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RASTOA Civil War
« on: April 17, 2016, 12:02:29 PM »
-----Lu Bu-----
   The Lenden Stones were brought to the general who sat hunched over his armor, wiping the blood off it. With a grunt, the Auxiliaries guarding the tent stood aside and two followed the messenger in. The general hardly looked up as he spoke, "News?"
   The messenger cast sidewards glances at the two guards, "Of the worst kind, my Lord. A triple whammy of bad news." he fidgeted with the scrolls that had been attached to the stones, "Would you prefer the personal bad news first or the two regarding State affairs?"
   Dried and crusted blood hit the dirt as it was scraped off of the armor, still not looking up at the messenger he gruffly replied, "I don't care, just tell me and be done with it." There was a silence while the messenger tried to work out exactly what to say.
   Taking a deep breath he unrolled the first scroll, "The last will and testament of the fair lady Leto Anthea Zoe, who passed-" the messenger was interrupted by a bellow of grief which brought the remaining guards outside the tent running in, weapons at the ready for whatever was attacking the Legate.
   When the Legate finally looked up he had tears streaming down his face, which alarmed the guards even more than the fearsome bellow that he had roared. The messenger bowed his head, "I am sorry, my Lord, but there are other issues at hand which need your attention," he said, not looking up as he placed the first scroll on the table in the tent. He unrolled the second scroll and began to read quickly, "The last will and Testament of Lord Lachlan Day, First Consul of RASTOA, who passed away-"
   Another strange sound came from the general, who dropped his armor with a tremendous clang and found his way to the bed in search of physical support, "First my wife, then my Liege, what next?" he shouted at the roof of the tent before pointing at the messenger, "Leave the last scroll here, I will attend to it later."
   "As you wish, my lord." The messenger left the tent at running pace.
-----3 hours later-----
   Lu Bu trembled with rage at the scroll in his hand, "How dare he?" he asked the empty room, "That lying, thieving snake!" he shouted, tossing the scroll away with contempt, which joined the two other scrolls lying open on the tabletop. Lachlan had left Lu Bu, his foster son, a whole third of his estate and had given another RASTOA leader, Edward Zachson (previously the proxy Second Consul) the remaining two-thirds, including the hereditary title of First Consul! It was an outrage, a scandal. What was worse, the third scroll was from Edward, detailing how the third of Lachlan's estate granted to him were better off under his personal control for the good of RASTOA.
   The Legate began writing a letter back to Edward, detailing the difficult times he was having with the demise of his wife and his fourth foster father. He detailed how it was the will of Armok that Lachlan's will be done as-described, to the letter, even if it meant handing the hereditary title to an outsider.
   In less than a half-hour after he sent the letter via the lenden stones, he received a response. After ripping the response in half he donned his bloodstained armor and hoisted Sky Piercer, his halberd, over his shoulder as he walked out of the tent to the assembled army.
   "Men of the First Legion! Soldiers sworn to fulfill Armok's thirst for Blood at any cost! In the recent skirmishes we lost some good and brave soldiers to the last of the evil Cult in the entire West! After a rout, we managed to capture the leader of the local cell, a Sanaya Eltor, who has agreed to convert to the Children!" Lu Bu shouted to his under-manned army, bringing a half-hearted cheer from some of the soldiers. "Now I have extremely bad news for you all. Lachlan Day, the almighty First Consul, has died in circumstances extremely similar to the demise of my wife and two other nobles of RASTOA, including Lachlan's partner, Dike Pheranike. All of these deaths occurred at the same time, the same way.
   "Lachlan left a third of his estate to me, and two thirds to Lord Zachson. The hereditary title of First Consul was passed down not to me, his only foster son, but to Edward, an outsider to the family! This disgrace aside, the new First Consul, in all his glory, has stripped me of my rightful Third of Lachlan's estate. When I complained about the breaking of a document written in blood, I had my current estates seized from me and my title of Legate stripped! I have also been declared an outlaw of RASTOA and am to be killed on sight by any nobles within RASTOA.
   "Now I cannot order you to follow me, but I have fought alongside you, I have lost more than possibly anyone on this planet this day, I am asking, nay, begging you to follow me and join me in marching for the capital to depose of Lord Zachson, whom I believe to be behind the recent deaths of my wife and my liege, his spouse and her long-time friend. I will march - alone if need be - to Reweston and personally kick Edward into the ocean for the fishes to feast on."
   There was a pause before one of the hardened soldiers stepped forward out of rank, "Sire, I will march with you if it leads me to glory or death! You will not face this monster alone!" One by one nearly all of the soldiers stepped forward and echoed similar sentiments. Five soldiers walked away from the camp, having received the summons of Edward and his side of the story first.

-----Edward Zachson-----
   "My Lord, grave news has come..."

Now I have a mental image of horses lined up in a goods factory, building things on an assembly line.


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Re: RASTOA Civil War
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Interesting.... Keep going! (Emperor Urist here)
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