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Feast in Calmarnock
« on: May 15, 2017, 10:32:08 PM »
This feast happened some time ago and it makes for a fine read. Just wanted to store it somewhere.

by Ailwin Banneth on 13-13-2 (March 19, 2017 11:10)

The sun broke out above the bell towers of Calmarnock as the touches of morning dew slowly started to disappear from the lush grass that surrounded the town. The beginning of spring came very fast this year, whch was a surprise, for the vicious winds of the mountain tops northeast of the town suddenly stopped howling and blowing, giving the opportunity for the nature to once again rejuvenate itself in the never ending circle of life and death. It was as if this small corner of the world was touched by Gods grace this year, offering its denizens mild weather and bountiful harvests.
It was a region located on the outskirts of the Forest of Shadows, where once the great Tarquinian dynasty ruled, and on the good, south side of Snowbourne. The economy was driven by agriculture and animal husbandry as well as the myriad of tributes coming from the surrounding burgs, villages and towns. The many open spaces, now bathed in sunny rays coming from above the mountain tops, were shinning like the fields of gold where the finest destriers, chargers, palfries and shire horses were bred.
The town itself stood like a massive construction of stone amongst the fairy-like landscape of the shire. Its tall stone walls were a testimony of progress and growth of the town and threatened the passengers that these walls could weather the longest of sieges. Upon the towers, where long and narrow dark green banners were freely falling down towards the ground, one could see a host of longbowmen overlooking the area. Their massive bows were difficult and heavy to wield, yet their range and accuracy was unquestionable. The walls were completely surrounded by a deep and muddy moat which enhanced the defenses of the town. Heavy, reinforced gates were the only entrance inside and at this time of the day they were open. A small number of guards controlled those that were getting in; these were predominantly farmers bring their wagons to the fair and merchants trying to seel the wares from their caravans. Inside, the town was bustling with life and commotion. As a political and economic center of the region Calmarnock attracted a great number of nobles and commoners alike. On a day like this when a grand feast was being held their numbers have a least doubled.
As you were passing through the streets you noticed that the common folk was quickly making space for you and your retainers. A noble was easy to spot in this place, especially the one that was summoned for the feast of the Duke. Arriving closer to the Duke's stone castle you could now see more guards and fewer common folk running around doing their daily business. Copper-green flags decorated the castle and a large banner of a sable unicorn on white background was sprung above the castle gates. This was the place where the Lords of House Banneth reigned from, and a home to the first Duke of Dweinnor. A polite and well versed castellan invited you inside and lead you into the spacious oval hall which was made entirely out of stone. The banner of each of the serving House of Dweinnor was displayed on the walls and in the middle of the room a massive round table was constructed. Duke Ailwin waited there for his guests to arrive and announce themselves, the members of his House sitting around him. As the first attenders arrived Ailwin stood up and said: „Welcome, dear guests, to Calmarnock. Allow me to present to you my household. My brother Karron, Count of Monmouthshire, my son Llewelyn, Lord High Constable of Dweinnor and my other son Blythe, the Champion of Dweinnor. We have gathered here to feast and celebrate a great many of things. The creation of the Duchy of Dweinnor, the formation of its Counties and Baronies and the bonding and fostering of good relations of Dweinnor with other Duchies of Eldamar and our neighbors from Emperor's Largess. This round table where we shall sit symbolizes equality and friendship. Food, wine and dance await us this night.“ As Ailwin clapped, a group of troubadours gently started to fiddle with their instruments, forming a very pleasing background music.

by Karron Banneth on 13-13-3 (March 19, 2017 13:20)

Karron was calmly waiting for his brother to finish up the introduction speech. He was most interested in drinking and dancing later on, however, protocols were meant to be followed. He was watching Ailwin from the side and saw his white-grey hair and the wrinkled and aged skin on his hands. "How he aged..." he thought to himself. "The burdens of our forebears are difficult ones to undertake", he murmured to his beard.
Of the two Karron was the older one, yet one blessed with beauty and vigor. His ginger, frizzy hair was neatly coiffured and revealed a strong, lively face and heavy brown eyes which were beautifully complimented by a lush beard. Karron was always a handsome man, envied at Court for his beauty and envied in combat for his skills. It was as if the Goddess of Youth had a special place in her heart for him.
Noticing that his Barons arrived, Karron bowed and introduced them: "My Lord Ailwin, I am humbled to announce the arrival of my Barons. Lord Robert of Thornwick and Lord Hampul of Wintervale. They are both newly appointed, yet their services have been proven and their titles earned. Baron Thornwick guards the western border of Monmouthshire, whilst Baron Wintervale defends the eastern shores and the river Panema we're blessed to have settled upon. Monmouthshire's finest are here today."

by Robert Hayard on 13-13-4 (March 19, 2017 22:30)

