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The Orphan of Sijun
« on: April 05, 2016, 08:33:18 PM »
There never was no respite for me, a lowly Orphan; not even the patron God of Sijun would take pity on one such as me. Even the beasts of the land received better than I. Was it Fate then? Was it destined that I would find comfort in these dreams and to pray in the hours of wake: If this is my Fate, then unravel me.

I dreamt of ash black clouds with bone white lightning bolts coming to take me away, and I prayed to Sjn: If I am to be this, less than a beast, then from this world take me.

I dreamt of seven bolts of brilliance, piercing a powerful tower, and the sound was a furious litany. In my skin crawled the desire to die, but in my bones burned the desire to live. In my soul, the litany never stopped. "Upon this midnight, consume me."

I dreamt of the arms of spirals, which were spirals in themselves, spiraling infinitely into nothingness. I dreamt of seven spears piercing each star in the firmament. I dreamt of midnight black flames that consumed the song of the birds. I dreamt of the morning brilliance which unraveled even Fate itself.

The stars shifted across his mask as he spoke: "Your Fate is the never-ending melody of torment, but you shall herald a new one: The symphony of destruction, for your soul still echoes the litany of fury."

I touch my mask, Sijun has been on the edge of the Dae Vala Xiye for too long. My fingers find the depression where the lightning bolts, flowing out from a empty black circle, are emblazoned. Sjn erroneously thought that we were scared of his power, the truth was that he was so weak that we never bothered with him. And why would he think otherwise? He who would not help an Orphan? He who would not even heed one prayer. So I pray to him now again, one last time: Don't run.

Within the Seven Paths of Redemption, the Litany of Fury resonated.


"Litany, wake up." The voice echoed in my mind, and my eyes slowly open. Awareness floods in, and I am looking at Seven Weeks of Ruin. "Are you awake?"

I nod.

"We arrived at Westhold. There is a strange rumor going around. They say they found an ancient tower buried in the countryside of Tharsis."

"Oh? So what?"

"They said it had the marks of Sijun."

I pause.

"Impossible. I razed Sijun and saw it fall into Oblivion, along with Sjn after we dismembered him."

"If you want to check it out, I'll just say you went ahead to patrol. You can leave the defense of Westhold to me."

"Thank you, Sei."

"Don't take too long, Samsara."
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