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Please post all errors you encounter on the test server here.

At the minimum I need a description of the error and a the URL (web address) you were at when you encountered it. Pictures are encouraged.

And yes, I'm aware, there are no emails.

I am aware of an issue with certain events not being cleared by buttons. This appears to only be an issue with certain older events, not new ones created since the server was stood up. will error out. This is intentional, so no one decides to test out whether or not the paypal bits work.

No more turns have been set to happen, so I'm stuck in a field with no more buttons to press :(

As I've mentioned, there appears to be a > in many places after the text for some reason. I'd send screenshots but I can't access a lot of them from outside of a settlement.

Permission limits are incomplete. Right now, permissions are all-or-nothing, so if you give someone recruit permissions, they can if they want recruit all of your militia. Do not give permissions to people you do not trust 100%. >

There's one I posted in Discord earlier

In the settlement event logs: 0-0-0 There are more events in older records, a scholar will be able to research them.
Rather than

There are more events in older records, a scholar will be able to research them.

In the Library, the world's largest realms thing doesn't work (it worked when the server was first hosted) and the three library maps seem to not exist (I say that as even when the link is clicked, there's no image there)

Battles can't be initiated, I have 2 characters ready to test block area when you force some more turns.


Catchable Fatal Error: Argument 3 passed to BM2\SiteBundle\Service\Communication::CreateMessageGroup() must be an instance of BM2\SiteBundle\Entity\Character, null given, called in /var/www/maf/src/BM2/SiteBundle/Service/ActionResolution.php on line 736 and defined

Everyone's favourite: Lendan Towers! I tried to make a Cool Kids Club, it seemed to half-exist. There was a lendan tower called "Poptarts", which my freshly spawned character Jebediah Kerman attempted to join.


[Semantical Error] line 0, col 164 near 'active = true': Error: Class BM2\SiteBundle\Entity\Character has no field or association named active

One more thing that's completely unimportant, but interesting regardless. I believe that realm titles on the realm page are sorted by date of modification. Regardless, the order of the titles on the realm pages on the test server seems different. I think. Maybe.

0-0-0 line in event logs has been removed. When I update the src on Valengard it will no longer appear. The "More events" bit will appear at the top of the table instead of the bottom, due to changes in how that table is generated: it's a full table now rather than a definition list--semantics to the average user but it was required for it to be sortable.

For the greater than signs, can you give me a list of all URLs that have that issue? I'm trying to figure out the common denominator for them. I'd originally expected the translation files themselves and how they are parsed, but that didn't pan out.

The CreateMessageGroup error is something that will require me sitting down and comparing the live game to the test server line by line for several files to figure out what changed when Tom added and removed the Lendan Towers and how they interfaced with battles. Probably won't happen until Friday at the earliest.

I will probably be taking down the server for a little bit tomorrow to recreate the database so I can work on that event bug though.

And yes, the titles are sorted by date of modification, which is super weird, because that's not something the game tracks. Which I guess means that it's something about how the database itself is storing/serving them.

One thing I forgot to note down, which I found whilst scrolling through Discord is that realm hierarchies don't display correctly. For example here:

As for the > problem, I'll try to find you whatever URLs I can.

I can only find those ones for now. At least conclusions seem easy to draw.


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