"My liege..." Robert bowed in humbleness. "An honor to be here on behalf of Thornwick. May our hearts ring true together and may our swords break even the hardest of armor." The Baron of Thornwick palmed his right fist with his left hand and crossed his hands with Karron; a sign of loyalty and friendship.
Not wanting to let his tongue flap around aimlessly, Robert Hayard took a seat next to Lady Hongyang Huo. His House was once great, but has fallen to ashes. Robert's time was about to come and ruling over Thornwick was a first step to reimburse himself with power and fame. "How do you like your wine, Lady Hongyang..." He mentioned in a clumsy attempt to blend in.

by William Hastwyck on 13-13-3 (March 19, 2017 13:42)

William arrived to Calmarnock. He was never in the capital before and could not help it but to be slightly awe-struck by the grandeur of the town. The feast appeared to be well organized and the night was very promising. William was hoping to eventually find a proper bride too, and he was no stranger to the rumors that one Lady of the prominent House Steele of Steelreach was about to be groomed for marriage.
Before the herald announced his entry, William straightened himself up and prepared to enter the halls. The doors opened and the herald began. "Your Highnesses, Lord Admiral has arrived. Sir William of Kainairow, Dwyrd and Caernarfon, only known member of House Hastwyck and Captain of the Northern Fleet, is hereby presented to the Duke and his family members." William entered and couldn't help but notice that many looked at him with adoration, for he was a young man, tall and slim, very promising and ambitious. He wore a long azure cape for this ocassion and white-blue robes. On his chest was the sigil of the Hastwyck's: a crimson stallion that was a terror for all pirates that dared to enter the high waters of his admiralty.
"Hail, Lord Ailwinm and all the gathered nobles!" William exclaimed after bowing courteously. "May this feast bring us joy and merriment!"

by Hongyang Huo on 13-13-3 (March 19, 2017 15:23)

Huo Hongyang had been up late last night, endlessly fretting about the festivities that were to follow. She had lay there for hours, twiddling thumbs and biting nails until she eventually succumbed to sleep.
She was awoken by a light rapping on her door, to which she responded with a series of grunts as the foggy mist of sleep gradually lifted from her head. Her handmaiden entered, her eyebrows furrowed with worry as she announced that the feast was to start in but half an hour. Hongyang leapt to her feet, grabbed the handmaiden by the shoulders and said through gritted teeth, “Why didn’t you wake me up sooner?!”, to which the handmaiden stuttered through a meek response explaining that she was told never to disturb her Lady, unless it was an absolute emergency. Hongyang let out a low growl of frustration and began to grab some clothes from the floor…
By some miracle she arrived on time, but as she caught her reflection in a piece of silverware hanging on the wall she realised that she looked an absolute state. Running through town had left her with a layer of sweat on her forehead, which had in turn left her hair limp, and her makeup slightly smudged. Yet there was no turning back now, for she was already being escorted towards the doors of the Great Hall. As she heard the herald spewing a long list of titles to announce the coming of some noble or another she began to dread her own announcement, and how embarrassingly short it would be… and soon enough the words Lady Huo Hongyang, vassal of Ailwin Banneth rang empty around the hall, and her bedraggled self was practically pushed into the hall. She proceeded to do an awkward curtsey-bow hybrid, muttered her respects whilst hearing muffled laughter buzz around the hall.
After being shown to a seat at the far end of the table, she grabbed the nearest drink and drank the glass dry.

by Cleopatra Kommagene-Geddy on 13-13-3 (March 19, 2017 15:24)

The Queen arrived at Calmarnock in her beautiful, long, white carriage that is pulled by eight stallions. She is accompanied by her 40 people entourage as well has her 40 soldier security detail. As she rode through the garden gates, the peasant people, whom she consider "regular people," stopped what they were doing and stared at the carriage as it passed them. Not many people get to see royalty every day, certainly not the regulars.
Queen Elizabeth was taken back as she seen how beautiful the city looked. It was as if she was in the capital of Eldamar, except smaller. The fields, the mountains, the plains, they were all so beautiful. No doubt she was planning to take the land for herself, but she would never disrespect the wonderful Duke Ailwin, whom this feast was about.
With the feast, moments away from beginning, she took a detour to finish scouting the city. Never before has this been done, not even when she was in Arescod 8 years ago. The buildings were her favorite part for she had a weakness for such fine architect.
As she arrived at the palace, her arrival was known by the trumpet men who played her arrival "theme song." All the regular people stood and bowed as she exited her carriage and walked into the castle. She was a sight to see. She wore a dress as long as the steps were. It was golden with cut-edge designs that would figuratively cut you if you look at it. Her cape, marron colored, followed her as she walked into the dining hall with at least 10 personnel on each side from her security detail. As a sign of respect, all the guest stood and gave the Queen a bow as she took a seat. Her security detail stood outside, except for two who stood behind her chair5 feet away.
She turned to Duke Ailwin and said, "What a beautiful town my lord. You have been doing fabulous work and I applaud you for turning such an ugly town into something beautiful. I have never in my life seen a city in this Kingdom look as good as mine." Everyone laughed "Anyways, thank you for inviting me to such a lovely feast. I bet your food taste better than your buildings look." Laughs again

by Cleopatra Kommagene-Geddy on 13-13-3 (March 19, 2017 15:24)
(OOC: That was supposed to be said by Elizabeth, not Cleopatra. Totally forgot to change.)

