desired unit already) is in general small enough to be handled by the building supply. For example realms like Nril can maintain 200 HI in every settlement, despite having relatively little metal supply simply because they don't need to retrain troops that often, and they are one of the realms that has been involvtemed in more conflict that anyone else.

This system ties into the proposed recruitment system, so please read that first. Under this proposal there are four possible upkeep factors
  • Food for the troops
  • Gold for building upkeep
  • Gold for equipment upkeep and purchase
  • Gold for troop wages
Again lets examine militia first. The militia draw equipment from the settlement Armoury, which is in effect the Lords personal armoury. As such the Lord would already be bearing the cost for supplying and maintaining the armoury (under a yet to be described system). As they are only part time troops and they live in their own homes, food is also their own concern (ie draw out of the same system as general population the same as now). So the only cost on militia gold for upkeep of the Garrison building and troop wages. In general the wages should be less the for equivalently equipped professional soldiers to offset the limitations of militia.

With professional troops we have the cost of the barracks structure, cost of procuring and maintain equipment and cost for wages. Food is something I have still considering. We could have them just continue to draw from the general food production of the settlement. What I was thinking about was since the barracks have a responsibility to feed their troops possibly they could use some of their treasury/operating budget to purchase food should there be a shortage in the settlement.

In terms of calculations we have two options for equipment/wages. Charge a single fixed amount based on a full contingent of troops and stored equipment regardless of the current state. Alternatively we could calculate the cost based on current troop numbers and stored equipment. The first allows for a barracks to accumulate its own wealth, which can then be used when for example it suffers catastrophic losses and needs to purchase vast amounts of replacement equipment. It also makes it much easier to calculate the ongoing cost you need to service. The 2nd system potentially saves you gold at various times and if we have a separate system for one off payments you could still provide an injection of cash to meet specific needs.
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