Author Topic: October 2017 Report  (Read 971 times)


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October 2017 Report
« on: November 10, 2017, 06:28:34 AM »
Salutations Everyone,

This will hopefully be the first of a series that will, normally, be done in the first few days of the month, as part of the game being a community project.

Some of you have been asking, where do the funds from the game go, how much does it cost, why subscriptions are still a thing, so I hope to answer that, along with any other future questions, here.

First and foremost, lets talk funding.

Income & Must Pays
(Keeping the Lights on)
Credit Purchases+85.00 EURHow much we received from player's purchasing credits
PayPal Transaction Fees-2.47 EUREstimated Percent lost in fees to PayPal
PayPal Transaction Fees-3.90 USDPer Transation fees to PayPal
Hosting Costs-40 USDAmount spent on server hosting

Total=52.20 USDMonthly Total for October

That's a fair amount of income, no? This is why I kept saying the game isn't actually doing bad. It's not doing great, but it's not dying.

What else would we, ideally, pay for though?

Additional Costs
(Things that improve the situation)
Advertising Costs-55.94 USDAmount spent on Google ads (Results will be broken down below)
Test Server Costs-40 USDAmount spent on the test server's hosting

Total-99.94 USD

As you can see, that costs a bit of money. The test server uses the exact same hosting plan as the live server, and has much of the same data, allowing us to push big updates to it first in order to make sure they don't catastrophically break something. It's not a required costs, but it's very much a nice thing to have. In regards to the advertising costs, that's got it's own table below. These are the things I handle myself, as the game can't currently afford their cost.

Advertising Info
(New players are good thing)
TypeViewsClicksInteraction RateCost
Text Ad11,8522972.51%25.53 USD
Display Ad61,4647981.3%30.41 USD

Total73.31610951.49%55.94 USD

Like I said before though, this is something I've been paying for, myself, for quite a while now. From March of 15 through October of 16, I was paying for just a text ad. In November of 2016, I added the display (picture) ad. Lifetime, they've gotten 25,244 people to at least look at Might & Fealty.

Subscribers & Purchases
(What credits are spent on)
Subscriptions10,400 Credits
Heraldry4,000 Credits
Culture Packs400 Credits

Total14,800 Credits

How many players do we have though? Well, I don't have an exact count at the moment, but I know how to get one. I'll put that information up next month, though, when I've got it properly integrated into the game's admin views.
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