by Blythe Banneth on 13-13-3 (March 19, 2017 17:17)

Blythe was nervously looking around the room, often caressing his clumsy hair in a sign of boredom and anxiety. Not being particularly used to all these fancy protocols and noblesse oblige, he couldn't wait for the wine to start flowing and maidens rushing out. He was a warrior first and foremost after all, fighting almost a hundred battles and living to tell about it.
Hearing the commotion arising from outside the stone halls Blythe spoke in a low voice to Ailwin, Karron and Llewelyn. "Looks like someone important is coming. I bet it is the Dowager Queen. I guess Her Royal Pain is blowing smoke as usual." At this point the trumpets sounded off and the herald announced the arrival of the Queen of Eldamar. "Aye, I am right..." Blythe received a stern look from his father, while his brother and uncle burst into a heavy laughter.
"Do you know, my dear father, that her lackeys go around the Kingdom convincing the commoners that she truly is the Queen? It is what the mortals have started to call her, actually...My sources tell me that she is the one actually running the throne. I wonder what the King has to say about all of this, because...." At this point the Dowager Queen entered the room and Blythe was quickly shushed by his father.

by Ailwin Banneth on 13-13-3 (March 19, 2017 17:19)

"Welcome, Your Majesty." Ailwin slowly gestured with his open hands, with one eye looking at his knight Lady Hongyang who just took a seat. "Calmarnock and Dweinnor are honored by your graceful attendance." After everyone took a seat, Ailwin continued. "It was indeed merely a small village when I first came here. Sarwyck, they called it, and I renamed it to the ancient name where my forebears once reigned - Calmarnock. From a small village this settlement grew into a large town from where the Duchy of Dweinnor gathers its power." Ailwin took a sip of wine that a servant boy just delivered. "It was a boon for me to have ruled your city once when you were slumbering, Your Grace, for during my rule in Newscatle I have clearly found an inspiration from which to build Calmarnock up, brick by brick, stone by stone." Ailwin raised his cup. "A toast to the victory of Eldamar's Lords! May our names live forever like the stone walls of our cities!"

by Hongyang Huo on 13-13-4 (March 19, 2017 18:55)

Hongyang was uncomfortably aware of her liege’s eye upon her and internally grimaced, she had probably brought shame to him with both her unkempt appearance and anything-but-graceful entrance. She had also forgotten to reply to a letter he had sent her some while ago now, perhaps this was why he looked at her so… or perhaps it was a mixture of both… or perhaps he was simply just acknowledging her presence and his look held no significant meaning at all… but then again…
Hongyang came to from her internal monologue, and turned her head to see who it was that had sat down next to her. “The wine is actually rather splendid, thank you Sir…”, the last word drew to a silence as she realised that she didn’t have the foggiest idea what his name was., “… I am so sorry good Sir, it appears that I failed to catch your name.”

by Robert Hayard on 13-13-4 (March 19, 2017 22:30)

"Ah, apologies, m'lady. I am Robert Hayard, a Baron of Thornwick. I was under impression a Baron would be a bit more known in the Court of the Duke. But then again, I am but a newly appointed one, and you appear to be a newcomer to the realm as well. Besides the wine, how do you fancy your new home?" Robert took some grapes from the table and afterwards tasted some wine as well. He took a moment to observe Lady Hongyang and noticed the exotic facial feauters. "You clearly come from afar, m'lady. Pray tell, where do you come from?"

by Hongyang Huo on 13-13-5 (March 20, 2017 00:20)

Hongyang felt the blood rush to her cheeks and her tongue loosen as she took another sip of wine. “Baron Robert Hayard, I must apologise, as you have already observed I am rather new around these parts. Even many of the most famous of names fall deaf on my ears. I hail from lands far from here called ‘the middle kingdom’ in your language, but those lands were more a... prison than a home, so this is my home now, and it is a rather beautiful one, no?” She suddenly caught herself, realising that she had rambled on for some while, gave a genuinely warm smile and asked, “So what is your story noble Sir?”


