Author Topic: The Fishery of Agrigentum  (Read 818 times)


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The Fishery of Agrigentum
« on: January 30, 2016, 09:22:18 PM »
This event occurred in December, but I figure I might as well get around to share it. Note that Agrigentum is a land locked province.


On his way back from his trade mission from the The Vale, Archon Levail Daimall received a report from Agrigentum so utterly mystifying, he was certain the messenger was paid off by some rival first one attempting to mock his intelligence of some sort. Nevertheless after giving the insolent messenger a good lashing, he picked up the pace with his retinue to hurry off to his capital to see if such a ridiculous report was actually true.

"What... Is this...?" Levail barely managed to sputter out his words as he gazed upon the scene before him.

"Can't you tell Milord?" the diminutive Guild Master said. "It is our grand new Fishery of course!" he eyes beamed with pride of him and his guild accomplishment.

Beautifully laid down walkways bordered the stream in front Levail with the fishermen hauling off their latest catch from the waters. Every mile there was a collection station in which by horse carriage, they transported the fishes over good country road to a building for processing before being sent off to the market. It was beautiful work, but…

“So tell me, Guild master, you had this done throughout the entire region?” the Archon asked quietly.

“Of course! Every stream, creek, pond with fishes we could find we had built roads and buildings to ensure the fastest possible means for fishermen to catch and have them ready to be bought in the market next day! I remembered his lordship was thinking of how to bring more food into Agrigentum and this will certainly help feed more people in this fine city!” the guild master nodded sagely.

“WHY!” Levail exploded, “Why you use all of MY precious wood and stone to build these extravagances for our small time fishermen! How could this possibly increase the amount of fishes we can catch from such small streams and ponds?! There is a certain limit surely in how much fish we can catch in these streams!” It had taken all his willpower to not wring the neck of the guild master, who had only meant to help his liege lord after all.

“But my liege!” the scribe, who had been quietly standing by his side, interrupted, “The figures here shows that after the ah… Fishery was built is that we had seen an uptick in the amount of food available to the region.”

Snatching the ledger out from his scribe's hands, Levail read the figures himself. After reading through it carefully, he had to concede that the guild master's claim was true and he could not detect any foul play in the books. Perhaps there were more fish in the water then he or the locals had realized before. “Very well.” the First One said as he shoved the ledger back into his scribe's hands. “I will overlook this… unauthorized usage of Archonate Timber and stone, but if you are to ever to do a project like this ever again, Guild master.” he gave the old man a pointed look. “You would do well to consult with me first.”

Storming off, Levail Daimall had to admit the commoner had done him a great service, but of course it would be dangerous for mortals to get an idea of doing something more complex then building a mill or a palisade, that could only lead to trouble more often then not. Perhaps later he can reward the guildmaster in private, but definitely not now.