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Creating Mercia
« on: March 05, 2014, 02:52:18 AM »
The latest sub-realm duchy of the Fading Isles, Mercia, is up and running. My current vision of the island is that we'll hopefully work to promote a good level of roleplaying. The outline identity of the sub-realm that I want to run with at the moment is as follows. Hopefully it'll develop as new people contribute.

Family will be the heartstone of the realm. Depending on their service to Mercia, families will be recognized as either Great or Minor Houses. Members of families can increase the social standing of their Houses through prowess in battle, becoming wise advisors and realm officials, or just by serving the sub-realm through generations. Equally, Houses can lose social standing through actions that are considered shameful in the eyes of their peers.

Traditions will matter in Mercia, and they'll probably be a conservative and superstitious people. For example, they'd rather put their trust into a sword, shield, or armour that was used by their father and grandfather, than a fancy new one straight from the blacksmith. They'll have a deep respect for their ancestors and the honoured dead. The tombs of the dead will be as important as the houses of the living.

If this sort of basic idea appeals to anyone, you're more than welcome to head over to Mercia and help to build the culture and identity of the sub-realm. I'd like to aim to develop something unique here. Mercia covers the whole of the most north-western island of the Fading Isles, so that's where to place a character if you want to join in.

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