Author Topic: Ariamis has the highest realm diversity.  (Read 4566 times)


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Re: Ariamis has the highest realm diversity.
« Reply #15 on: April 10, 2017, 05:01:26 PM »
I'm not sure the exact logic Tom used for diversity scores, but I was curious how each realm was looking, so I crunched some numbers.

Of realms that have more than 10 players, from best to worst based on Players:Estates are: Western Confederation, Grand Fate, Erstes Imperium, Tel'Ajin, Hawks, Ascalon, Lowlands, and Eldamar; in that order. Characters to Estates does the exact same order.

Now, because it looked like fun, realms with the most characters per player, top to bottom, that have more than a single player: TurindiŽ, Eldamar, Tel'Ajin, Hawks, Arrakesh, Rathgar, Erstes Imperium, Ascalon, Grand Fate, Lowlands, The Kingdom of Karameikos, Children of Armok, Strenvale, Totaria, Western Confederation, Sarantium Nova, Suaralis, Tiberian Republic, Borgia, Quendor, Tetsuyama, The Totarian Kingdom.

And because I'm running numbers anyways...

There are 937 characters in 27 realms, played by 291 active players, commanding 29.5k soldiers actively, with another 129k as militia, fighting 7 battles, and having ordered some percentage of the 1.6 million workers to build 814 structures (adding 2% to the existing count of 36.4k buildings).

It is always nice to see some numbers. I would like to see these making way into the game. For example, the realm diversity is a very very interesting data. It is not that precise though, for I believe the data doesn't calculate that one player can have several accounts. Still, as a new player, I would love to see this diversity thing somewhere before I choose an oath. While browsing the oath offers, it would be cool to check the sovereign realms diversity just so people know how many players are there (approximately). I assume a greater diversity would attract more new sign ups, so such a feature would, in a way, stimulate those realms that harbor more players and interaction to receive more players.

To expand on the subject, adding the info about world can be added in libraries which would make an interesting fact. Exploring inns and town halls with more content would enhance the knight part of the game and so on.