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Special Buildings and Conditions
« on: October 15, 2015, 03:13:25 PM »
With the next patch, I will be adding a small change to the building system.

Buildings can now have special requirements, that can really be anything at all. This allows for something I have wanted for a long time: Specialised buildings. This also gives more specialisation to different areas, based on geography.

For a few buildings, these are minor updates. For example, you won't be able to build archery ranges in mountains and dense forests anymore, there simply not being enough long, flat stretches for them. Mines, on the other hand, can only be built in mountains and hills where there is metal. This solves the problem of being able to build a mine that brings you absolutely nothing.

For two buildings, this is combined with a change in the tech tree, making them more easily available. Stables and Royal Mews (which breed War Horses) are now restricted to lands suitable for horses. At the same time, the tech tree requirements for the Royal Mews have been reworked, but the food usage has been raised. This should make cavalry and heavy cavalry available to more regions, but at a higher price.

And then there are three new buildings, only available in certain geographies.

The Lumber Yard improves wood production, but is only available in forests. It takes quite a bit of workforce, so its purpose is to allow for specialised, high-production forestry regions, if you are willing to invest a little.

The Fishery is only available at the coast and improves food production. I expect most coastal regions to build it, like most regions build mills, etc. Its purpose is to make coast regions more valuable, and add another food-production building to make looting more dangerous (because if you take out the mill and fishery, food production in the region will suffer quite a big).

The Irrigation Ditches are only available near rivers and improve food production. Their bonus is small in already fertile regions and stronger in less fertile ones, to reduce the gap between "crappy regions" and "wow so great" grasslands a little, at the expense of workforce. So you can now grow your scrublands larger, but only if you don't build too many other buildings taking your workforce.

With these changes, and the possibilities this opens for future additions, I am hoping to add more strategy and depth to the region management aspect of the game, allowing regions more paths than one and a "build everything I can" approach.