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Troops V2.0 - Recruitment
« on: November 24, 2017, 05:20:02 AM »
So currently recruitment is a purposeful action, something that you need to monitor and initiate. The design purpose was to foster "activity" in terms of needing to log and and consider the situation. The reality in my opinion is that we see characters that exist for no other purpose then to manage recruitment, traveling from settlement to settlement, or perhaps being assigned to a single settlement to manage. Thus the system favors the active and those that subscribe so as to have plenty of character slots to assign to such a task. I am a firm believer that "busy work" is not a valid replacement for actual meaningful interactions and tasks.

Secondly we have a rather "gamey" tech tree of buildings required for training specific troops. Guard houses, Barracks, Garrisons, buildings that have actual meaning and roles in RL, but here exist purely to unlock weapon x and armour y. We already limit the creation of the tools of war, and restrict the speed of fabrication due to population and resources. I personally don't see a lot of point to yet another hierarchy.

This concept ties into the work I am current doing with military grouping, as well as the idea of having a differentiation between professional troops and militia. As each type has a slightly different set up lets start with Militia

Militia is trained by the Garrison building. It is defined as a single unit, with optional sub units. The size of the militia is not restricted, but the number of new recruits under training at any one time is restricted by the size of the garrison building. Recruitment is automated, you specify the desired size of each sub unit and the equipment load out, and the militia will take people from the population and train them as required. equipment for the militia is drawn from the settlements armoury
Militia spend half their time working the fields etc just as they do now.

Professional units are trained and housed in barracks. A city can support multiple units, with each requiring its own barrack structure. The size of the barracks determines the maximum size of the unit as well as the number of recruits that can be trained at any one time. Just like militia the player defines the sub units equipment and size, and the game will recruit and train them in an attempt to maintain the desired numbers. Equipment for training and for resupply is drawn from the barracks own armoury.

The devil however is in the detail which I haven't yet really settled on. Settlements retain the concept of maximum number of peasant recruit available per day. So it would be desirable to be able to determine the priority between all the recruitment centers in the situation where we have a greater number of positions to fill then we have available recruits.

Given that the system introduces the concept of multiple armouries within a settlement, a system to control the flow of equipment to each armoury is needed. We don't want the situation where your favourite elite unit is under manned because all the swords are flowing into the settlement armoury. Ideally the system would be mostly automatic, but I don't see a problem with also allowing for manual intervention, at least in the case of moving items from the settlement armoury into barrack armouries. My first draft allows you to set the min and max storage quantity for each item in each barrack, as well as to rank each barrack/armour priority.

I should also note that this system will tie in with other proposed systems, like troop upkeep costs and weapon/equipment trade between settlements. Particularly the weapon/equipment trading system as it is envisaged that the barracks will use its own treasury to attempt to maintain adequate stock of weapons and equipment by purchasing off the open market.
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