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Battle from long ago
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I would like to share my favorite experience from two battles I didn't fight in or comment on when it was discussed in forum.

During Rathgar's 2nd attack on Erstes, I had sent 3 knights with troops to participate.  One knight made it in time for the first battle, but the fight was so one sided, it was obvious they were not needed, so they gather outside of the town and observed.  It was noticed that the Alumaani had over 100 troops in a scrub land of a small new realm called Aryth and were taking control. After the take over was complete they moved towards the next scrub land. The owner returned and took back control. The Alumanni troops returned and starved the town down to nothing, then moved towards the next town again.

One of my knights approached the owner of he settlement and offered to loan him troops equal to that of his antagonizer. The Aryth member then confronted Alumaani forces in the 2nd town and defeated him with the troops loaned against the light infantry of the attacker. The Alumaani did not accept that defeat kindly and brought in additional troops. The few members of Aryth that had gathered were loaned the balance of my troops, which again equaled the Alumaani forces and his was defeated a 2nd time.
This so outraged Alumaani that he vowed to return with everything he had and wipe the realm from existence. Then the real fun began while reading the comments in the forum from Alumaani about how he was justified in his actions.

My reasons for loaning troops were from my own experience from dealing with him, on the very day I received notice we were at war, I was attacked and had 6 of the 7 regions I owned taken from me. So I considered that my small bit of revenge.
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