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Re: The Kingdom of Ascalon
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Seriously dude you need to get off your high horse and you holier than thou attitude, funny how you mention lots of IC and OOC stuff and continue to belittle Roran, but it's funny how you haven't made a single mention that you are the one who is mad at Roran getting that specific land, or how you are worried Gorling won't get his 1.3k+ food trades from the feeder settlements. Not only that but just like a certain person I will not name, you are more than happy to start an OOC vendetta because an IC issue.

Rathgar was a HUGELY OVERPOWERED realm (that claimed/claims that there was/is infighting) that invaded EI arbitrarily and just took their stuff with no clear objective, Ascalon is but one kingdom led by a King who has claims to those 3 settlements (Feeder ones no less) that he lost to another certain player that was Greedy, funny how that worked out.

So you are quitting a game not because you don't like it, but because people you idolize (That claimed/claim they were helping the game) suddenly got tired of people not putting up with their bs? I myself have sent messages to Sartori, and had to wait real days if lucky to get a response, Roran on the other hand either didn't get replies or they were basically what you can consider diplomatic insults (What do you honestly think would have happened if in the middle-ages France wouldn't answer important messages to any of it's neighbors?), Sartori's own inability to establish any sort of proper diplomacy with her neighbors was what led to this situation, so why don't you go bugger off little child and start thinking.

So if people attack a huge empire there MUST be a OOC Coalition right? Your mentality is that of certain northern players I know.

Complaining about Mechanics (Reputation/Gossips), are you for reals? (So in your eyes, people shouldn't gossip like in the middle-ages?) You keep saying that you are gonna quit but now you say you won't? You are behaving like a child.

I don't have a holier then thou attitude, only a dislike for the style of play from one person. It is because Roran on several occasions has brought IG events to the forum and to gain support for his cause. IG should stay IG. When things are said in game people can believe what they want, since it is part of the game. He has no business continually telling the distorted facts occurring IG to the forums. When people read things here between real people, they tend to believe them.

Feeder settlement ??? not until yesterday, when the Lord was told to stop all trade and divert it to starve the 1500 troops attacking and attempting to take it over.  He said the only trade he had coming in that was not from his regions from Vaiwelion. Trust us Erstes is in need of it's own food.

Trust me as far as quitting I really don't want to, but without players there is no game. I've been here for over a year and have enjoyed it .. losing and winning.   These complaints did not start aver a 3- 1 war, or losing some land, or watching establish players wake up and ask for help only to quit again. Or seeing so many decent people quit.

This is because he continually tries to pass off his IG actions as fact here and ooc .... I have argured before, to leave in game events in game and not try and make others believe they are true.

It does seem you are correct that I have mentioned many trivial things, concerning gossip and such. I do regret that.
I do thank you for pointing out how childish it is for me to speak on this matter.  It certainly helps for me to make a proper decision.

The game is made up of all kinds of people, I only wish things would stay in game. It was Roran speaking here in the forum, in an attempt to make everyone think his actions were just bad timing for a 4 - 1 attack.  With all the comments against my view on this, I will accept that his actions are truly best for player retention.

I will continue to give away my soldiers and land rather then just disappear as most have done. I have no desire to make things more difficult for others still enjoying the game.

I believe the opinions expressed here by other have shown me to be a minority of one.  I will make no further posts on the topic.


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Re: The Kingdom of Ascalon
« Reply #181 on: June 08, 2015, 07:48:11 PM »
This is now locked. It has appeared to be getting civil a couple times now just for it to get out of hand.

No one expects anyone to be best friends with someone they don't like on here, or even be in support of realms that are the enemy if your characters, but we do expect you to at least be civil. The personal attacks and inventive language choices like those used here will stop.

On that same note, this is the forum for the game. People will talk about what they do in game on here. There's an entire board for talking about realms even. You're in it right now.

Posts about in-game activities in this board are "anything goes" per the board description.  That said, things will stay civil.
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Re: The Kingdom of Ascalon
« Reply #182 on: June 08, 2015, 08:38:01 PM »
Thanks, Andrew. This got out of hands fast.

Let's be clear: We LOVE hatred in this game. And if you have a reason to fight someone wherever you see them - great. Just keep it in-character and in-game.