Author Topic: Suggesting a new training and troop type system  (Read 475 times)


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Suggesting a new training and troop type system
« on: June 17, 2017, 04:23:38 PM »

In the light of Andrew's latest "equipment overhaul" thread and my own "third slot overhaul" thread (which deserved more attnetion), I've been having new ideas which I need to share with you.

The main ideas behind the entire thing:
1. Train units for roles, not specific weapons.
2. Allow units to reequip items within their roles.
3. Units still need limitations as in how many slots they have and what they can equip and you still need retraining to drastically improve a unit, while you can reequip him momentarily within his role for an upcoming battle.

Now to dwell on these ideas.
Let us for the purpose of this post reduce the number of available training buildings to Training Grounds (TG), Garrison, Barracks, Archery Range (AR) and Wood Castle (WC).
Also for the purpose of this post I will divide equipment into tiers arbitrarily. Tier one would be clubs, cloth, tier two - leather, blacksmith grade weapons, shortbows and xbows and so on.

Now depending on the combination of buildings present in a settlement AND certain geographical considerations a number of troop types will be available for training.
For example, TG is the most basic training facility and only allows villagers to be trained as GLI ("generic light infantry" - just a placeholder name). GLI will have one melee weapon slot of 2nd grade, one 2nd grade armor slot and one equipment slot (not sure if we want grades here yet). "Slot" is a self-explanatory term, I will only note that 2nd grade slot will mean a unit can equip grade 1 and 2 items inot that slot.
So once you've completed this soldier's training you can then manually equip him with items he is eligible to use. For example, he can be a standard spear/leather/light shield light infantry. Or he can be a field medic, having bandages instead of a shield and using it on other troops. Or he can have a club/cloth armour and a "cart" as his equipment to serve as a poor man's camp follower.

Now if a settlement has a TG and an AR, one could train generic archers - one 1st grade melee slot and a one 2nd grade slots for armor and ranged each.
Troop types trained in settlements with good infrastructure can be much more complicated. For example, scrubland villages with Stables and Barracks will be able to train "Horse Archer" troops type, which will have a 3rd grade melee weapon and armour slot, 2nd grade ranged weapon slot, a mount slot and two equipment slots.
Note that some troops might have several slot in the same equipment type. For example, Engineers could have several equipment slots while elite troops trained in castles might even have two melee slots. Which is to allow them to switch between weapons (use the best one in each round's resolution phase) depending on the situation. For example, a landsknecht might want to switch from sword to halberd (given he has both equipped) if he's hitting a mounted warrior this particular round.

By the way, as I've previously suggested, it would make sense to have entourage trained the same way. For example, Camp Followers will need an Inn and a Market to be trained. And have a melee slot (club), an armour slot (cloth) and three equipment slots for carts, which can be designated to transport provision, loot or spare equipment.
Scouts will also dabble as light skirmishers and so on.

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Re: Suggesting a new training and troop type system
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2017, 05:28:46 AM »
I like the general idea, but I would personally tie it to some of the proposed changes to the combat engine. Once troops can have defined roles and tactics upon the battle field it makes sense that you train them into those roles. You do not take troops trained to march in a phalanx like formation, give them some light missile weapons and just expect them to fulfill the role of skirmishers.
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