Author Topic: Reorganization of the Iunan Merchant Company  (Read 1074 times)


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Reorganization of the Iunan Merchant Company
« on: May 09, 2014, 04:46:34 PM »
I know some of you out there didn't like the trade for fees thing, so I redid it all and made it less of a blanket policy. Full message below:


I would like to announce a few things. First, that the Iunan Merchant Company will be changing how it handles business. At present, a fee is charged by the company to conduct business between two entities. This is... not a particularly effective arrangement. Thus the IMC is moving away from fees and charges to a more simpler, and more upfront system: Guild Contracts.

These "Guild Contracts" will completely replace the by-the-trade fees presently in use instead with an upfront fee. Normally, this will be the sponsorship of the guild within a new settlement. That is to say, that realms will instead have to cede land to the Company in order to gain access to our services. There is no restriction at what level these may be signed--a major realm could sign one for it's entire hierarchy, or a sub-realm could sign one just for itself.

On that same note, presently, the Company is subdivided into Districts. These will henceforth be known as "Guilds", and business with the Company will be handled through whichever guild a realm or entity wishes to conduct business with. There will be no direct trades to the IMC. On a side note, there are no restrictions, or obligations, for individual Guilds within the IMC to actually cooperate.

Furthermore, the Iunan Merchant Company itself, will act more as an oversight, arbitration, and coordination entity between the various guilds that seek to join it.

Secondly, I will be handing total control of the Iunan Merchant Company over to Marcus Shergal. He will then be declaring the IMC's independence from the Fading Isles in order to take the mainland guilds under the banner of the IMC directly. This will make it clear to all the full extent of the company, and also prevent dragging the Fading Isles into a war due it's vast holdings through the guild.

Thirdly, the Fading Isles, as a whole, will be exempt from arranging Guild Contracts or paying any other such fees for the Company's and the local Guild's services. The acceptance of the IMC having direct holdings within the isles shall act as the Guild Contract for the entirity of the Fading Isles.

If there are any questions or concerns or comments whatsoever, please, do not hesitate to ask or share.

Andrew Calinus

Owner of the Iunan Merchant Company

This is, of course, also available on the IMC wiki page at:
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