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Payment Options
« on: January 07, 2014, 12:38:24 PM »
I am currently working on integrating the following three payment options:
The first two allow you to pay with credit cards as well as their own accounts and depending on your country several other payment options. Everyone world-wide should have at least one payment option between them, including mobile options.
BitPay is a Bitcoin payment provider. I have promised that it will be possible to pay for Might & Fealty credits with Bitcoin, and I plan to deliver. In fact, I'm going a step further and actually creating a Symfony2 bundle for them. If you're a programmer and bored... hint... hint...

Current status:
  • Google Wallet integration has been largely finished and successfully tested and should be working.
  • BitPay integration is somewhat complete, but not yet tested
  • I've just begun on PayPal integration, but I have the most experience with it since it's what I use for BattleMaster, so I don't expect it to take very long.