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Re: Feast in Calmarnock
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2017, 10:33:27 PM »

by Robert Hayard on 13-14-2 (March 20, 2017 18:45)

"A tale I am not nearly as drunk as I need to be to tell, m'lady!" Robert said with a fainted merriment but a sad tone could be heard in his voice. "Thus, let us drink some more!" He poured wine into Hongyang's glass and his own, and then emptied the goblet.

by Elizabeth von Geddy on 13-13-4 (March 19, 2017 20:41)

"Duke Ailwin, you sure do know how to host a feast. Big, luxurious, and very amazing. Haven't had one like it since the Imperium had their civil war when I was the ruler." Elizabeth looked around the room at all the people with the potential to one day be a part of something bigger than themselves.
Staring at Lady Hongyang, she was astonished at her appearance. Her elegant dress, fine jewelry, and uptight shoes, she started daydreaming about the appearance she always wanted; not the overtone of what she looks now.
Coming back to her senses, she noticed Lord Blythe staring from across the table. Remembering their first encounter, she was a little embarrassed to even speak to him but she managed to get out a few words. "Good to see you finally m'lord. You know, your father could become King one day, but don't tell him I said that." She gave him a little wink.
Turning away from Blythe, she turned to introduce herself to Councillor William whom she never met before. Such a handsome man with a high title in the Duchy, she figured he could be of good use for the Kingdom. "Good day Councillor William. Nice to finally meet you. I heard of a great deal about you."
Elizabeth keeps looking around because she is constantly getting lost in the scenery. Such a magnificent building, the structure and the interior design is flawless. Her messenger taps her on the shoulder. She turns around to sign the letter that is to be sent to King Henry.

by William Hastwyck on 13-13-4 (March 19, 2017 22:44)

"Your Majesty." William politely greeted the Queen and took a deep bow. "The honor is mine. It is a privilege to meet a member of House Geddy, one of the most ancient of families within Eldamar."
William took a seat next to Count Karron, whom he respected the most. The room became crowdy yet he was expecting more guests to arrive. He was especially interested to meet the westerners from Emperor's Largess. William hasn't been around at the time, but the Court was quick to notify him that there was a history between Caspian Flambard and Duke Ailwin. And he was eager to meet the King himself. He spoke out, to no one in particular: "Will the King attend the feast?"

by Hampul Anagram on 13-13-5 (March 20, 2017 00:24)

Hampul relaxed with another tankard of mulled wine. He only took sips as he wanted to remain alert and listen to the gossip around the table. He had picked a table by the main entrance to the hall. It was some way from the top table but ideal to observe everyone who entered and also hear the introductions of the great and the good.
He had also spoken in good taste to the elderly steward who was in charge of the four servants who were serving the table. His name was Hans and he seemed to know every Noble in the hall and the position that the person held.
He had got to Calmarnock early and ached all over. He had only just arrived in his new Barony after a weeks march from the south (there had been no transport ships available when he and his Company got to the docks) and so he had set out at once to the north. All Hampul really wanted to do was to crawl into bed but he knew this evening would allow him to mingle with his betters and also sum up the important characters who decided policy here.
He turned to the lady sitting on his left. She had already waved to Llewelyn Banneth as he strode past heading for the top table “ I see the Banneths are here in force to night! A powerful family of which the Realm owes much!”

by Llewelyn Banneth on 13-14-2 (March 20, 2017 21:07)

Llewelyn saluted the new Baron of Wintervale with respect. "Indeed, Baron Hampul, this an important event for all those that sheathe themselves with the colors of House Banneth. But so it is for all those that are rallied by our swords. May Dweinnor reign supreme and victorious amidst the times of turmoil and change, good Lord, and may your House prospers as well."
While the feast was a blessing for him and his kin Llewelyn appeared distant and away. The upcoming campaign overcame him in his thoughts. To test his mattle against the tall southern walls was a challenge and a privilege in the same time, for he was eager to see how well will the new Lords fare in this endeavor. It was while he was in his thoughts that he spotted a Lady like he never saw before. She appeared a wildling of the sorts, shelterd by her amazon guards. Her cold gaze gave him a chill but she also provoked admiration and curiosity in him. Where does she come from, he wondered, and how many times has her hand ended life. What distant knowledge does she posses that she brings with herself from the who knows where her true home really was. A mysterious maiden no doubt. Llewelyn stood quiet at the round table, observing the attendees and unprovokingly peaking at the amazons and their leader.

by Caspian Flambard on 13-13-6 (March 20, 2017 11:48)

