Author Topic: A Discussion On Allowing Non-Human First Ones  (Read 8 times)


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A Discussion On Allowing Non-Human First Ones
« on: Today at 02:36:00 PM »
So, the topic has come up again and I'd be interested in hearing as much input on it as possible this time, as I'll probably not bring it like this again for quite a while (years?).

Should we allow First Ones to be non-human races?

Alternatively, should we allow people to say that they are playing elves, orcs, or other, pre-defined races?

I say pre-defined because it allows us to have specific descriptions of what the races look like in one place, and it means we won't get people coming in and just creating another race simply because they can.

Personally, I'm for it because it allows us to introduce a new dynamic into the social-aspects of the game. I will state though, this will be purely a cosmetic addition (if we add it). No sort of in-game bonuses or penalties regardless of whatever race your First One claims to be or actually is.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.
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Re: A Discussion On Allowing Non-Human First Ones
« Reply #1 on: Today at 03:33:07 PM »
I was somewhat the reason this was brought up again, so I think I should toss in my input as well.

I think that allowing people to be non-human is a great idea, personally. It allows people to have another social factor to relay in, and allows dynamics that really aren't that much common nowadays, allowing cultures to likely spring up from these races, allowing more interesting interactions for everyone. It also, to my belief, doesn't really harm anyong, especially with the somewhat fantastical themes already in MaF.