Author Topic: Joining battles at 99% especially siege ones.  (Read 4205 times)


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Re: Joining battles at 99% especially siege ones.
« Reply #30 on: June 02, 2017, 08:46:48 PM »
Might & Fealty is far from a perfect game and I believe some important flaws have been brought up. I don't think anyone here is arguing that the combat mechanics of MF are perfect yet but I hope some of these kinks'll be fixed in the future. As Constantine said something that would add more dynamics to armies such as making light troops and cavalry have a chance to harass an army that decides to disengage from a battle would add more flavor to combat. One point that still hasn't been satisfactorily answered mechanics wise to me is how troops are able to enter a settlement from the outside that is being attacked. I don't believe that should be possible. I also know the reality of coding these types of things and it may not even be possible to do so. IE giving some troops on one side the defensive bonus while the reinforcements do not.

On the topic of whether a one player controlled army is better than a realm, Stonedman knows best. One severely dedicated player can definitely out do any coordinated realm force where players log on at different times etc. Not sure how anyone could argue differently. I'd like to see Hawks and Stonedman go at it  ;D .