Soon those gathered in the great hall heard deep and low bellow of a dozen northern warhorns. The muffled sounds came from afar it seemed but were powerful and compelling as if calling warriors to battle. Despite the belligerence of the sound it did not feel as if there was an imminent battle outside, but rather as if noble warriors' were stating to everyone concerned: "We have arrived"! Almost immediately warhorns were echoed by the brass song of southern trumpets - garrison on Calmarnock's walls welcoming the new arrivals.
Minutes passed as the procession navigated the city. An imposing man with a lush braided beard and clad in rich furs was riding in the front. A young man, almost a spitting image of Caspian himself, rode by his side. They were flanked by two powerful first ones, one extremely tall and sporting a long reddish beard and another young and athletic, with a hawkish face of a mercenary. Along the sworn knights rode two ladies, one beautiful like a flower and another looking fierce and cruel, her hair cut in Lowlander fashion.
These travellers were followed by a large company of mortal warriors, all tough looking veterans. From their looks and gear one could easily deduct that many of them were ironclad heartland Ascalonians, while some were fierce lowland clansmen. Most of the warriors though looked like a mix of the two, unmistakably defining them as denizens of fallen Misthelm. The westerners were all mounted and clad in simple and efficient gear. Steppe riders wore leather and short mails reinforced with plates and Ascalonians wore breastplates and chain hauberks with full steel helmets. A small contingent of Rathgari mercenaries rode almost naked but their horses were heavily armoured and obviously costed a fortune.
Finally the procession parted ways outside the castle, mortals riding towards the barracks and nobles ascending the steps of the great hall. Caspian himself traversed the hall first. He wore a black embroidered doublet and a heavy cloak of bear fur, golden jewelry decorating his fingers, neck and even his braided beard. He was obviously in a jovial mood and kept his son close to him. Young herald announced their arrival: "Here comes Caspian of house Flambard, Duke of Misthelm in exile, Devourer of Tors, one who conquered and lost the north! Count of Emperor's Largess, protector of Empire's eastern borders."

by Rannveig the Fair on 13-14-1 (March 20, 2017 17:12)

Rannveig arrived to Calmarnock with a small retinue of four riders. All of them tall proud women with haircuts similar to her own. Each carried a sword and wore a steel mail reinforced with plates in the fashion of steppe clans. Chain aventails concealed their faces, eyes glowing fiercely like embers. As they rode through the town people hushed gazing at the women in wonder. Rannveig entered the great hall flanked by her amazon bodyguards and took a long look around. Her eyes showed neither excitement nor amiability. A cold hard gaze of a conqueror not a guest. There was not one familiar face in the hall and she lingered apparently waiting to be approached by the hosts. Handing her fur cloak and sword to one of her companions she dusted her leather pants and boots with a glove. It soon became apparent she was not planning to change for the feast.

by Ailwin Banneth on 13-14-2 (March 20, 2017 19:59)

Ailwin, circled by his brother and sons who looked as if they've rallied to defend him against something, stood tall as the herald announced the arrival of Lord Caspian Flambard and his retainers. As the famous warlord of the north stepped in with his furry clothing, the murmur and commotion within the halls stopped as even the air became suddenly quiet. Anticipation grew as it appeared that everyone was waiting to see how this encounter turns out, for it was no secret that the two had their differences in the past which brought Eldamar and Erstes Imperium to the brink of hostilities.
Ailwin threw his hands in the air and with an wide smile welcomed his guest: "An honor to finally meet you, Lord Caspian. Welcome to my halls and to my realm! You and your kinsman are free to enjoy the hospitality of my home." Ailwin took a small bow and proceeded. "Allow me to present to you my closest advisors and councillors. To my left is my son Llewelyn, a commander of Dweinnor's armies, to my right my brother Karron, the Count of Monmouthshire. Besides him there are two more Counts in Dweinnor: Count Solomon Steele of Steelereach and Count Thaean Woolthorpe of Bayhold. The two should arrive here shortly. And of course, here with us today is the Dowager Queen of Eldamar, Queen Elizabeth." Ailwin clapped his hands again and the music was again playing.
"What of the entourage that follows you, Caspian? I believe I do not know their faces nor names. Although I can see similarities that that young man by your side has with you. I presume this is your firstborn?"


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Re: Feast in Calmarnock
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2017, 10:34:05 PM »

by Seelintanov Russkiv on 13-14-2 (March 20, 2017 22:16)

Seelintanov had held back as Queen Elisabeth and her Lords entered the hall. He had been an Independent Lord only recently but had taken one estate to many and so had joined her Empire, under duress and with her daughter Cleopatra breathing down his neck.
Cleopatra had then suggested he travel as one of the Queens escort to a grand feast, just to show he understood his new position. As food and drink were involved he didn't argue.
And so he was one of the last of her entorage to enter and quickly looked round for an empty seat. Most of his companions were following the Queen but then he saw a servant taking a plate of steaming food to a small table just back from the entrance. There were no spare seats but Seelintanov also saw a couple of stools just behind the Entrance Callers so he grabbed one and walked over to the table and announced himself in his deep loud voice.
"Greetings my Lords and Ladies! I am Seelintanov, escort to the Queen! May I join you? Thank you! I can just squeese in here! What a wonderful City! And this Hall! And this wonderful display before us! Do whom do I address?"
And with that he sat down and nodded to everyone (who had all stopped speaking and were looking at him with their mouths open) and reached over and took a chicken leg and waved it in the air.
Seelintanov had arrived....

by Blythe Banneth on 13-14-2 (March 20, 2017 22:27)

