Author Topic: D`Hara and Erstes Imperium  (Read 1026 times)


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D`Hara and Erstes Imperium
« on: April 02, 2014, 08:42:12 PM »
I know some of you are surprised, even upset that D`Hara has rejoined Erstes Imperium.

neither realms were set or desired conflict. it is a time of rebuilding and training troops. good troops not just light infantry and that takes time.  Emperor Bann and King Kellaine decided that peace was preferred and decided to work together for a common goal.

Kellaine has fulfilled his side of the bargain and is waiting for Marquis Grellar to fullfil his portion of it.

D`Hara has given Westhold back to Marquis Grellar and Marquis Grellar is supposed to give Westhills back to D`Hara.  And the Kingdom of D`Hara has sworn fealty to the emperor as agreed.

The emperor was in the vacinity of westhold and seems to have turned around.  We are unsure how to take this. And Westhills has not been returned as promised.

And suddenly there are lots of troops loyal to Grellar in Westhold.  Kellaine is becoming very suspicious.
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