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The Race West
« on: November 08, 2015, 03:40:25 PM »

On the 55th day of the 7th year, the great magical barrier that shrouded the western half of the continent fell. With its collapse a thousand hopes sprung a new, the fires of war, adventure, and wealth were rekindled within the hearts of First One and man alike.

Fresh faces peered westward with hope, visions of freedom. Realms gazed at the untamed wilderness with lust in their eyes, and regiments mobilized to claim what treasures may lay in wait beneath untamed wood and unknown field. All took note of it, some acted, some watched, but the wind of great change blew westward and everyone knew it.

On this morn, history began a new chapter. Lands would be explored, empires grown and established,.. wars fought, won, and lost. This is the chronicles of those who pressed into that unknown void. For some their tales will be whispered in the taverns of the lands hard won, for others, it shell rest as only a memoir of those who fell in those unknown wilds.[/font]
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