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Reemergence of the Arch of Radan
« on: April 06, 2016, 01:00:51 AM »
"That is impossible!" His violet eyes burned with fury, and his voice rang with the cacophony of singing stars. They say that when we perform the Sae Ame Tama, or the Naming Ceremony as we translate it now, that besides our names, we also lose our original voice as it becomes aligned with the concept we represent. His was the discordant song of annihilation. Mine was the deep abyss of mornings without a dawn.

"It had the sigil of Radan, Xiye." I said, as I saw it with my own eyes. It was the very same thing.

"He banished it, Mao! I was there. It is imp--" Then it hit him. It was the same as me. Disbelief. It never crossed our minds this could happen. But it did. And there could only be one explanation, and one consequence. "This is bad, Mao."

I nodded.

"Then the distortion, and Xia's presence I felt at Whisperreap, even though you had it and were nowhere close... it must have been because of the Tapestry weakening and the echoes of Oblivion-- that would explain the distortions... but even so, this is different and it is hard to believe this could happen. You are sure it was the Arch of Radan, not a copy or a look-alike?" He asked, his face was hard to read, but I knew him for millennia. He was hoping I would at least lie to ease his mind.


In the distance I saw a pure black flame rise into the sky- the First Among Us wielded the Frozen Throne of Sunlight, and we knew him because the black halo hovering over his head made him distinguishable from the chaos. Sure, there were First Ones who followed the Gods seeking to destroy us, but the real domain of their power was the creatures they created. The Horse God was no different. And if anyone thought that horses were harmless, then they did not meet one of the Cataclysms of Radan. Indeed, this one has resisted for over a hundred years, and saw more of our brothers and initiates killed than any other conflict put together. We thought we killed him on two occasions, but he sneered at us with his shape-shifting forms. Just for him, we had to invent the Eighteen Paths of Annihilation. Like the Seven Paths of Redemption, it was a cavalry charge that seeks to impale, but instead of seven lances, we had to use eighteen. And that still did not stop him.

After nearly two hundred years of bitter fighting, on that day when we used the Frozen Throne of Sunlight, did we finally manage to achieve something we could bitterly call a victory. Wounded during the battle against the First, the Horse Patron tried to escape battle once again, but ran into The Light of Salvation who broke the Catechism of Flowing Waters, a part of Heaven's Arsenal, when he struck the Horse Patron, and left the blade inside him. The Patron escaped as if whisked away, never to be seen again.

We rode through the Arch of Radan on that day, and the Weaver of Broken Threads performed the purging rites, and banished the whole city to Oblivion. Yet, the Arch never left my mind. It was always there, mocking us. We could always see it, waiting for the day when we could march victoriously through it.

I could never forget it.


"It is the very same, Xiye. Without a doubt. The cursed thing still feels the same as it did six millennia ago." I said as I blinked the memory away.

His fury was almost palpable, I could feel it worm it's way into my bones. Even I, the Throne of Dusk, was afraid of the Shadow when he was like this. Me, who is called the Herald of the Storm, because I always charge first. Yet I was afraid of what might become when the Shadow is angry. His uncanny similarity to Weaver is one thing, but I knew for sure that he wasn't like us First Ones. The Weaver was the same, but the Shadow is even worse. His heritage and legacy is even more arcane, and far more sinister, yet the only saving grace was that he was not interested in the dealings we had with this world. He was only concerned about the Spiral. There was a rumor among us, that when the First was rewarded by his Creator for completing his purpose loyally, his Creator created the First's family from the evil he had accumulated, and the Shadow from... well, his shadow in Oblivion. Others believed, whoever created the First also created the Shadow- and that both of them were made in their Creator's image, hence why they looked alike. But those were just rumors, and the reality right now was: His lack of interest may change.

"Mao." He spoke, then, his voice dropping all feigns of humanity or First One etiquette, however one wishes to consider it. "We knew that the Heaven's Arsenal would fall out of the Oblivion once Weaver died. But to think that the corruption we banished would fall out as well... what if the Chalice of Emerwin, or the Cathedral of Emerwin itself, was to appear? Can you comprehend the consequences?"

I nodded again.

"And do you know whose fault that is?" He asked.

All I could do was nod.

"Then you understand what must be done."

"It cannot be done, Xiye."

"It can if we destroy the Spiral."

That was unthinkable. There was no possible means we could physically destroy the Spiral, or kill every First One in existence. This was the end of the world, one way or another.

"That also canno--" I tried to say but he cut me off.

"It can if we warp it further."

"And then what, Xiye? Is punishing them more important than what we are sworn to protect?" I angrily replied.

"Our charge is to ensure that we never suffer the torment of the Godwars again! If we have to destroy the spiral to prevent distortions from being born, then we shall do it!"

He was right. We stood for the weak. Not the Spiral. Restoring the Spiral was one way of ensuring that we be returned on the Path of Progress, the Sara San- the time when we did not know suffering and lament. Our Golden Age. But it was bitter. It was difficult to accept. We worked so hard for the Restoration- and now this. I could understand Xiye's anger. All our work, for naught. Then I realized:

"Suppose there was another way." I offered, and he looked at me inquisitively. "The Chalice was struck by Xia, it will most likely not return. The Cathedral of Emerwin however... we still have Xia. In fact, if we unravel everything that falls out of Oblivion with Xia..."

He closed his eyes and thought this over. "Mao, you do understand that this all happened because of the warlike nature of these First Ones? It is their pointless violence and aggression that not only warped the Spiral, but weakened the Tapestry to the point that this whole thing is happening. One day something far worse could come out of the Oblivion. And then what? We are already hated, Mao Basarai Nen, do not forget that- they will never understand what we did for them, and they will never forgive or thank us."

"Don't forget we are also to blame, Xiye Xi Apos. If it were not for us, the Spiral would be whole."

"If it were not for us, we'd be dead or slaves, or a fate worse than even that if it exists. We shall reestablish the Dae Vala Xiye. We shall Crusade soon to correct our mistakes permanently." He paused. "And we shall do it your way."

He paused then and looked towards the sky, adding, "We are truly lucky to still possess Xia, ironic as it is. Will we never be free of our curse and sin? Am I then the same as him, for putting faith in First Ones, instead of ourselves? To be redeemed in their eyes, instead of the Spiral's?"

I did not know the answer.
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