Author Topic: Hawks - The Capture of a Lasar  (Read 960 times)


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Hawks - The Capture of a Lasar
« on: February 05, 2016, 01:14:15 AM »
Alexios stared at the missive in his hand, his heart heavy with opportunities lost, of past mistakes, of regrets that he had long thought he had left behind. Liwald Lasar was dead, when just yesterday he was a captive of the Knights of the Hold and being transported to Hawks Hold. Now the last knon scion of the Lasar family had perished, and with him likely Alexiosís only chance to reconcile his parts in the crimes committed against the High King Jason Lasar.
In his long life, Alexios had done much of which he was not proud, many atrocities could be laid at his feet, betrayals, deceit and assassinations had all been common place. But all of those could be attributed to the great conflict of Hawks, to the geas they must pursue. He had no regret of those actions, they were a matter of faith, a path to the redemption promised by the Hawk God, a requirement to see the Four Fathers returned to their original glory.
But the matters of the dissolution of the Fading Isle and the attacks on Pryhdain, those could not be accounted for by his duty. Nor could he hide behind his less then stable mental state of the time. He had betrayed his sworn liege, all for the friendship of another. And while he at first refused to commit troops to battle, he relented and thus aided in the complete destruction of Pryhdain. For the last he had made some amends, he had helped forge the realm of Cedyrn from those who could lay claim to the Pryhdain throne.
But the greater crime? That had gone unatoned for so long. When word had come of the capture of a Lasar Alexios had thought that perhaps he would have the chance to unburden himself, or at least make the attempt. Now those hopes were dashed.
He allowed himself an another minute to wallow in the darkness of his thoughts, then pulled himself erect and restored the iron walls of his mind. He was after all a Hawk, born of the Four Fathers, a member of the first generation. Since his entrance into the world he was burdened with sin, burdened with an unachievable task for atonement, a redemption that was beyond even the abilities of the First Ones, and yet he continued, because his God and his Fathers demanded that the attempt be made, futile or not. Compared to the enormity of his racial transgressions, his sins against the Lasar paled. Life continued, and as a Hawk he must endure.
He who was once known as Blackfyre