Blythe was about to burst with laughter as he saw one of the Queen's entourage waving what appeared to be a chicken leg. While his manners were those of an aspiring squire, it was still funny. Just what this place needed, he thought to himself.
"Good grief, Lord Seelintanov! If you're gonna wave like that it is a fortune that you're holding a chicken leg, and nay a sword! Otherwise, I should have brought an armor or two!" Blythe grinned cheerfully and raised his goblet. "To you, Lord Seelintanov, to you..." Clearly a bit drunk already, Blythe emptied the goblet and fell in his chair.

by Caspian Flambard on 13-14-2 (March 20, 2017 22:24)

As Ailwin threw his hands in the air welcoming his guests, Caspian slapped his armored hip and out of his thick beard strong white teeth glittered, signifying a wide smile. "An honour, yes!" he bellowed as he walked forward, in turn raising his own hands and forcing himself into the circle created by Duke's relatives. Once there he promptly engulfed his host (or at least made an attempt) in a hearty bear hug. Such was the northern tradition, apparently.
Indeed there was much tension between the two in the past but you couldn't tell it from Caspian current behaviour. One had to wonder if the Count was a bit simple or excessively shrewd. Either way, the guest refrained from further familiarity and let the host go with a satisfied grunt. "it is good to make the acquaintance. Although I imagined you somewhat younger and tougher. You've got spirit, let me tell you. I swear, I've lost Misthelm only because all of my neighbours were spineless worms, I'd rather share a border with someone who's got fangs and is not afraid to show them."
Caspian then duly paid obeisance to the Queen, bowing courteously enough and complimenting her looks. "We are happy to see Eldamar's royal line in full blossom. Recently we have lost our Emperor and it keeps going downhill from there."
Lesser nobles he greeted with a nod and a smile and when introductions were over he introduced his own entourage. "Indeed, the boy is mine. My heir. My daughter is too young to travel and my wife... She seems to have contracted the sleeping sickness, although the hope is not all gone yet. This warrior is Rannveig the Fair of the clans. She joined me back when I was still fighting clansmen in the north. Apparently those clansmen and her own clan were feuding. She lost all of her kinsmen and lands and ended up throwing her lot with me. This knight is Charles Dalbear. We also go way back. He belonged to a mercenary company which settled on Misthelm's borders and had a slight misunderstanding with me. So I had to throw them off my land, but this man - he was the only decent one among them and I made him an offer. Whenever he finds himself without a master, he can find a place at my court. Years have passed and here he is, he found me and now finally serves a decent liege. Ser Haruhiko Erdely is my newest knight but already showed himself as a capable and diligent leader. He is governing my lands that directly border Dweinnor, so you will probably see him a lot. Finally, lady Lilly Vermiculus is the most mysterious addition to my court. She just appeared out of the sea and idly spends her days at my court just being beautiful. Not the most useful vassal, but I am not complaining."

by Ailwin Banneth on 13-14-2 (March 20, 2017 22:58)

"A fine fellowship indeed, Lord Caspian. Your boy certainly has big shoes to fill for I have not yet met a man nor woman who has not heard the name of Caspian Flambard. For better or for worse." Ailwin first winked and then laughed heartily which was accepted well by the attendees. "Thus, the Lords of Eldamar are privileged to host yourself and the members of your Court among us." Ailwin called for the steward and the servants to assist his guests and sit them at the round table. "Enjoy the wine and the music. These shall abound this night, for who knows what the gods have in store for us on the restless waves that they so ironically call the future." Ailwin smiled again, happily.
"It is a pity to hear your wife falling asleep. Likewise, it is a pity to see your Emperor withering down. Weak monarchs breed weak states, and weak states breed discontent and despair. I hope the Imperium rises from the troubles that aile them." Ailwin gestured genuine remorse.
Ailwin then turned towards the Dowager Queen. "In Eldamar, the royal line goes strong and the Dowager Queen that graced us with her presence is a living proof. Your Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, once again I would like to offer my thanks for your attendance. It is important that the people see the Crown in public events and affairs." After a short pause, he continued. "I am afraid it has been a while since I've seen the King. As Lord Admiral William mentioned before, do you know whether the King will be joining the feast?"

by Sur naug'Beals on 13-14-2 (March 20, 2017 23:14)

Sur was announced after the pompous parade of House Flambard and their army of retainers. His drab mantle certainly didn't get much attention, whilst narrow eyes encompassed the hall, look on his face was unimpressed. Sur nodded to Duke Ailwin and cast a stern glance to Elizabeth, already he scoured for a shadowy place furthest from all the commotion, if there was one such in feasting time. He was taken aback by the fact King Richard was not there, and wondered if the King would appear after all. Sur was a man of instinct, and now his senses screamed something was amiss, something is cooking, and it ain't the rabbit, he thought to himself.

