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Bastard's Cloak
« on: May 10, 2014, 01:36:21 PM »
Pilgrims to Bastard's Cloak in the Trinitary States can now see the city in more detail by going to the publications section there and choosing "Location: Bastard's Cloak".  Below is an excerpt of the total text available.

The Approach to Bastard's Cloak

The first thing that strikes you on the road towards Bastard's Cloak is the noise. The town ahead is tight, dense and packed with people. Houses are pressed tightly together behind the sturdy wooden walls, and the streets within produce a continuous babble of argument, discussion and the chanting of prayers. Watchmen in leather armour patrol the walls at regular intervals, crossbows at their belts and bolts at their backs.

Stretching out on every side away from the town is farmland, as far as the eye can see. It feels almost as if to make up for the cramped city, every inch of arable land was cleared into the broad fields of grain and vegetables that buffet the horizon with their stalks. Dotted here and there are windmills, perhaps half a dozen to grind the grain of the fields. Clustered around the walls are rich orchards, thick with cherry trees. In spring, the town seems to gain a fluffy pink crown of blossom.

The three roads that trail away from the town are more defined than mere dirt tracks, but no more than the result of hard earth trodden down by countless oxen and bearing the deep ruts of wagon wheels. They converge upon the three gates of the town, all of which open onto clear avenues heading directly to the stone dome of the temple. Wagons of grain and iron come from the south, timber from the north and carts packed with white-robed pilgrims trundle down the roads to the east.

Beyond the town walls, the coast stretches away and fishing boats are clearly visible at sea, thick in number but not crowded. The town is low on the horizon, matching the almost perfectly flat lands around it, above which the stone temple dome gently rises.


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Re: Bastard's Cloak
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Hey... So are you on vacation or something? Looking for a rather important (at least I think so) royal wedding to take place. Everybody is there and we're just waiting on the priest.