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Re: Hawk - Archonian Dominate
« Reply #15 on: March 29, 2016, 05:41:48 AM »
Now that this war is over, I will put some OOC comments here as it cannot influence things or provide secret bypass politics.

Ending of this war this way is disaster for game imho. Though my chars are mostly hostile toward Hawks, I, as a player will show more dissatisfaction with my mates here.

In negotiations, Hawks leaders clearly said they their conditions will be more unfavorable for Dominate the more they proceed. That also clearly showed that they do not intend to destroy Dominate totally.

In such circumstances, I must ask, what the hell prevented us to continue war more, test abilities and strength of all more, create more stories, more interesting events in game?

Losing few more regions or few more troops? Having some characters killed? I must wonder where our general players mentality, or the ones who are most active on forums and/or ic threads go to? Is it only desired mode of play to fight only battles with 100% certainty to win, as well as wars with the same certainty? Does anyone who pursues such meta-strategy have some awareness how boring that is and how it leads to utter game stall?

We had all opportunities to continue stories that already have began on many parts on continent, at the same time we know that nobody will be put out of game totally. What over that is needed to have some fun in playing? Now that stupid concept of white peace will sterilize everything down to the dead-boring stall.

I can hardly understand people that came to the mental mode where they don't accept to lose bloody anything. People don't want to lose anything, want to win everything. Do you guys play any other game that way? Chess? Card games? Sports? Is there any game that can be called game at all if players do not want to lose?!

Do not take my somewhat harsh tone to the hart, my English is limited while I would like to open some discussion on things that are mind-drilling for player community I would say. Such things do not lead to anything good gamewise.

This war should have shown that Hawk leadership, especially the Imperial Hawk leadership and the now unified Elysium leadership is hardly unified. The only reason De-Legro stepped in and used his rather nebulous power as Prefect was to prevent Alexander from making further gains against AD and forming a unassailable power bloc now that he also nominally controls the Elysium realms of Redgorge and Nril. In hindsight De-Legro made a mistake in letting Alexander be the one that challenged Orion and Fraro in the circus of the first agreed peace. While Orion and I had agreed OOC to stand the challenge, since we are both leaving the game, it was unforseen that Alexander would then manipulate matters so as to invalidate the peace, making a war that was short and sweet draw out far too long. Make no mistake, I have no doubt that Alexander would happily have annexed all of the dominate in his bid to become the most powerful noble within Hawks.

In terms of not accepting a loss, is that not what AD have done by giving up land to secure a peace? Not admitting loss are those that insist on a white peace as their realm crumbles around them. Further it is my understanding that seeking peace was not to avoid further loss, but the fact that 90% of the responsibility of countering Elysiums forces was falling upon two players. No doubt after weeks of that there were ready to get their RL's back and reduce the amount of time they are spending in game. That is partly why war is fun in short bursts especially when you fight at the pace Elysium does. The Dominate now also has its border regions in the hands of proven warriors, who I can only imagine will take steps to ensure that the same easy gains Hawks made can not be repeated in the future. In my opinion we now have the best of story positions. The dominate has lost two conflicts against Hawks, hatred and grudges abound on both sides, yet the damage to the Dominate is not so great as to eliminate their chance of retailation in the future. If in any future war more of the Dominate actually musters their true strength instead of relying upon a two sub realms and players to provide the majority of fighting troops, the outcome is far from certain. Had the dominate made some different strategic choices against Elysium to start with, and brought the strength of all three legions together early on, I still maintain that Elysium would have never made any land gains. That was my intent as General of the Hawk forces when the conflict first began, a border war that drew the Dominates forces away from Tetsumaya to allow them to fortify and retake land, some nice large battles on our border which I expected to lose, and then falling back to our stone walls and wooden castles. Unfortunately I can only make decisions based upon the knowledge I had, and that did not include the fact that much of the strength of AD was about to slumber, or the fact that the true fighting force consists of so few nobles and troops.


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Re: Hawk - Archonian Dominate
« Reply #16 on: March 29, 2016, 05:46:46 PM »
I concur that the potential for future stories between Hawks and AD (or SE soon) is in the best possible place. Long standing grudges without major territorial shifting is ensurance that fun will continue in the future as well.

The strategical mistakes, or fallings of bad luck, depends from which angle you look, were indeed apparent on the AD side. It revealed major flaws this type of government has, for we lacked in both diplomatical and military integrity. Thus why the changes are bound to happen.