by Elizabeth von Geddy on 13-14-3 (March 21, 2017 04:02)

Seeing her escort come in, rather late with his proud and loud voice. "Lord Seelintanov, finally you show up. We have so much to talk about. Please, sit next to me." He came prancing over and sat down right next to her.
Elizabeth froze in her chair as Caspian Flambard came through the door. She had totally forgotten that he would be attending this feast, in which, she was supposed to bring a gift since he is a foreign ruler. She then stood to great Caspian by saying, "Welcome Count Flambard. It is finally nice to meet you. You look rather astonishing and well dressed as I do and I do thank you for the compliment. We need to talk further after this feast."
Elizabeth took her seat. Looking around the room, seeing smiling faces and hearing laughter as family, friends, and strangers talked. "What a beautiful sight," she thought to herself. "Haven't been to any great feasts since the last Ascalon feast." As she continued to look, her eyes fell upon Sur as he stared sternly at her. Again thinking to herself, "My cousin used to rule Beals. Would've had him..." Duke Ailwin cut her off by publically thanking her for attending and asking if the King would appear.
Answering his question with appreciation and some doubt, "I am glad to be here in such a place where most of us just met each other for the first time. Thank you for having me. Sadly, Duke, the last time the King and I spoke was a week ago when he told me something that I will tell you privately. He did mention your feast saying that it was a great idea to host one in the Kingdom and he asked me to attend, which I told him I already was going to attend; however, he did not mention about himself or his son attending the feast. I hope he comes, but you know the King is a very busy man."

by Ailwin Banneth on 13-14-5 (March 21, 2017 17:34)

"Indeed, Your Majesty, I can understand if he has pressing matter to attend than honoring me in my castle." Ailwin took a sip of wine.
"Lord Castellan" he summoned for the man who was running his castle. "Are there any other First Ones that are announced to arrive? I believe the majority is here, althoug I could be wrong."

by Charles Dalbear on 13-14-6 (March 21, 2017 18:17)

Charles was dressed properly for a Knight in the Dalbear colours, blue and grey. Everything about Charles was 'proper', his clothes, his bow to the host, his easy smile. For those who knew him, it was a signature move of a Dalbear; Never too much, or too little. That was apart from his face, which was not ugly, but brutal. Stern, but not unkind. Yet he had an easy manner, and his friendly smile stood at odds to his face. They did not fit together, but that was the way of it.
'Slight misunderstanding' Caspian had said, which made Charles chuckle to himself as he sat down. Though there was a slight twinge of annoyance as the old memory surfaced. Foolishness most of it had been. Though he could take Ailwin's message to heart, 'Enjoy the wine and music'. He drank from his goblet as he observed the other guests.

by Ailwin Banneth on 13-15-4 (March 22, 2017 19:51)

"Welcome, Ser Charles. You appear a very useful and pragmatic man and I am delighted to have met you. Please do take a seat at the round table." Ailwin gestured to Charles to sit by his liege and comrades.
After consulting with the castellan Ailwin motioned to start serving dinner. "Dear guests, friends of House Banneth. The time has come to eat. I believe it shall be to your liking and that you won't find it to be lacking. If it does, there is always wine to substitute for it." Being in good mood, the guests laughed as a dozen of servants started bring out plates of food.
In this 'dark' age when proper meal was a luxury for common folk it wasn't easy to impress the high nobility with tasteful and delicious food. Bread was the basic foodstuff in the world, and it was made with barley, rye, and wheat. White bread was for the Kings and Lords, and brown bread was for the servants. A finest white bread has been served at the dinner, with flour that made for the castle was ground at the Duke's own mill by his miller. Birds like chickens, geese, and ducks were kept at the shire's hamlets and yards, but for this occasion a much more appreciated foodstuff was ordered: the servants served finely cooked beef and pork, and the especially appraised venison. On some plates one could even notices swan and peacock, which some of the guests didn't like, Ailwin noticed. However, the majority liked the well-balanced mustard which was served with meat.
The food was properly salted the salt was not lacking in any of the foodstuff, which was a difficult task to achieve. Salt was extremely expensive and Ailwin ordered it only once a year, hoping it would provide for all of the seasons. Later on the servants brought figs, raisins and dates, together with honey which was consumed separately and as a spice. While forks and knives were offered, Ailwin noticed that most people ate with their fingers. He was of the opinion that many people thought forks were silly, but every one had to behave properly at mealtime; so he they were served.
As the food was being devoured by the hungry attendees, Ailwin caught a moment to talk to Caspian. "While politics are best served after the meal, allow me to be so brazen and break one of the many unwritten rules that our tradition dictates." Ailwin took his cup again and continued. "It is a pity none from the House of Steele are here tonight, for their leader, Count Solomon has expressed to me his desire to trade a settlement with you. On behalf of his son Domninus, if I understood it correctly. The town in question is Jetromold which the Tyrosian Horn is willing to receive for Devinston." "A far away settlement ruled by your slumbering Lord in exchange of a settlement more nearby, which could probably be a more valuable asset. What are your thoughts on this, my friend?"

