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Changes and Updates and Upcomings
« on: December 02, 2016, 02:07:33 PM »
Some of you may be aware that we were planning on getting the new server ready to take over operations this week. Unfortunately, one of the code systems that M&F is dependent on updated and it took us some time to smooth out the inconsistencies. After that, we had a couple other things to iron out, such as some small inconsistencies on what code exists where (anyone remember Lendan Towers?). All we need to do now is make sure that the server can run the code now that we've updated it for the change, which will happen this weekend, and then it's off to asking Tom when works best for him.

Even though we had some issues with that, we also dealt with several other issues that have plagued the game, and implemented a few of many coming code fixes to the game so that when you see the new server, you should notice at least a few changes. Among those include:
  • Fixing a bug that can break conversations (sorry, no fix to broken conversations)
  • Fixing two exploits that can damage the game.
  • Realm information is viewable without a character selected, or even logged into the game--so go show off your massive realm to your friends!
  • A link to the wiki will now exist in the game
  • Equipment stats have been updated to better match training times involved
  • The pike looks like a pike
  • The mace no longer looks like a pike
  • EDIT (17 minutes later): You will no longer be able to view economic security at a distance unless you are the owner.
  • EDIT (1 month later): The error you see when interacting with dungeons has been resolved. They'll present cleanly now.
  • EDIT (1 month later): The dungeons now know what language they should speak.
  • EDIT (1 month later): You can now link to publications in messages, or really anywhere, actually. You still have to be in a settlement that has them to read them though.
  • EDIT (1 month, 3 days later): The Soldier Log will now default to descending date order.
  • EDIT (1 month, 4 days later): The Soldier Log and all event logs (exception for the summary page) will now be sortable. This means you can sort by table entry for instance, to see all region losses grouped together, or all inheritances grouped together. It will also accepted avanced sorting (shift+clicks), like every other table-ish thing in the game.
  • EDIT (1 month, 4 days later): The events list on the summary page is now sortable as well.
  • EDIT (1 month, 4 days later): It is now possible to leave a settlement without setting movement.
  • EDIT (2 months, 21 days later): Armoured archers now have a proper plural form (in english atleast).
  • EDIT (5.5 months later): There are no longer a billion bandits available.
  • EDIT (5.5 months later): You no longer gain experience for fighting slumbering first ones (and functionality exists for adding other situations that should not grant experience).
  • EDIT (5.5 months later): Realm elections should now function as intended.
To reiterate this, these are things we have changed that will only apply on the new server. When we're on the new server, you'll know. Until then, assume you aren't, and these awesome changes aren't live yet.

Next up on the TODO list (no particular order):
  • Implement stage 1 of Realm Capitals
  • Fix realm elections not firing when they should Bug fix implemented!
  • Add player family houses (think player pages, but for your families)
  • Add customizable knight offer messages
  • Add group knight offer messages
  • Expand wikilink syntax to include wiki (and maybe forum)
  • Start work on tools to crack down on abusers
  • Start work on proper game master interface
  • Implement stage 1 of combat overhaul
That second list is not all inclusive, nor is it strictly what we'll do. But, who knows, we may get to some of these before the server move even, and you'll even more cool stuff to await you!
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