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Ruin of Besai
« on: April 17, 2016, 07:47:30 AM »
They fall like flies. At first, the pests thought they had us outnumbered, and even if that were so, it wouldn't have changed the results. It is still fresh in my mind, when Herald of the Storm rode to the front of our battle lines, and bellowed a sneering laugh into their ranks. Half of them almost routed right then and there. Then the Unraveling Morning Sun came with She Who Forsakes and is Forsaken to reinforce us, and it was a 5 to 3 battle. They fell like flies, because that's what they are.

I write to you, because you are the last family I have left, and a part of me still knows that you grieve the loss of your Sister. But I am still here, even though I am not. But a part of me, still remembers family.

Do you know the expression 'Armed Hope'? No, not 'Armed with Hope', but 'Armed Hope'. It is no different from ambition, or despair, but it is a core concept of our ideology. Here I am, halfway across the world, chasing flies in the mountains, and more importantly, searching for something.

He told me, for as long as we live, for as long as we breathe, we have to keep going, and dream as we wander on. Our dreams, you see, are our hope, and our hope is armed and is our arsenal. It is a bit strange, but it makes sense. Because you see, Armed Hope means Revolution, and in those flames I was reborn.

Do you know what the House of Order means-- why we are called that? A long time ago, people believed it was a jab at the other Dukes- that our House is higher than theirs, but that is not true. We are, after all, dogs of war, we have no interest in politics. But see, that is why this is ironic. A Lord's first duty is to protect his vassals and his charge. Our charge is 'Order', and we have done this task faithfully, even while the Imperium crumbled around us, and the other lords failed their duty. So you see, we are a sanctuary, and a family. Both a structure and a Noble House. And that is why we must go, with Armed Hope, to find that which shall redeem this world.

I write to you because I have a different family now- and my brothers and sisters strike the last nail into the coffin that is Besai. I write to say goodbye, for a Crusade awaits me. Allow me to share a piece of a lost fate with you, so that it may keep you safe and inspire you:

I see and I live. I breathe and I walk. From across the nothingness, the static calls me by my name. I live and I fall, like a comet past a great spiral and every life I enrich, I desolate. Every land I nurture, I devastate. I am the God of Carnage, and yet I am not a God. But when God speaks my name, I ride upon a black horse, and with black fire I unravel.

Across the nothingness, I call the static by it's name.

Farewell, my brother
Arms of the Revolution
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