Author Topic: Notes for knight welcome message overhaul  (Read 305 times)


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Notes for knight welcome message overhaul
« on: May 15, 2017, 12:15:36 AM »
If we wanted to add the proposed seneschal to the conversations we'd just need to include them in an array on this line here:

newConversation is already setup to handle an array for the conversation participants as seen here: ; if anything, it actually expects an array.

As for making these welcome messages customizable, that's going to be editing and the line below it to reference a new table--storing these as part of the existing conversation system would require reworking the conversation handler to avoid specific topics. A new table would mean a new entity file and a new doctrine config file located here: Ideally, this is going to involve a many-to-one relationship from template ID to Character ID, a column for topic, and a column for message. I don't think anything else is actually needed here.

It should be feasible to use the existing wikilinks logic as a template for how to setup a special rule to allow users to encode into the message the new arrivals name. The wikilink code is here:
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