by Caspian Flambard on 13-15-6 (March 23, 2017 12:03)

Caspian ate and drank heartily, at the same time maintaining presence in the conversation. He was it seemed a professional feast-goer. As his host finally touched the delicate topic, Caspian laughed and waved his hand dismissively. "Jetromold? You can have it. I have long since changed my mind and will not contend for the peninsula as I am now in possession of Appala vale and will need to integrate it properly first. It is potentially a very rich town though, while Devinston is quite useless. You will owe me a favour and that is the deal."

by Ailwin Banneth on 13-16-2 (March 23, 2017 20:25)

"I believe Lord Domninus will appreciate your agreement to this exchange, Caspian. As will I. You can count on me returning the favor for this concession." Ailwin emptied his cup and stood up. "In fact, as a token of appreciation, I would like to make a proposition. An alliance between the two of us would ensure that both of our realms grow. I believe it would be most wise to unite our banners in a formal state of peace and friendship as a symbol that the troubled waters that once roamed our region are now gone. What say you, Caspian?"

by Seelintanov Russkiv on 13-18-1 (March 26, 2017 13:53)

Seelintanov was in a very good mood. He had been summoned by his Queen to the top table and was eating the finest food he had ever seen in his whole life and drinking wonderful beer and wine and listening to Dukes and Counts wrangling over lands he had never heard of.
He also knew he was there for a purpose. The Queen had called him to gently child him for annoying her daughter Cleopatra by stealing an estate from her but also to provide some light relief to the top table by having a elderly vassal knight feeling totally out of place amongst Royalty, Dukes, Counts and high advisers to the rulers of many lands. Elisabeth was no fool and wished the evening to go well.
So he played his part. He spoke a bit loud and with his regional accent, dropped his eating knife, made sure every other word was either “My Lord” “My Grace” or “My Lady” and insisted every type of meat was some kind of chicken. He also had identified the younger son of Duke Ailwin as a drinking companion and every time either he or Blythe got a new drink they both raised their tankards to each other. The Great and the Good all smiled at each other with each oafish mistake.
But Seelintanov also noted things. He was much older then most in the room. He thought he was about fifty and apart from the rulers round the top table the vast majority of diners were younger folks. And every one of them had fought to get to that seat. Life was short for most of the First Ones in these lands. The only other group who were older then the average were the servants who lived in the shadows of their masters.
Queen Elisabeth was looking at him while she tried to hear what Flambard was saying to Aliwin with their heads close together. He smiled at her, nodded and raised his tankard. He also thought, if he had an opportunity, to mention that he would be pleased to manage a few more estates if Cleopatra needed some help.

by Elizabeth von Geddy on 13-20-1 (March 29, 2017 13:56)

Elizabeth mouth watered as the food came onto the table. All her favorites, turkey, roast, ham, anything you could imagine. Her eyes were big because she has not eaten in a few days, but she quickly stopped showing signs of it. As the servants placed the food on the plate, she began devouring the meat, but in a lady-like way. Across the table, she could see Duke Ailwin, who was close to becoming drunk. "That is what men do I guess," she thought to herself.
She turned to look at Seelintanov to finish their conversation. While talking, she did continue to take sips of her wine, making her a little unbalanced. "So, Seel, can I call you Seel? What do you think about owning your own county and growing it from there?"
by Seelintanov Russkiv on 13-20-2 (March 29, 2017 23:43)
Seelintanov almost choked as the Queen called him Seel and asked him directly about promotion. He saw a number of heads turning and a few raised eyebrows amongst the younger Nobles. He mumbled that he was honored and was overwhelmed by her confidence in his abilities and would accept whatever she thought was proper.
He also thought quickly... Elisabeth was slighty drunk and he was unsure of exactly WHO were sitting nearby and WHERE they came from and WHAT loyalties they had so he finished by saying he would wait to see her decision when they all returned to their estates. He was sure he had done the right thing and the Queen would not be a subject of gossip later.
Elisabeth smiled and turned to talk to one of Flambards men about the cost of metal so Seelintanov stood, leaned forward and speared a large piece of roasting pork (saying "Ahh chicken!") with his eating knife. This got a round of applause from some of the younger knights and then laughter from their lady companions when it slipped from his plate onto the floor.

by Ailwin Banneth on 13-22-1 (April 1, 2017 12:37)

OOC: since the excitement around the feast has considerably dropped I believe it is time to officially end it, although those who want can continue separate roleplays.
As the nobles who drank and ate were wearing down Ailwin stood up to announce the official end of the feast. "Dear guests, thank you for arriving and feasting with us. Dweinnor was honored to host you. The feast is now officially over but feel free to stay behind and mingle."