Author Topic: Monsters, Dungeons, and Brigands  (Read 1186 times)


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Monsters, Dungeons, and Brigands
« on: August 02, 2017, 03:09:27 PM »
So it was kicked around in IRC, but I think it's a gold idea. Combine brigands/dungeons, convert dungeons to a brigand estate, and shackle the brigand character to the the nearby regions of the dungon. The brigand has an estate with a bit of defense, a production site, and the dungeon has a reason to be cleared. Then turn the brigand and troops into monsters.

Ideally, piggybacking off some of the monster dungeon thread, make brigands into fantasy creatures and such. Brigands would have different 'classes', the class and location would still be a 1-slot-per-account random draw. Necromancers, beastmen, and dragons....popping up among the demi-gods as they try to rule over humanity...their lairs and crypts needing to be dealt with or they become lords of their domain. It can go Hesoid, Tolkien, or any lore you want to draw from.

Might change the game dynamic a bit much, but it would be more robust.


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Re: Monsters, Dungeons, and Brigands
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2017, 03:40:54 PM »
Well, say a Dragon.

Everyone loves a Dragon right?
-A dragon can gain EXP from winning fights, looting food/thralls(alsofood) and simply being alive over time. It also heals from eating food/thralls/enemies.
- Past a certain threshold, it no longer gains EXP from eating. Then another threshold where simply aging has neligible EXP gain.

Ok, so it's basically a bandit that can get stronger the more you win right? Well, thats a little boring tbh.
A dragon intially as a baby probably has a very small radius around it's spawn site where it can't leave. Basically a nest.
As it ages the radius gets bigger.
Mountains and rivers don't stop it because it flies. Which gets faster over time.

So I may have made the dragon sound completely overpowered, no?

- It requires more and more food to stay alive over time though.
- Dragon looting will never send resources anywhere. It will eat the food/thralls and destroy(burn) any wood it descides to loot. Metal is useless to it. Wealth may be something the Dragon is forced to take some of every loot (to make killing the dragon a more desireable goal, money m8)
- Have an alert to any players within a radius to the presence of a dragon that becomes larger as the dragon ages. This gives other people warning to the Dragon.
- A dragon that eats X amount of resource past a certains stage will almost always be weaker in a fight than an conventional army made from X amount of resource, making them actually resource inefficient if you play as one and descide to feed off your own settlements with impunity, preventing people from becoming literally Targaryens

So it'd be an interesting instance in the game. Something for new players who are engrossed but with limited amount of things to do, and also for old players to have misery fun hunting down and/or raising if they so desire. Increasing the importance of wealth is also a nice compliment to dragon hunting. Keeping dragons weaker than armies of similar resource to build, (but dragons also have a very high upkeep ontop of "building") will keep them managable, and once you reach the stage where everyone in a Sovereign realm knows about you due to the ingame alert, you'll probably die, and someone else will get the chance to play a death machine~!

If Dragons are TOO overpowered still, simply make the spawn site for the dragon a dungeonlike object on the map that people can attack, and if destroyed, the Dragon dies. Let the dragon autodefend it within a close range.

Just a potentially interesting mechanic.


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Re: Monsters, Dungeons, and Brigands
« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2017, 10:44:42 PM »
Here is what I got for now.
Ghouls . A lot of superstitious mortals consider these creatures as the reincarnation of the vengeful spirits of those who had a gruesome  death or didn't die peacefully or reconciled. They usually can be found living in forests, swamps or mountains, but they can be also seen in grasslands where there is plentiful of food. While they usually feed on various animals or the occasional unfortunate mortal that gets lost from his way in the wilderness, as their numbers grow they will start to attack the livestock in the outlined farms (you might get a messages about missing animals and weird sights and also notice a loss in food production).

If the problem is ignored, they will start attacking and killing locals and even soldiers, causing panic, loss of population  and nobody will want to work outside the settlement, negatively affecting food, metal and wood production. The level of infestation might range from small (a large pack of them in one lair) to huge (a few hundreds in one or even two lairs).

Except for their negative effect on settlements,  they are not supposed to be a formidable foe. Even a large infestation can be dealt with 150-200 good troops, as every ghoul is slightly stronger than a soldier with spear, cloth and short sword.

Hadn't really thought much about their description, except that they are vaguely humanoid, carnivorous, are very agile and fast and have large talons.